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Law Firm Overview

Clark & Krevsky is an employment law firm based in Lemoyne, Pennsylvania which has represented clients throughout the state for more than ten years.
The firm takes pride in offering protection and advocacy to those who are being treated unfairly by employers via discrimination, harassment or denial of entitlements. The firm's attorneys maintain current knowledge of fluctuating business laws so that every case formulated is done so with the necessary considerations and the utmost precision.

The attorneys of Clark & Krevsky have experience representing employers as well as employees, and the solid understanding of both sides' view points and protections greatly assists in reaching favorable compromises or litigating compellingly. The firm is defined by its outstanding professional service and its commitment to being personable and welcoming to clients who are often in the midst of stressful and uncertain situations. The firm's lawyers keep clients fully informed while their cases are being skillfully handled so that they are never left guessing where they stand.

Languages: English

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Family Leave; Employment Contracts; Government Employment; Counsel for Employer; Severance Agreements; Workplace Harassment; Wage Dispute.

Areas of Law Description

- Sexual Harassment

There is no place for sexual harassment in the workplace. It violates workers' rights, it keeps businesses from reaching their full potential, and it creates a terrible working environment for all involved. At Clark & Krevsky, we handle sexual harassment and hostile work environment claims for individuals and businesses throughout Pennsylvania. We can represent you in all sexual harassment claims in Pennsylvania.

- Government Employment

There are special laws that apply to government workers in Pennsylvania. In some cases, these laws offer more protection, in other cases, they put state employees at more risk. In all cases, you want an experienced employment lawyer protecting your rights. At Clark & Krevsky, we handle government employment disputes under the jurisdiction of the State Civil Service Commission.

- Wrongful Termination

Wrongful discharge only applies to a small number of cases, but if you are involved in any type of dispute over wrongful termination, you want an experienced lawyer protecting your rights. At Clark & Krevsky, we handle wrongful termination cases for individuals and businesses throughout Pennsylvania. We will take a look at your case and help you determine your rights and options.

- Wage Dispute

Every employee wants to be compensated fairly, and every employer wants to provide for their workers while protecting their own financial interests. When disputes arise, an experienced lawyer can help you reach a fair resolution. At Clark & Krevsky, we handle wage and hour disputes for individuals and businesses throughout Pennsylvania. From overtime disputes to salary disputes, we can help you reach a resolution.


Mr. Frank P Clark
Discrimination, Employment, Sexual Harassment, Wrongful Termination

Solomon Krevsky Mr. Solomon Z. Krevsky
Education Law, Employee Benefits, Employees Rights, Employment, Employment Law -- Employer


  • Pennsylvania Bar Association
  • National Employment Lawyers Association
  • American Association for Justice

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