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Camarena Abogados, SC

Camarena Abogados, SC
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Law Firm Overview

Camarena Abogados, S.C. serves clients in a wide range of legal areas, in Mexico City and across Mexico. Our areas of practice include corporate and commercial law, civil law, financial and tax law, industrial property and administrative law. Founded in 1995, our firm is committed to providing our clients with professional and efficient legal care in all areas.

We aim to serve our clients on both a personal and business-centered level. We will pay close attention to your needs and interests, working to accomplish all goals and resolve all matters as quickly and thoroughly as possible. Our team values honesty and ethical practices, and are committed to serving with integrity in all matters.

We take our responsibility to our clients seriously. You can trust us to treat your case with absolute confidentiality, as well as an interest in cost effectiveness. Whether you’re seeking legal support in your personal life or your business, Camarena Abogados, S.C. will provide you with the quality care you deserve.

Year this Office was Established: 1995

Languages: Spanish, English, French

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Companies Incorporation; Shareholders Meeting; Corporate Restructures; Split Dissolution or Liquidation of Companies; Legal Opinions; Ordinary Procedures; Incident; Appealing; Appeal for Legal Protection (Habeas Corpus); Inheritance Testamentary and in Testamentary; Third Parties Procedures; Marriage; Alimentary Procedures; Judicial and Extra Judicial Negotiable Documents Execution; Fiscal Credits (Tax Government Department, Treasury, Social Security, Real Estates National Fund, Customs Right); Reversal Resource; Null Procedure; Registry of Trademarks and Patents; Transfer of Technology; Foreign Commerce; Nullity Trial; Deposit Consultancy; Graphic Arts Law; Foreign Trade.

Areas of Law Description

Camarena Abogados, S.C. is a team made up of professionals specialized in diverse legal areas, that allow us to guarantee our clients an excellent service.

- Corporate Law

· Legal opinions and advising before the Chamber of Commerce
· Companies incorporation
· Shareholders meeting minutes
· Corporate restructures
· Acquisitions
· Merger, split dissolution or liquidation of companies
· Legal opinions and assistance before governmental departments
· Legal opinions and assistance before the notaries filing department
· Legal opinions and assistance before public notaries
· Legal opinions and assistance on bonds and insurances etc.

- Civil Law

· Contracts (legal opinions and assistance)
· Ordinary procedures
· Incidents
· Appeals
· Appeal for legal protection (Habeas Corpus)
· Inheritance testamentary and in testamentary
· Third parties procedures
· Assistance and steps in marriage
· Alimentary procedures
· Legal opinions and assistance in divorce etc.

- Commerce Law

· Contracts
· Ordinary and executive procedures
· Legal procedures and requirements
· Judicial and extra judicial negotiable documents of execution
· Legal opinions and assistance on public registry of property area
· Legal opinions and assistance on public registry of commerce area
· Legal opinions and assistance on bonds and insurances area etc.

- Tax Law

· Legal opinions and planning in fiscal areas
· Fiscal credits (tax government department, treasury, social security, real estate national fund, customs right)
· Reversal resource
· Null procedure
· Appeal for legal protection (Habeas Corpus)
· Legal opinions and assistance on bonds and insurances etc.

- Administrative Law

· Contracts
· Legal opinions and assistance on public and private bids
· Registry of trademarks and patents - Mexican industrial property institute
· Transfer of technology - Mexican industrial property institute
· Legal opinions and assistance on: real estate taxes, water services, electric services, floor use rights
· Legal opinions and assistance before administrative government departments
· Foreign commerce, disloyal commercial practices (discrimination of prices and subsidy)
· Legal opinions and assistance on migratory issues
· National registry of foreign investment procedures
· Foreign trade procedures
· Intellectual property procedures etc.

- Banking and Financial Law

· Preparation and resolutions on every type of credit agreements
· Resolutions of the necessary documents for the opening of accounts and for the granting of credits: public deeds, restructures and proxies
· Trustee constitutions
· Assistance on the procedures and requirements issues by government departments: tax governments department, bank of Mexico, government department, national bank and values commission, Mexican stock market, social security, real estate national fund


Gabriel Camarena Morales Mr. Gabriel Camarena Morales
Managing Lawyer
Antitrust and Trade Regulation, Banking and Finance, Business and Industry, Corporate Law, Environmental and Natural Resources

Laura Cecilia Villa Soberanes Ms. Laura Cecilia Villa Soberanes
Corporate Law, Government, Tax


  • Mexican Bar Association
  • Metropolitan Association of Travel Agencies
  • National Association of Corporate Counsels

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