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Charalompos F. Amoiridis Law Services

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Plateia Dimokratias 1
Thessaloniki 54629

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Law Firm Overview

Charalompos F. Amoiridis Law Services has given many years of valued legal counsel and representation to both businesses investing in Greece and to Greek citizens. The firm’s five skilled attorneys handle everything from international business to family law, and pride themselves on offering clients affordable counsel of the highest caliber.

Lawyer Amoiridis and his team have a great depth of expertise in handling business and corporate law and litigation both in and out of the country from their office in Thessaloniki, a depth that has given them the respect of businessmen and investors throughout Greece and Europe. The firm has experience in arbitration and alternative dispute resolution, and a history of aggressive litigation on its clients’ behalf. The wide range of specialties handled by each lawyer has given them a mastery of any and all business and corporate issues, and a level of ease with local law that has honorably served Grecians for many years.

Investors in Greece need expert legal counsel from lawyers who know and love their country. Charalompos F. Amoiridis and his team have devoted their practice to helping those who live and work in Greece, and earned themselves a reputation for quality and success.

Languages: French; German; Greek; English.

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Civil Law; Company Incorporation; Debt Collection; Legal Remedies; Stock Exchange Law.

Areas of Law Description

Charalompos F. Amoiridis Law Services provides legal advice on the following areas:

Agency and Distributorship; Agency Law; Alternative Dispute Resolution; Antitrust and Unfair Competition; Appellate Practice; Arbitration; Banking; Business Law; Capital Markets; Civil Law; Civil Rights; Commercial and Contracts; Commercial Litigation; Company Incorporation; Corporate and Business; Corporate Litigation; Debt Collection; Distributorship Law; Divorce; Energy Law; European Community Law; Family Law; Financial Litigation; Foreign Investment; Inheritance Law; Intellectual Property; International Trade; Legal Remedies; Licensing; Litigation; Media; Mergers and Acquisitions; Patents; Property and Real Estate; Stock Exchange Law; Taxation; Trade; Trade Investment; Trademark; Unfair Competition.


Mr. Charalampos F. Amoiridis
Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Financial Services Law, International Investments, International Law


Charalompos F. Amoiridis Law Services
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