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Law Firm Overview

Cofer Law, P.C. is a criminal defense and family law attorney practicing in Forth Worth, Texas and serving residents throughout the surrounding counties in a variety of matters within each practice. Attorney Cofer strongly believes in protecting the rights of those who have been accused of a crime, and he believes in bringing peaceful and effective resolutions to families with difficult matters to solve. He understands the circumstances of his clients, and he is dedicated to offering compassionate and friendly service that helps create a comfortable environment for everyone participating.

Attorney Cofer shows a sincere interest in his clients, their well-being and the circumstances which let them to seek legal counsel. He takes time to listen to every client, their views of the issue, their concerns and questions. Many matters can be resolved through mediation, but Mr. Cofer is a formidable trial attorney and is ready to provide the bold and effective representation that clients need in order to properly assert their interests in court. His record of successful outcomes in matters of family law and criminal defense demonstrate how highly he values the principles of offering dedicated care and effective advocacy.

Languages: English

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Sexual Crime Allegations; Drug Possession Laws; Minor In Possession; Minor in Consumption; Voluntary and Involuntary Termination; Child Injury; Child Protective Services; Jail Release.

Areas of Law Description

Cofer Law, PC serves clients in the following areas:

- Criminal Law Trials

You better believe if the government has accused you of a crime they have already started collecting evidence and getting their case together against you. You need a criminal defense lawyer that will start working on your case the minute you retain him and will fight for you from beginning to end.


Cody has the experience and training to fight any DWI charge. He is committed to staying on the cutting edge of DWI defense. Not only has Cody defended DWI cases, but he has also prosecuted DWI cases. He knows how the government will try to present the DWI case against you, and he is ready to battle them every step of the way.

- Family Law

Cody is an experienced and skilled Texas family law attorney. Texas family law covers a broad spectrum of areas, ranging from drafting a prenuptial agreement prior to marriage to resolving complex property settlement and child custody issues stemming from divorce.

- Divorce

Your divorce attorney should have a thorough command of the facts, the law, trial fundamentals, and the rules of evidence. During a divorce, your attorney is your spokesperson and guide. Cody understands divorce litigation can be both frightening and overwhelming.

- Child Custody

Cody understands that time with your child may be one of the most important and emotional parts of your life. The custody of children is one of the most contentious issues in family law. You need a fighter. You don’t have to settle for what’s considered “standard.” You have rights as a parent that Cody will fight to protect.

- Adoption

Cody L. Cofer has experience with complicated and simple adoption proceedings. He has handled everything from stepparent adoptions to adoptions by same sex couples in small rural counties. An adoption is an exciting experience, but the red-tape and invasion of privacy can be daunting.

- Juvenile Law

Often, you may think of the juvenile system as a penal system similar to that of adults, but for children. Of course, there are similarities between the juvenile cases and adult cases, there are also substantial differences. Cody L. Cofer has experience as a juvenile prosecutor and juvenile defense attorney.


Cody Cofer Mr. Cody L. Cofer
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 Life in Prison for a Batch of Pot Brownies

Recently we posted a story about how Colorado has chosen to regulate its now legal edible marijuana industry. Alongside gourmet goodies are the issues of safety and protection of consumers. Starting in June all edible marijuana goods must contain less than 100mg of THC. Meanwhile, just a few states away in Texas, a 19 year old caught with hash brownies faces a potential life sentence. What a difference a few hundred miles can make.

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 TX Proposed Bill Offers Defense to Marijuana Charges

Currently serving as the state Representative for the 49th District in the Texas House, Elliot Naishtat made his seventh attempt at bringing medical marijuana to the lone star state earlier this week. While the proposed bill does not suggest legalization of medicinal or recreational marijuana, it could offer an alternative to criminal charges for certain users.

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 Colorado’s Regulations for Munching on Marijuana Edibles

Since legalizing, Colorado’s marijuana industry has grown up over night with plenty of potential for growers and sellers. Everyone is looking for a piece of the proverbial pot pie, even the bakers and chefs.

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 Supreme Court Retiree in Favor of Legalization

Nominated for the Supreme Court in 1975 by President Gerald Ford, when Justice Stevens retired in June 2010 he was the third longest-serving judge in United States history. Justice Stevens was born on April 20, 1920 and to call him an old-timer would not be an understatement.

