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Law Firm Overview

Borsam Intellectual Property is a law firm specializing in intellectual property. The firm was established in 2006. Aside from Shenzhen, Borsam IP also has two other branch offices in Xiamen and Fuzhou. Ranked by industry leaders as one of the leading intellectual property firms in South of China, Borsam IP has considerable experience serving rising small and medium enterprises on their IP needs and gains market recognition for our practical approach and proactive work ethic.

Borsam IP has a group of highly experienced technology attorneys that provide a comprehensive set of integrated intellectual property services and strategies. The attorney team includes about 50 patent attorneys and professionals, who practice in biological, electronic, mechanical, telegraphic communication and chemical arts, serving both domestic and international clientele.

The core practice for Borsam IP lies in patent prosecution work and international patents in China (including Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau), in addition to, the analysis of office action and infringement. In respect of trademark, our experience includes the prosecution of national (including Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau) and international trademarks application, oppositions review and cancellations.

Year this Office was Established: 2006

Languages: Chinese, Japanese, English.

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Customs Protection for Intellectual Property; Surveillance on Patent; Patent Consultation and Patent Searching; Hongkong Standard Patent Application, Short-Term Patent Application, Design Patent Application; Taiwan Invention Patent Application, Utility Patent Application, Design Patent Application; Macao Invention Patent Application, Utility Patent Application, Design Patent Application; Foreign Patent Application (USA, Japan, Canada and so on); Assignment of Patent Right, Record of Admission Contract; Surveillance on Trademark; Trademark and Service Mark Application; Trademark Search and Advice on Possibility of Registration; Record of Trademark Admission Contract; Madrid International Trademark Application; Foreign Trademark Application; Computer Software Recordation; Audio and Artwork Recordation; Investigation into IP Infringements; Administrative Petition against IP Infringements; Systemic Analyses on Enterprise IP and Management.

Areas of Law Description

Borsam IP Law Firm provides legal services on the following:

- Patent

• Surveillance on patent
• Alteration to the items
• Paying for annual fee
• Patent consultation and patent searching
• Application, registration and related matters
• Request or answer for patent re-examination or invalidation
• Assignment of patent right, record of admission contract
• Foreign patent application (USA, Japan, Canada and so on)
• Macao invention patent application, utility patent application, design patent application
• Taiwan invention patent application, utility patent application, design patent application
• Hongkong standard patent application, short-term patent application, design patent application

- Trademark

• Surveillance on trademark
• Trademark and service mark application
• Trademark search and advice on possibility of registration
• Record of trademark admission contract
• Hongkong , Taiwan and Macao trademark application
• Madrid international trademark application
• Foreign trademark application
• Matters related to the renewal, assignment of registered trademark
• Services for trademark transaction
• All proceedings in connection with opposition against trademark registration, adjudication on trademark dispute, application for the cancellation of improperly registered trademark

- Copyright

• Computer software recordation
• Audio and artwork recordation

- Customs Protection for Intellectual Property

• Application of record of customs protection for patent right
• Application of record of customs protection for trademark right
• Application of record of customs protection for copyright

- Legal Matters

• Investigation into IP infringements
• Administrative petition against IP infringements
• Systemic analyses on enterprise IP and management
• Providing developmental strategy to enterprise


Zhizheng Lin Mr. Zhizheng Lin
Copyright, Intellectual Property, Licensing Law, Patents, Trade Secrets

Dong Lin Mr. Dong Lin
Copyright, Intellectual Property, Licensing Law, Patents, Trademark

Ming Zhang Ms. Ming Zhang
Copyright, Patents, Trademark


Hongling Liao Ms. Hongling Liao
Copyright, Domain Names, Intellectual Property, Licensing Law, Patents

Zufeng Shen Mr. Zufeng Shen
Intellectual Property

Bingjia Tsang Mr. Bingjia Tsang



  • All-China Patent Attorneys Association
  • International Trademark Association
  • Shenzhen Patent Association

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Articles Published by Borsam Intellectual Property

 Strengthen of Enforcement of Trademark Law in China - Highlights of Trademark Law Amendments

The updated Chinese trademark law would be effective from May 1st, 2014. That means, mutiple trademark applications and sound trademark are accepted from then.

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 Correction of Dissimilation of Well-known Trademarks Can Be Expected in the New Trademark Law in China

The amendments of Chinese trademark law has been presented in last years, and we has been trying to update news on this matter. Here is the updated news about it.

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 Trademark Search: Feasibility Evaluation of Your Trademark - China

This article is concerning how to conduct a trademark search on the official website of trademark office of China, the applicant could use this system to conduct a preliminary search before start the filing. For the particular search method please refer to our company website.

