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Law Firm Overview

Carlo Scevola & Partners is an international fiduciary company with branches in six continents. The following are some of the services provided by our firm: asset protection, offshore company and trust formation, international tax planning, foundations, wealth management, second citizenship, residence permits.

Our customer-centric methodology ensures that each client gets a custom-tailored solution which addresses that business’ individual objectives and requirements; not some cookie-cutter program.

If you are looking for an international firm with big company thinking and small company touch, find out how CS&P can deliver the best of both worlds.

Year this Office was Established: 1999

Languages: English, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Project Development and Deal Hunting; Wealth Management; International Tax Planning; Corporate Structuring & Maintenance; Foundations Establishment; Accounting; Preparation and Filing of Annual Returns; International Contracts Law; International Banking; Logistic Support; Government Licenses; Aircrafts and Vessels.

Areas of Law Description

Carlo Scevola & Partners provides legal representation and services in the following areas of practice:

- Business and Strategic Consulting

The mission of Carlo Scevola & Partners' business and strategic consulting practice is to help companies leverage the power of international business while avoiding the pitfalls. On the one hand, we use every bit of experience we've ever had to help your company follow best practices and steer clear of mistakes. On the other hand – no two companies are exactly alike. So we make sure the international business and strategic consulting we provide is not just smart but, more particularly, smart for your business.

- Wealth Management

You know you've reached a nice point in life when your assets are of sufficient size that you require wealth management services. And when you do, Carlo Scevola & Partners is here to help. We do a lot more than just offer asset protection services. Each of our wealth management clients is at a different stage, with different goals and complex and wide-ranging needs. Some are looking for international exposure and diversity, others looking to decrease exposure while still augmenting their assets. And still others simply want to appoint a trusted wealth advisor to identify opportunities and implement solutions they just don't have the time to craft and monitor themselves.

- Money Management

Managing money is the fundamental skill of any business or wealthy individual – and today there are more strategies and options for success than ever before. The trick, of course, is knowing which strategy to pursue - and then having a means of evaluating if it's working, and plan for what to do if it's not. That's where Carlo Scevola & Partners comes in – we offer our clients the services of a premier money management practice. The strategies we develop and implement are uncorrelated to major market trends, allowing our clients to thrive in up, down or sideways markets. They provide an excellent complement to and diversification for a traditional equities and bonds portfolio resulting in greater balance and efficiency.

- Corporate Structuring, Maintenance and Trusts

The corporate structure you choose will have a lot to do with the success and profitability of your business. A properly configured enterprise has many options as far as tax minimization, asset protection, bureaucracy avoidance, risk management, cost optimization and maintenance of confidentiality. Carlo Scevola & Partners will help you develop a corporate structure, trust or other appropriate entity that is perfectly suited to your needs and also 100% in compliance with local laws and regulations.

- Logistic Support

Some of the biggest challenges in setting up an offshore company are logistical ones – finding office space and getting phones and Internet set up and having mail delivered. Not to mention finding the support staff to facilitate meetings, answer phones and the like. With a tentacular worldwide network of professionals and facilities, Carlo Scevola & Partners can take care of the logistics surrounding your venture, allowing you to focus on doing business.

- Government Licenses

Certain activities – banking, financial services and gambling, for example – require licensing by the local government authority. If that licensing is not obtained properly, your ability to do business in that jurisdiction will be severely crippled. Don't attempt to take on the challenge of obtaining a license without assistance from a qualified advisor. Carlo Scevola & Partners can assist you from the very start by evaluating your specific needs and goals, helping you identify the most suitable location for establishing your business, and then taking care of all the administrative requirements and managing the relationships with various local authorities.

- Intellectual Property

Properly registering, Profit management and defending intellectual property is an imperative for any business. For those involved in offshore ventures, it can be a major challenge. Understanding patent, trademark and copyright issues is difficult enough in one's home country; in a foreign land it can seem insurmountable. The professionals of Carlo Scevola & Partners can advise your business on a range of intellectual property issues including: development of patent policies, patent mining, valuation, royalty payments, litigation, profit management, and, image rights.

- Aircrafts and Vessels

Whether you're interested in a corporate or private aircraft, a pleasure yacht or a company-owned ship, our team of professionals can help you manage every aspect of finding, acquiring and owning of a large corporate jet, a light propeller plane, a helicopter or any kind of watercraft you're considering. Our team will help structure the most advantageous solution for purchasing and ownership of the craft. Taking into consideration your intended use of the craft, we'll help you choose the best offshore jurisdiction for registration, factoring into the equation the area's reputation and cost structure, as well as tax issues and possible benefits. CS&P can also help with the operation of the aircraft by handling accounting and insurance, maintaining statutory records and providing budgetary advice.

