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Law Firm Overview

Breakfield and Associates in Gainsville, GA, handles a number of areas where clients might need assistance. The firm can take cases in criminal law, personal injury, business law and traffic law violations.
Regardless of the issue, the firm provides high-quality legal representation and commitment to clients.

Attorneys at the firm listen to clients explain what they need from their attorneys, and then, they build a strategy that addresses those needs. They focus their efforts to make sure clients get the best possible outcome that the law allows. They work efficiently to resolve their clients' issues quickly and cost-effectively.

Lawyers with Breakfield and Associates gives every client personalized attention without farming the work out to assistants and paralegals. They keep clients up to date on the status of their cases and explain the law as it applies. Regardless of the problems, they work hard to resolve clients' issues quickly and efficiently.

Languages: English

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Plaintiff’s Personal Injury; Guardian ad Litem; Domestic Mediations; Boating Under the Influence (BUI) / Operating a Vessel While Under the Influence; Condemnation; Permanent Disability; Drunk Drivers/ Crime Victims/ Intentional Torts; Marijuana Possession; Contested and Uncontested Divorces; Guardianships; Small Claims; Covenants Not to Compete; Billing and Collection; Fraudulent Transfers and Fraudulent Conveyances.

Areas of Law Description

Breakfield & Associates, Attorneys offers a wide range of legal services for our clients in and around the Gainesville, Georgia area and throughout the state.

- Plaintiffs Personal Injury

Fighting for those injured in an auto accident, car wreck, truck accident tractor trailer wreck, negligence, intentional tort, slip and fall, as well as assisting a family tragically affected by a wrongful death.

* Car Accidents/Auto Wreck

Every day in Georgia someone is injured in an auto accident, car wreck or motorcycle collision due to someone else’s negligence. Often insurance companies refuse to pay lost wages, damages for pain and suffering, and medical bills associated with personal injury.

* Truck Wreck/Trucking Accidents

Our attorneys engage in personal injury cases involving large trucks and 18 wheelers on Georgia roads. Though regulations are in place to help prevent accidents, they are often ignored. Victims of semi-tractor trailer crashes need an experienced lawyer who understands the complexities of dealing with this industry.

* Motorcycle Collision

A motorcycle rider should not be needlessly injured by the carelessness of others. Many times motorcycle injuries are minimized or the riders blamed for accidents that they did not cause. Operating a motorcycle is legal. Pulling out in front of one is not. Our lawyers will fight for our motorcycle clients.

* Wrongful Death/Serious Injury/Permanent Disability

An untimely death, serious injury or permanent disability is tragic, but it can be even more painful if it is the result of another’s actions. In this emotionally difficult time, our attorneys can help you sort through the details of any accident to help you determine if a lawsuit or wrongful death action is in your best interest.

* Product Liability

If a manufacturer or retailer makes or sells a dangerous and harmful product and you are injured, the companies may be responsible for your damages. Whether you were injured by negligent design, failure to warn, failure to inspect or inadequate recall notice, it is important that you speak with a lawyer about your case.

* Workers' Compensation/Occupational Injury or Illness

Injured on the job? Under workers comp law fault or negligence is usually not an issue. What is important is whether the worker/ employee was injured while on the job and to what extent. Deadlines, notice and filing of a claim are sooner than a general lawsuit, so it is important to talk to a worker’s compensation attorney immediately.

* Boating Accidents/Recreational Injuries

Lake Lanier, Lake Oconee and Lake Allatoona provide endless hours of enjoyment to Georgia, but, unfortunately, they also are the location of very serious injuries. Many times alcohol and reckless behavior are to blame. If you are injured by a boat, jet ski, wave runner or other watercraft, please talk to a lawyer at our firm to discuss your case.

- DUI Arrest Defense

Do not attempt to defend yourself against a drunk driving charge. You need an experienced and knowledgeable attorney that understands the law and can execute a winning legal defense on your behalf. The lawyers at Breakfield & Associates know the law enforcement procedures that will be used against the driver and will challenge them and the police application.

- Criminal Defense

Our Constitution guarantees each and every citizen accused of a crime the right to a lawyer and the presumption of innocence unless proven guilty in a court of law. So regardless of whether the charge is a felony or a misdemeanor, a drug case, a charge of DUI, it is always a good idea to have a lawyer.

* Traffic Tickets/ Speeding Tickets

We have all received a traffic ticket. The ticket not only costs a lot of money on the front end with the fines and surcharges, but the consequences for insurance and points can also make these matters even more expensive. We understand that paying a ticket is costly enough, so we try to have our rates make sense for the amount involved.

* Domestic Violence/Family Violence Act

Domestic violence is a very serious charge. Many police and prosecutors, regardless of the true facts, have a zero tolerance policy if law enforcement responds to the marital home. No one thinks family violence is acceptable, but everyone believes that false and trumped up charges should be fought.

