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Law Firm Overview

Cabinet Menasce Chiche have rightfully earned a reputation for passion and success in over twenty years of service to all manner of clients in France and Europe. The firm's nine accomplished lawyers have each a high personal standard of client communication and availability, and a level of expertise that has allowed collaboration with top law firms across the globe.

Cabinet Menasce Chiche specialize in business and international law, and have served entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and international corporations from their Paris office. Each lawyer is dedicated to providing both efficient legal services and an availability that matches client needs, itself a valuable asset for foreign and international businessmen. The firm itself has represented clients in all manner of courts in France.

Cabinet Menasce Chiche's diligence and personal attention to clients in France and around the world have given it the trust of corporations and individuals alike. That same trust is daily earned with each new client.

Year this Office was Established: 1992

Languages: French, Spanish, English.

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Distribution Law; Civil Liability Law; Assistance and Legal Secretariat for Existing Corporations; Development of Initial Contracts to begin activity (Leases, Employment Contracts); Dissolution of Corporations or Partnerships; Liability Guarantee Agreements; Collection Procedures; Counsel and Assistance with Corporate Policies and Procedures; Individual and Collective Labor Conflicts; Employment Litigation; Commercial & Professional Leases; Joint Ownership Arrangements (Co-ops); Assignment of Goodwill; Real Estate Litigation; Service Marks; Designs; Drawings and Models; Legal Advice and Assistance related to Cross-media Royalties and Reproduction Rights, including within the Advertising Industry; Intellectual Property Litigation.


Véronique Menasce-Chiche Ms. Véronique Menasce-Chiche
Managing Lawyer
Business Law, Employment, Intellectual Property, Real Estate



  • Paris Bar Association

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