- Corporate Finance

Carlo Scevola & Partners works with clients to develop solid, smart financial strategies that take advantage of international regulations and offshore jurisdictions to position the business for success. In some cases, a client is looking to set up a new offshore company and so we can also provide valuable aid and advice for this too. Given the diverse experience and skill sets of the CS&P team, we are able to touch a wide array of functional areas in the corporate structure, thus delivering the utmost benefit across the organization.

- Project Development and Deal Hunting

Carlo Scevola & Partners do not only deal with aspects such as asset protection but also engage in a number of entrepreneurial ventures in a variety of roles – as consultant, partner, even financial backer. At CS&P, we think of ourselves neither as a merchant bank nor a venture capital fund but as something different altogether: a venture incubator. As such, we provide a flexible range of services tailored to the needs of the individual client using various techniques, some such as International tax planning. Bring an early stage idea to a VC and you end up working within their framework. Bring it to us and we reorganize to fit your needs.

- Asset Protection

Too often, private individuals and corporate entities start thinking about asset protection when it is too late. People tend to underestimate the importance of creating a solid strategy for protecting their properties and assets that will ensure they are kept in a safe and highly confidential environment. By the time creditors, competitors, and local or international authorities investigate an entity upon discovering sensible information about its estate, it is too late to implement an asset protection strategy.

- Offshore Services

Creating an offshore structure can be a huge boon for your business or your private financial dealings – provided the structure is done right. Carlo Scevola & Partners offer deep experience in offshore business development and provides international consulting in areas including companies, trusts, bank accounts, banking licenses, gambling licenses and yacht registration, to name but a few. Our team provides the knowledge and expertise to help you set up an offshore enterprise that is 100% legal and appropriate, in multiple international jurisdictions.

- International Tax Planning

Carlo Scevola & Partners can provide vital guidance, international tax planning advice and assistance in handling complex transactions and managing cross-border taxation issues successfully. The professionals of CS&P can provide advice on tax-related issues.

- Corporate Structuring, Maintenance and Trusts

The corporate structure you choose will have a lot to do with the success and profitability of your business. A properly configured enterprise has many options as far as tax minimization, asset protection, bureaucracy avoidance, risk management, cost optimization and maintenance of confidentiality. Carlo Scevola & Partners will help you develop a corporate structure, trust or other appropriate entity that is perfectly suited to your needs and also 100% in compliance with local laws and regulations.

- International Contracts Law

Any international businessperson or lawyer will tell you that international contracts are the most difficult to negotiate and the easiest to go wrong. Legal, financial and cultural differences can keep parties from reaching agreement. And the complexities of harmonizing disparities can often seem insurmountable.

- Residency and Citizenship

There are many reasons for wishing to take up residency in a new country and possibly eventually change one's citizenship. Clearly doing so is a major decision, not to be taken lightly. And not surprisingly, as with any international dealings, the implications and consequences of residency and citizenship changes need to be considered carefully before any action is taken. Carlo Scevola & Partners provides individualized advisory services to clients wishing to change residence and/or citizenship. CS&P will help you understand all dimensions of such a move and can also help expedite the process on your behalf.

- International Banking

CS&P banking experts will discuss your business and/or personal objectives with you and help you evaluate what you need from a bank to suit your requirements for offshore banking. We'll identify the right offshore banking partner for you, make the necessary introductions and step you through the process of opening and operating an offshore bank account.


Dr. Carlo Scevola
President, CEO
Banking and Finance, Business Law, Estate and Trust, Estate Planning, Gaming


Frank Ferlaino Dr. Frank Ferlaino
Head of Office
Banking and Finance, Natural Resources

Monika Halley Dr. Monika Halley
Chief Operating Officer
Banking and Finance, Business Law, Finance, International Law

Christina Jacob Mrs. Christina Jacob
Copyright, Domain Names, Intellectual Property, Licensing Law, Patents

Irene Ozick Dr. Irene Ozick
International Law

Konstantin Ponamarev Mr. Konstantin Ponamarev
Chief Financial Officer
Banking and Finance

Karina Sneiderova Dr. Karina Sneiderova
Vice President
International Law

Linda Zucaro Dr. Linda Zucaro
Chief Administrative Officer


Jenny Keenan Ms. Jenny Keenan
International Law, Offshore Services

Deborah Lauro Dr. Deborah Lauro
Banking and Finance, Business Law


  • ITPA - International Tax Planning Association
  • NATP - National Association of Tax Professionals
  • CISI - Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment
  • CCIG - Chambre de Commerce et Industrie Geneve

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