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 Coloradan Attorneys Permitted to Counsel for Pot

As the experiment of Colorado’s marijuana legalization continues, lawmakers and courts are churning out laws to help the industry along. Recently, the Colorado Supreme Court adopted a new comment to Colo. RPC 1.2 which allows attorneys to provide legal services to clients involved in the state authorized medical and recreational marijuana industry. The new comment provides that:

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 What to do About Marijuana DUIs

As states like Colorado and Washington, along with twenty-one other states and the District of Columbia continue to address issues surrounding the legalization of recreational or medicinal marijuana, there seems to be a large discrepancy among the states regarding what constitutes driving under the influence. Utilizing the courts, instead of the legislature, Arizona recently ruled on the issue of marijuana impairment, pleasing many advocates.

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 Weed Conviction Worthy of Presidential Pardon

Now serving in his sixth year of presidency, President Obama issued his 10th commutation on a prison term sentence for a man convicted on a marijuana charge. However, this is not the president’s way of giving other individuals serving time for marijuana charges a get out of jail free card.

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 Marijuana's Ugly Cousin - Industrial Hemp

In 1970, the Controlled Substances Act banned the cultivation of industrial hemp, but that didn’t negate the American manufacturer’s need for the fiber. Currently, the industrial hemp market in the US is a $500 million industry, which consists entirely of imported hemp goods from China, Europe and Canada.

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 Crime and Violence in the Mile High City

There’s been a lot of debate from both sides of the aisle regarding whether the legalization of marijuana in states like Colorado and Washington has been worth it in terms of decreasing violence and protecting the public. The initial cries from some law enforcement groups and anti-legalizers claimed that Colorado and Washington would fall into collapse and both states would be reduced to a citizenship of munchie-fiending couch potatoes who simultaneously commit random acts of violence.

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 Fear and Loathing in El Paso: Texas' Marijuana History

Marijuana wasn’t always illegal. Like most substances now considered unlawful and highly dangerous, there was once a time when cocaine, heroin and marijuana could all be purchased over the counter at your local pharmacy.

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 Musc Festival Owner Takes a Hit for Concertgoers

With SXSW in March, Austin City Limits in September and a whole bevy of smaller festivals in between, Texas is no stranger to large music festivals. For different people, festivals mean different things; some come for the bands, some for good times with friends, and some for the drugs.

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 Putting College Back in Prisons

Going to prison should not mean the end of someone’s potential. However, upon re-entering society, many released prisoners find fewer opportunities than when they entered the prison system.

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 Dallas Fort Worth Marijuana Lobbyists in Training

With the changing political landscape of marijuana legalization nationwide, activism in the Dallas Fort Worth area has grown more visible and popular. With over 400 new members since 2011, DFW NORML has been one of the fastest growing chapters in the country.

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 Marijuana as a Gateway Drug: Cause v. Correlation

Almost half of all American adults, 48% to be exact, have experimented with marijuana at some point in their life. While many of those staunchly opposed to marijuana legalization argue that weed is a gateway drug for harder, more dangerous substances, many scientific studies have frequently discredited this theory. Marijuana’s label as a gateway drug is likely more a case of mistaken identity of cause for correlation.

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 Executive Needs to Faithfully Observe and Respect Congressional Enactments (ENFORCE) the Law Act

This past week the House of Representatives passed H.R. 4138 ENFORCE the Law Act with a simple majority, 233-181. The act, an acronym for Executive Needs to Faithfully Observe and Respect Congressional Enactments, was written to ensure that the president upholds his constitutional obligation to execute the laws that legislature enacts.

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 Marijuana Policy Project Coming to Texas

Primaries have come to a close in Texas, many Texas politicians are supporting marijuana reform. Wendy Davis, democratic candidate for governor, and Jerry Patterson, lieutenant governor candidate, along with Kinky Friedman, agriculture commissioner candidate, have all shown support for decriminalization or medical legalization.

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 "Justin's Law" Makes Substantial Changes to Sexual Accusation Law in Texas

"Justin's Law" was prompted by the 2010 death of 12 year-old Justin Bloxom. Justin was kidnapped and murdered in Louisiana by a person that had been convicted twice for sexual offenses. This tragic, sensational news story prompted some big changes in the Texas punishment scheme for sexual offenders.

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