* Youthful Offenders/ Juvenile Offenses

It seems like everything is a crime today. Things that used to be regarded as pranks and fun are now treated as felonies and misdemeanors. It is important to have someone on the minor’s side to explain that the transgression is not a crime wave, and the child is a good person that will become a productive adult in society.

* Felonies and Misdemeanors

We handle a wide range of felonies and misdemeanors. We believe that regardless of the charge, the client is putting their future in our hands. It is an important responsibility that we are honored to shoulder.

- Divorce and Family Law

Helping our clients get through the difficult process of divorce, pre-marital planning, post-divorce enforcement, child support, visitation, modifications and more.

* Child Visitation and Parenting Time

A parent’s ability to spend time with a child is the most rewarding and difficult job. Many courts have modernized and come to realize that a child needs both parents involved in the child’s life. Our lawyers fight for a client’s parental right to help raise their child.

* Child Support

Kids are expensive, but worth every penny. It is important that any agreement or court order reflects the true support obligation and both parents’ ability to pay. Our attorneys can help our clients sort through the details of child support laws and obligations.

* Legitimation/ Paternity

Legitimation and paternity issues can arise due to a child from a previous relationship, an out of wedlock birth, or an untrue accusation. Whether you believe someone is or is not the father or whether you are or are not the father, our lawyers can help you during the legitimation process.

* Adoptions

Adoption is one of the most satisfying areas of the law since it helps a family legally accomplish goals of loving and caring. Many times, people are already the primary care provider for a child, and need further legal rights and protections. Many other times, a family wants to adopt a child to complete their family.

* Domestic Mediations

Attorney John Breakfield is a registered domestic mediator and is available to lawyers and parties alike for their mediation needs involving: divorce, child custody, child support, modification and more. This knowledge also assists our divorce and family law clients.

- Probate, Estate Planning and Wills

Assisting in the preparation of documents such as: wills, health care powers of attorney, living wills, financial powers of attorney, general powers of attorney, and assisting our clients in the probating of a will in court.

- Business Law and Business Litigation

As a small business, ourselves, we understand the importance of customer service and keeping an eye on the bottom line. At our firm, we want our business clients to focus on their business and let us take care of the legal matters. Breakfield & Associates, Attorneys offer business law and litigation services in Gainesville, Georgia and surrounding areas and represent many businesses regarding:

* Contracts

The words on the paper mean something. Are they fair to you? When considering a contract, sometimes, just a basic contract review can save a business a major headache. Let our lawyers to see if there are any provisions that could be a major pitfall for your business.

- Landlord Tenant Law

A common mistake is forgetting that a dispossessory proceeding is a legal hearing with rules of evidence, procedure and law. Our law firm handles eviction and dispossessory issues, mainly for landlords and property managers. Our goal is to review the landlord tenant circumstance and pinpoint the arguments that the judge would consider compelling when evicting a problem tenant.

- Condemnation Government Taking Eminent Domain

The Constitution guarantees that no property shall be taken without due process of law and the payment of just compensation. Yet every day, city, county, state and Federal governments routinely take private property to use as land for roads, highways, power lines, right of ways, wetlands, setbacks and environmental regulation without providing just compensation.


John Breakfield Mr. John G. Breakfield
Antitrust and Trade Regulation, Business and Industry, Business Law, Competition Law, Constitutional Law



  • State Bar of Georgia
  • Gainesville Bar Association
  • Georgia Trial Lawyers Association
  • Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

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A passenger has a right to object to the seizure of a vehicle in which the passenger was riding. In the United States Supreme Court case of Brendlin v. California, 551 U.S. 249 (2007), the Court ruled that the Fourth Amendment Right against unlawful stop and detention was a right that a passenger could object to in court via a motion to suppress.

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 Georgia Supreme Court Reverses First Degree Vehicular Homicide

The Georgia Supreme Court in Klaub v. Battle, Warden (S09A0925), affirmed that under Georgia law one cannot be convicted of “first degree vehicular homicide based on the failure to stop and render assistance when the State fails to prove that the defendant caused the victim’s death through his failure to stop and render assistance.”

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 Georgia Supreme Court Upholds Attorney Fee Law

In the case of Smith v. Salon Baptiste (S09A1543) (2010), the Georgia Supreme Court ruled that Georgia law § 9-11-68 requiring a losing party to pay the attorney fees of the winning party under certain conditions was constitutional.

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 Health Insurance Reimbursement: After The Accident, Who Pays?

After a person is injured and medical bills are paid by a health insurance company (either partially or fully), the health insurance company generally has the legal authority to go after the wrongdoer for the medical bills paid by the company.

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 Recording Phone Calls and Checking Emails

In regards to recording phone calls, Georgia is a One Party Consent state. This means that, generally, a person can record their own phone calls without the consent of the person on the other end of the phone call.

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 U.M. Coverage (Uninsured and Under Insured Motorist Coverage)

When injured by a wrongdoer that has no insurance or very little insurance, one can make a claim against one’s own insurance company if the injured party has UM insurance coverage.

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