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Cioffi Law Firm, LLC is a Raleigh-based law firm with years of experience in the areas of personal injury and insurance law.

No matter who is at fault in an accident, the most important aspect of dealing with an injury is getting paid enough to keep up with monthly bills and expenses. Insurance matters are often on the top of the list of issues to address after a personal injury. At the law office of Cioffi Law Firm, LLC, we bring together a team of attorneys who are skilled in handling personal injury claims and insurance litigation—allowing our clients to deal with a range of issues through a single law firm.

With our firm, a client's health is our top priority. While we never pay for a medical opinion, we can advise you on how to seek the reputable medical care from physicians who are qualified to assess your condition. While our firm can conduct more detailed credential verifications, we also recommend that our injured clients research their own doctors using publicly available license searches.

Trial presentation requires lawyers to explain technical details to an impaneled jury of non-expert decision makers. Our firm is familiar with the process of putting together exhibits with the assistance of doctors, accident reconstruction experts and other esteemed professionals who can adequately convey a likely version of events. We work closely with these experts to illustrate the ideas they seek to convey.

The attorneys of Cioffi Law Firm have been honored to be interviewed for a 20/20 episode regarding a case they have handled. In addition, they have appeared in news articles relating to various cases and issues that they have tried.

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