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Law Firm Overview

Cavanagh Law Group is a personal injury firm based in Chicago, Illinois. We specialize in defending clients who have been the victims of negligence leading to serious injury.
Our experience includes representing clients involved in car, train and construction accidents, as well as nursing home injuries, products liability and wrongful death. Our track record of success speaks for itself, with hundreds of millions of dollars awarded to our clients throughout our extensive experience with personal injury law.

At Cavanagh Law Group, we take on the most challenging cases and go to battle for our clients. We will not shy away from a case and are prepared to go to trial to ensure that you receive proper compensation. Cavanagh Law Group is committed to the best possible outcome for each and every client, and this dedication is seen by our extensive track record of success. Among our numerous successful cases is a $55.7 million award for a railroad crossing accident, the largest verdict of its kind ever to be awarded in Illinois. If you or a loved one has been wronged, allow the Cavanagh Law Group to bring you the compensation you deserve in this time of need.

Year this Office was Established: 2008

Languages: English

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Helicopter Accidents; Mass Transit Liability; Defective Railroad Signs and Signals; Erb's Palsy; Cerebral Palsy; Cell Phone Accidents; Motor Vehicle Defects; Helicopter Accidents.

Areas of Law Description

Cavanagh Law Group offers legal representation on the following areas of practice:

Asbestos / Mesothelioma

Asbestos was once considered something of a godsend for its fire-retardant properties, but that was before people became aware of its significant health risks. Today the manufacture, maintenance and removal of asbestos are strictly regulated by the government because clinical evidence has determined that the material can lead to a host of health problems, up to and including death from lung cancer or mesothelioma. Asbestos exposure can be terribly dangerous to people of any age. Here at Cavanagh Law Group, we have been working with victims of asbestos exposure for many years throughout the Chicago area. No matter if you first encountered asbestos in a mine, a factory a school or the work place, we can aggressively follow the line of exposure back to its source.

Aviation Liability

We entrust more than our time and money to the airlines we use every day: we entrust our lives as well. Although the airline industry as a whole maintains a good record of safety, the sad fact is that lapses do occur, and occasionally such lapses lead to devastating consequences. No matter if you have been injured in an aircraft or someone you know lost a life due to airline negligence, it is critical to work with trustworthy legal representation and assistance in investigating the accident. Cavanagh Law Group understands that aviation litigation is complex and can assist you with answers to the pressing questions about your future, your legal rights, and your options. Cavanagh Law Group covers every aspect of aviation liability law, including pilot negligence, manufacturer negligence, airline liability, supplier liability, government liability and any number of jurisdictional issues that arise between international airlines, legacy carriers, and their regional affiliates.

- Helicopter Accidents

There are as many ways helicopter accidents can occur as there are causes for these kinds of accidents. Several of the most frequent causes include:

. Engine Failure
. Pilot Negligence & Error
. Helicopter Design Problems
. Poor Weather Conditions (i.e. rain, fog, snow, hail or lightning strikes)
. Other Air Traffic
. Aircraft Violations

Understanding these disparate causes and determining whether that accident was precipitated by propeller damage, inclement weather or human error takes patience, skill and tenacity. Here at Cavanagh Law Group, we have built a national reputation on doing this sort of legal work. With years of experience throughout the law of aviation injury and a stable of respected engineers who can offer powerful testimony on your behalf, we are proud to say our commitment to effective preparation and litigation is unsurpassed in Illinois and the nation.

Catastrophic Injuries

What is a catastrophic injury? Major injuries that strike at the center of our function as individuals can include spinal cord injuries, amputation, severe burns and brain injury. It is not unusual for the victim of a defective product, poor medical care or a major collision to suffer an injury such as this, although catastrophic injury can also occur during childbirth, sports and workplace accidents. Whatever the cause, it is important to work with attorneys who understand the nuances of this kind of litigation, and who can identify the often multiple parties who may be responsible for the event.

Dog Bites and Animal Attacks

Animal bites can come in many forms, from domesticated pets to guard dogs, wild animals and exotic collections. Although statutes tend to vary from state to state, here in Illinois the law is clear: the owner of an animal is responsible for the behavior of that animal, including any injuries and lost wages incurred from the bite or attack. Unlike several states that have what amounts to a "one-bite" policy indemnifying owners for the first such injury, Illinois offers prompt legal recourse for any victim of any animal.

Mass Torts

When a great number of people are impacted adversely by a product, medication, environmental hazard or medical device, the system cannot generally withstand hundreds or thousands of individual personal injury lawsuits. Thus the mass tort system was devised: a form of collective litigation that groups all affected people under a single legal umbrella and files an action on behalf of the population as a whole. Here at Cavanagh Law Group, we have been intimately involved with mass tort litigation throughout Illinois and the nation for many years, and today we have earned a national reputation for exceptional skill and effectiveness in lawsuits such as these.

Mass Transit Liability

There is a reason that mass transit accidents attract so much attention in the press, and it's not just because large vehicles are involved. Mass transit accidents, when they occur, can be among the most deadly incidents in the nation, hurting and killing many dozens of people in a single collision. Even when mass transit is involved with a more conventional vehicle such as a car, truck or motorcycle, the results are typically catastrophic.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice can strike victims in any number of forms, from missed diagnoses to surgical error. Because the medical profession is designed around bodily care, it is not unusual for mistakes in this realm to include devastating injuries, including birth defects, brain damage and death. If you or a family member has been the victim of a preventable medical error, it is important that you seek and recover damages comparable with the suffering you have experienced.

