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Law Firm Overview

Burke, Harvey, and Frankowski, LLC, has devoted 50 years to securing long term disability payments for clients all over the United States.
The firm focuses exclusively on long term disability claims, and each attorney's experience in combating insurance companies and businesses of all sizes has brought the firm a record of honorable success.

Attorneys Burke, Harvey, and Frankowski have years of expertise in all types of long term disability, in the diseases and conditions that bring it about, and in the businesses and insurance companies that provide it. Their thorough knowledge of the processes and paperwork involved, as well as all aspects of related law, make them better-equipped than nearly anyone to overcome the many obstacles that businesses and companies will put in the way of a claim. The firm's collective expertise covers long term disability cases across the nation, a knowledge they've used with great success from their office in Birmingham, Alabama, to help people in need from across the US.

No one who may be permanently injured should have to fight for their long-term care. Burke, Harvey, and Frankowski have devoted their careers to ensuring that the injured receive the attention and care they deserve.

Languages: English

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Business Owner Disability Claim; Dentist Disability Claim; Attorney Disability Claim; Doctor and Nurse Disability Claim; Fibromyalgia; Claim Denial; Own Occupation Denial; Own Occupation Disability; Independent Medical Evaluation; Mental Health Disabilities; Physical Disabilities; Long Tern and Short Term Disability; ERUSA Statute of Limitations by State; Making a Claim Under ERISA; Collecting Benefits; Appealing Denied LTD Claims; Denial of LTD Claims; Claims Process.

Areas of Law Description

Burke, Harvey & Frankowski, LLC is one of the leading law firms to help clients file for LTD benefits and appeal denied claims. At our law firm, we understand the importance of obtaining benefits for our clients as they are often times unable to work and earn income. We understand the physical, emotional and financial challenges our clients face and work tirelessly to ensure that they have the best chance of obtaining the benefits they deserve.

Burke, Harvey & Frankowski, LLC have helped clients with a number of issues involving insurance companies, claims, appeals and benefits:

Basic information on LTD

Filing a claim or an appeal

Appealing a denied claim

Varying disabilities

Own occupation claims

Insurance provider issues

With over 50 years of combined litigation experience, Burke, Harvey & Frankowski, LLC has successfully obtained LTD benefits for clients and defeated their attempts to withhold payments to qualified insurance holders. Burke, Harvey & Frankowski, LLC have dealt with the following insurance companies:

Liberty Mutual
The Hartford


Peter Burke Mr. Peter H. Burke
Consumer Law, Nursing Home Abuse, Personal Injury

Richard Frankowski Mr. Richard S. Frankowski
Consumer Law, Personal Injury

W. Todd Harvey Mr. W. Todd Harvey
Defective Products, Nursing Home Abuse, Personal Injury, Pharmaceutical Law


Micah Adkins Mr. Micah S. Adkins
Class Actions, Consumer Law, Identity Theft, Debtor Defense, Data Security

Camille Edwards Ms. Camille L. Edwards
Defective Products, Nursing Home Abuse, Personal Injury, Pharmaceutical Law

Greg McKay Mr. Greg McKay
Social Security Disability, Long Term Disability

Robert Norton Mr. Robert E. Norton
Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, Stock Broker Fraud

Allen Schreiber Mr. Allen Schreiber



  • Birmingham Bar Association
  • American Bar Association
  • Alabama State Bar
  • Alabama Trial Lawyers Association

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