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Cook & Cook Law Firm, PLLC is a divorce, criminal defense and patent law firm which has served clients throughout San Antonio, Texas and the surrounding areas since 2006.

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 10 Privacy Laws To Speed Read Before You Record Your Ex

When facing a contested divorce situation, husbands and wives are tempted to record each other with the hope to improve their individual divorce outcome. This article is a reminder that while your high tech gizmo may enable you to intercept some valuable dirt on your ex, privacy law likely prohibits it.

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 Marijuana Law in Texas (Punishments for Sale and Possession Provided)

This article provides an overview of marijuana law in San Antonio and all other counties of Texas. Many people in San Antonio are charged with the Possession of Marijuana. The Texas Penal Code sets out the following law on Marijuana (the possession of it, and the sale of it):

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 Getting a Temporary License after a DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) in San Antonio

This article discusses what a person can do in order to legally drive after getting a license suspended in San Antonio, Texas. We estimate that approximately 45,000 people in Bexar County, Texas get their license suspended every year due to being charged with, or convicted of a DWI, DUI or other drug offense. In Texas, the law enables DPS to suspend the license when a person is arrested or convicted of Driving While intoxicated.

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Explaining Texas Criminal Law Using 2013 Movie Trailer Clips

Marijuana Law Consultation (San Antonio Criminal Defense Lawyer) San Antonio Defender's Youtube Chan

Attorney and potential client discuss the marijuana law. The most important information disclosed in this humorous attorney consultation is the true San Antonio possession of marijuana law which state that a person is only guilty of possessing marijuana if the person knowingly (or intentionally) possesses a usable quantity of marijuana.

The following discloses the transcript of this video:

So you wanted a free consultation with a criminal defense attorney?
Okay, and you were charged with possession of marijuana?
How much is this going to cost?
How much marijuana were you caught with?
It wasn't my marijuana.
Okay, well what amount were you charged with?
Less than an ounce of marijuana.
Okay, so you were charged with a Class B misdemeanor.
What is a class B misdemeanor?
In Texas, you can face up to 6 months in jail and a two thousand dollar fine for a class B misdemeanor. It is not viewed as a very serious crime. It usually results in probation.
oh. Well, I didn't do it so I'm not taking probation. Arn't you going to work hard on my case?
By no means am I recommending probation. I merely want to assure you that you are not likely facing any jail time.
I have never been in trouble.
okay then you don't have to worry about jail time for class B possession of marijuana in San Antonio, Texas. I am a bexar county lawyer. I don't know about other counties though.
Can you get my case dropped?
There are never any guarantees with these things. In fact it is against the law for me to guarantee I can get your case dropped.
Well, this case is B.S. My ex-girlfriend, jenny, handed me her purse. She said her arms were tired. Right then, the police came up and asked to search me. So I was like uh okay. Then, they searched the purse. I was like, that obviously isn't my purse, dude. But, then they found weed in the purse. And, I was like but that isn't my weed. They said whose is it? So I said, none of your business. Then they arrested me for possession of marijuana.
Okay, well I believe you have a strong defense to your case. In order to be guilty of possessing marijuana, you had to know you had marijuana. You had to knowingly possess a usable quantity of marijuana.
Okay so now what do I do?
Now we have to convince the prosecutor that was not your purse.
Won't they just realize it is ridiculous for me to have a purse?
No, they will not realize that.
So what will I have to do?
We will have to prepare the case for a jury trial.
I don't want a jury trial.
Most people do not want a jury trial.
Okay, I guess I will take the probation.
I would discourage that choice as a drug conviction will make it so that you cannot get federal financial aid for college, and will hamper your future opportunities as it will appear on your criminal record.
can't you just get my case dropped?
I will have to prepare it for trial so the prosecutors know we mean business.
how much will that cost?
Depends on the Attorney. I know the Cook & Cook Law Firm is a great criminal defense firm and they offer payment plans. Call them.

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