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Law Firm Overview

Bradley & Gmelich is a law firm located in Glendale, California which specializes in business formation and incorporation. We also have a Northern California office, centrally located in downtown San Jose, which allows the firm to meet the needs of our clients in Sacramento, the Bay Area, and surrounding Northern California counties. We represent a broad range of clients throughout California in a variety of industries, helping them to plan and form new businesses.

With years of extensive experience in litigation, serving as both defendants and plaintiff attorneys, Bradley & Gmelich have tools to ensure that your business is operating as efficiently as possible. Our practice focuses on providing comprehensive legal services to business clients as we offer services such as reviewing contracts, civil litigation, compliance audit preparation, employment law consulting, contract litigation, and appeals representation. At Bradley & Gmelich, we advocate tirelessly for our clients, using our knowledge, experience, and skills to get the best possible result.

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Regulatory Compliance Audits and Hearings; Breach of Contract Litigation; Purchase or Sale of an Existing Business; Sexual Harassment Prevention Training, Inadequate Security Claims Defense; Contract Review; Administrative Hearing Representation; Employment Litigation and Handbook Review; Partnership Litigation; Automobile Accidents; Business Practices Consulting; Document Review and Drafting; Private Security Company Representation; Personal/Commercial Auto Defense

Areas of Law Description

Our practice areas include:

- Employment Law Litigation and Consulting

The California business lawyers at Bradley & Gmelich litigate labor and employment cases for their business clients of all sizes. Our defense strategy in each case is tailored to the needs of the particular client and industry. We represent a broad range of employers. Our experienced employment litigation lawyers have represented clients in a wide variety of issues, including administrative law hearings and investigations, as well as fully litigated lawsuits. Because of their extensive litigation experience and knowledge of employment law, our attorneys do not hesitate to take on a large case involving complicated issues and multiple employees.

- Premises Liability

We pride ourselves on being proactive. We employ preventive measures with our clients to help them avoid litigation altogether. We review client operations, with a focus on policies and procedures and best business practices. Our many years of experience tell us that preventing a lawsuit is far less expensive than litigating one. However, when our clients face actions, claims of negligence, and lawsuits, our attorneys have the trial experience and are ready and able to defend against allegations of premises liability.

- Administrative Law

The attorneys at Bradley & Gmelich are skilled representatives of business clients before administrative bodies. Our attorneys represent clients in all industries before the state and federal agencies governing the operation of some portion of the business.

- Business Contract Litigation

From our main office in Glendale, the business attorneys at Bradley & Gmelich offer comprehensive and aggressive litigation services to business clients throughout California. We represent a wide array of businesses.

- Business Consulting and Transactions

The business attorneys at Bradley & Gmelich provide a wide range of transactional and consulting services for their business clients of all sizes. We represent insurance companies, health clubs, construction firms, private security companies, commercial property owners, contractors, retailers and supermarkets, and municipalities. We consult and provide services on matters from drafting a simple employment contract to forming a business. In everything we do, we are responsive to clients’ needs and understand that each business is unique.

- Insurance Defense

We focus our insurance defense practice on carriers that insure the business operations of a wide range of industries, such as property owners, maintenance companies, construction companies, health and fitness clubs and private security companies. However, we also represent insurance companies in many other matters unrelated to our specialty businesses. In addition to representing our clients directly, we also defend clients for third-party insurance administrators and adjusters.

- Private Security Company Representation

Our business attorneys at Bradley & Gmelich represent private security companies, alarm businesses, Private Patrol Operators (PPO), electronic surveillance companies, security system monitoring operations, executive protection specialists, and all private security-related entities. Our attorneys are intimately familiar with the standards in the security industry, and have assisted in drafting legislation related to the security industry.

- General Civil Litigation

Many of these suits can be won – and should be won – prior to trial. In our law and motion department, we develop legal arguments geared toward the crafting of a tight, well-reasoned motion for summary judgment. We have an outstanding record of developing successful motion work, employing such defenses as lack of causation, assumption of the risk, waiver and release, and lack of any legally enforceable duty of care.

- Insurance Fraud Defense/SIU

Bradley & Gmelich has extensive experience investigating and litigating insurance fraud claims and utilizes aggressive litigation strategies to obtain outstanding results, either through early dismissals of cases or defense verdicts at trial or binding arbitration. The firm’s fraud team attorneys have extensive experience in all aspects of auto fraud, property claims, and uninsured motorist claims and are well versed in tactics used by the fraudulent claimants, their attorneys and treatises. The firm’s attorneys not only address the liability issues in fraud claims using experienced accident reconstruction and bio-mechanical experts, but also attack fraudulent billing by the claimant’s medical care providers (i.e., improper using of CPT billing).

- Personal/Commercial Auto Defense

Bradley & Gmelich attorneys are experienced in all aspects of automobile defense claims, whether the claims involve minor impact soft tissue (MIST) injury cases or catastrophic injury and death. The firm’s attorneys have represented clients ranging from individual policy holders to national rental car companies to corporations with fleet vehicles, providing the same thorough investigation and proactive defense strategies regardless of the client. The firm has developed a strong relationship with a vast array of both technical and medical experts that, combined with relentless lawyering and teamwork, has achieved outstanding results for its insurance carriers and self-insured clients.


Gary Bradley Mr. Gary J. Bradley
Bankruptcy, Insurance Defense, Insurance Fraud, Personal Injury

Barry Bradley Mr. Barry A. Bradley
Managing Attorney
Business Law, Commercial Law, Litigation, Personal Injury

Thomas Gmelich Mr. Thomas P. Gmelich
Business and Industry, Employment, Fraud, Insurance, Litigation



  • State Bar of California
  • Los Angeles County Bar Association
  • Association of Southern California Defense Counsel

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