Motorcycle Accidents

There is a long list of injuries associated with motorcycle accidents, such as:

- head trauma
- brain injuries
- spinal cord injuries
- disfigurement
- amputation
- paralysis
- broken bones
- Permanently Disability

Motorcycle accidents most often alter a person's life. Here at Cavanagh Law Group, we believe it is our responsibility to help people quickly move on with their lives after such an event. We work aggressively to ensure our clients walk away with a positive outlook and a fresh start at life.

Motor Vehicle Liability

Cavanagh Law Group has long been at the forefront of Illinois and nationwide efforts to ensure better motorist protection, and today we boast a sterling record of success in this corner of the law. From trucking accidents to motorcycle accidents, bus accidents and auto collisions, we offer nothing less than a comprehensive approach to investigation, preparation and litigation. The result is a truly exceptional approach that has netted our clients over $350 million in the last decade, including some of the largest settlements in Illinois history. If you have found yourself struggling to maintain your quality of life after a catastrophic collision, we urge you to make contact with us or review the details of your case.

Nursing Home Abuse

The most common form of nursing home abuse is almost certainly physical abuse, which can take the form of sexual assault, battery, physical restraint, food or water deprivation and any number of errors in medication, include overdose, inadequate dose and giving the wrong medication altogether. You may notice or suspect signs of neglect, including a failure to assist in eating, drinking or proper hygiene, and unsanitary living conditions which are allowed to persist. Finally there is emotional abuse, characterized by threats, mockery, and humiliating behavior. The surest way to determine if any of these activities are going on is to look for signs of agitation and injury in the resident herself, and to trust your relationship with her as you flush out the details.

Pedestrian Accidents

If you or a loved one has been injured as a pedestrian and you feel that injuries were due to another road user's negligence, it is important to consult legal help. Chicago pedestrian accidents attorneys at Cavanagh Law Group will thoroughly investigate your case to determine the cause of the accident and have the guilty party held liable for your injuries and damages.

Premises Liability

Premises liability in Illinois far exceeds the usual slip-and-fall litigation so many people know about. Because of the complexity, this type of litigation can include the focus on the status of the visitor to the property where the injury occurred, was the person legally on the property, and the actions of the owner and visitor. Premises liability covers cases of significant injury, lasting physical damage and even wrongful death. Whether you were injured in a public or private space, it is important that you do not let predatory insurance companies take the reins regarding your major medical expenses.

Product Liability

Product liability can cover any number of defective everyday objects, from construction equipment to children's toys. The key to winning such cases lies in proving that the liability existed in the form of a manufacturing or design defect, or that the manufacturer failed to adequately warn of the product's inherent dangers. Here at Cavanagh Law Group, we have been earning our clients major settlements in the area of product liability for several years.

Toxic Torts

How do toxic torts work? The most typical example is in the pharmaceutical industry, where a rush to get drugs approved can occasionally skirt due diligence and leave major issues undiscovered. Although defective drug cases can be lengthy to litigate, the rewards can be proportionate, offering customers and patients a far better way to recover lost funds in the years ahead. Toxic torts may also appear in the form of environmental hazards, especially where industrial pollution may have contaminated a water supply or air supply. Even homes may be the subject of a toxic tort lawsuit if mold or dangerous chemicals are left to fester and affect inhabitants' health.

Train Accidents

Our areas of focus in railroad law as attorneys experienced in train accident and railroad injury cases include:

- FELA Railroad Worker Injuries
- Train Derailments
- Train/Motor Vehicle Collisions

Truck Accidents

Here at Cavanagh Law Group, we understand the many nuances of Illinois law that pertain specifically to truck accidents. From major Class 8 heavy duty trucks to Class 1 light duty trucks, Cavanagh Law Group offers unsurpassed expertise in the relevant statutes governing proper maintenance and driver behavior. We are proud to have earned our truck accident clients some of the largest settlements in Illinois history.

Workplace Accidents

No matter if you were injured by a coworker, a piece of equipment or an environmental hazard, it is essential to arm yourself with superior representation from day one. Cavanagh Law Group has extensive experience in dealing with workplace accidents, and we are one of the best-regarded law firms for workplace accident cases anywhere in the nation. We work on a contingency basis, so you don't pay us until we have won you money a practice we excel at, with a 98% success rate. If you want to learn more about the many options at your fingertips, we urge you to call us today. We handle work related injury cases throughout the state of Illinois including: Cook, DuPage, Lake, Will, Kane, and McHenry County Workers Compensation.

Wrongful Death

Cavanagh Law Group has been at the forefront of Illinois wrongful death cases for years, and in that time we have amassed a singular reputation for aggressive litigation, comprehensive research and exceptional medical testimony on behalf of our clients. It is not unusual for defendants in wrongful death cases to deny liability, which is why you need to retain experienced attorneys who can diligently pursue your rights and compel an uncertain jury to act.


Timothy Cavanagh Mr. Timothy J. Cavanagh
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Stacey Feeley Cavanagh Ms. Stacey Feeley Cavanagh
Accident, Birth Injury, Brain Injury, Personal Injury, Product Liability



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