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 Trademark Protection Strategy in China: What You Should Know

Trademark, best known as “brand”, is an intellectual property that designed and used by its holders to distinguish his/her goods or services from others. With the growth of public’s awareness of IPR protection, trademark is no more a simply symbol, but instead, it represents the image of an enterprise, carries the reputation of an entity, and becomes an intangible assets that cannot be overlooked by the company.

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 New changes of trademark classifications of China

The new services items in Class 35 would be effective from January 1, 2013 in China and those items don’t approximate to the existed items "Sales promotion for others" in the same registration. It's the first time of China adopt the trademark classfications of retail and wholesales in trademark applications. But that means, a preemptive registration risk for registred trademark in "sales promotion for others" in class 35 shall under consideration of the trademark holder.

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 Assignment of a Trademark

Trademark assignment in China, if you want to obtain a trademark in China what shall you do, what documents shall be submitted for trademark assignment? What the advantage of trademark assignment?

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 License of a Trademark in China

Trademark licensing in China, this article will introduce the procedure of trademark license in China. 1. What is the license of a trademark? The trademark has an exclusive right after being approved to register. The license of a trademark refers to the trademark right holder authorize another person to use the trademark through legal procedures, commonly through concluding a license contract.

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 Procedure of Software Copyright Registration

Software copyright registration in China, Software copyright recording in China and the requested documents for Software Copyright registration.

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 Procedure of the Review of Trademark Refusal - Trademark Refusal in China

What is the procedure for the review of trademark refusal? With respect to the trademark review of refusal, it means that trademark application (including application for trademark registration, opposition, assignment, renewal, cancellation and etc.) has been refused by the Trademark Office, where the applicant is dissatisfied with the decision of Trademark Office, he or it may file a request of review to the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board within the legal time limit.

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 Procedure of Filing Trademark Opposition

Trademark opposition, how to file a trademark opposition? What is the procedure for trademark Opposition?

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 Patent Licensing in China

Patent license in China, how to license a patent in China. What is Patent Licensing? Patent licensing is a transfer of the right of use, the IPR owner allow the licensee to use his/her patent within the stipulated area by conduct an agreement in accordance with the provision of Patent Law.

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 Procedure of Copyright Recording

How to record or register copyright in China, the way of copyright record in China, copyright registration. What can be applied for copyright record?

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 Procedure of Patenting in Hong Kong - How to File a Patent Application in Hong Kong

There are two types of patent application in Hong Kong, one is Standard Patent Application which can be protected by law at most for 20 years, and another one is Short-term Patent application which can be protected by law at most for 8 years. Apply for a Standard Patent Application in Hong Kong has two stages.

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 Changes in the Draft Revision of Chinese Trademark Law

Changes in the Draft Revision of Chinese Trademark Law - predictable changes in the Chinese Trademark law.

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 Suggestion of Providing Evidence of Cancelling Three Years Non-use Trademark in China

How to provide the evidence of cancelling three years non-use trademark in China? What evidence should be of cancelling three years non-use trademark in China? What should be aware of when providing evidence of cancelling three years non-use trademark in China?

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 How to Protect Trademark Rights in China

There are three different ways of trademark rights protection in China.

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 Guide to Protect Patent Right in China

Nowadays, China has become one of the most important overseas markets for more and more foreign countries. At the same time, many foreigners, foreign enterprises or other foreign organizations, start to pay more attention to the intellectual property protection in China. In this article, the author will present the ways of protecting patent in China.

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 Overcome the Notification of Ex Officio Refusal of International Registration of Trademark in China

How to respond to the ex officio refusal(provisional refusal) of International Registration(IR) of trademark in China?--Guidance to trademark review of refusal

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 Guide to Filing a PCT Patent Application Entering National Phase/Stage of China

PCT applications to enter into the Chinese national phase/stage shall be filed within 30 months from the PCT international filing date/priority date. If applications fail to enter into the Chinese national phase before the entry due date, the filing can be extended up to 2 months from the entry due date with additional restoring fee.

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 Guide to Filing Patent Applications in China

According to the Chinese Patent Law, three types of patents are issued in China, namely invention patents, utility model patents, and design patents.

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 Guide to Apply for Trademark Registering in China(Guide to Filling Trademark Application in China)

The Chinese Trademark Office accepts trademark applications for registration of trademarks for goods, service trademarks, certification trademarks and collective trademarks. Any visual sign including words, devices, letters, numerals, three-dimensional symbols, combinations of colors or any combination of the above elements may be applied for the registration of a trademark.

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