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Law Firm Overview

Crain Lewis Brogdon, LLP is a law firm that practices in Dallas, Texas and represents clients throughout the greater Dallas area. The firm's attorneys are skilled advocates with substantial trial time behind them.
Their ability to provide effective representation has been recognized by those within the local legal system, and they are known for their highly ethical practice.

An attorney from the firm will sit with you to discuss the details of your case, taking time to fully understand your position. They will explain your options if there is anything that can be done before trial, and either way they will fully invest themselves in the creation of a solid defense on your behalf.

Known for excellent client service and honest communication, the lawyers of Crain Lewis Brogdon, LLP have the legal skill and the medical and investigative resources needed to get results. Because of our effectiveness in the courtroom and in negotiations, we have earned the recognition of our peers and case referrals from both former clients and fellow lawyers.

Languages: English and Spanish.

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Violent Crimes; Illegal Possession Of Prescription; Manufacturing/Distribution; Drug Trafficking; Conspiracy; Illegal Search and Seizure; Forgery; Federal Crimes; Mail Fraud; Extortion; SEC Crimes; Solicitation Of Minor; Sexual Assault; Indecency With Child; False Allegations; Child Molestation; Child Trafficking; Non-Custodial Child Kidnapping; Under-aged Labor; Child Neglect and Endangerment; Possession of Stolen Property; Indecent Exposure; Public Lewdness; Probation Violations.


Quentin Brogdon Mr. Quentin Brogdon
Litigation, Motor Vehicles, Personal Injury

Robert Crain Mr. Robert D. Crain
Litigation, Personal Injury

Christopher Lewis Mr. Christopher W. Lewis
Criminal Law



  • Texas Trial Lawyers Association
  • American Association for Justice
  • Dallas Trial Lawyers Association
  • Dallas Bar Association

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A case currently winding its way through the Texas legal system is putting the idea of parental consent and parental intent to the test in a case where a father showed adult pornography to his three young daughters, apparently as part of a "birds and bees" talk.

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 Proposed Federal Ignition-Interlock Bill Would Likely Change Texas DWI Law

New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg has had an illustrious career in Congress spanning parts of three decades, during which he has had arguably the most impact of any senator on the protection of our nation's highway traffic from the dangers of drunk driving.

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 Group Seeking Reform of Texas Sex Offender Registration Requirements

Sex offender registration requirements have come under fire across the country as groups in opposition to sex offender registries question their effectiveness in protecting the public and children from the most dangerous offenders.

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Chris Lewis, Criminal Defense Attorney of Crain Lewis, LLP in Dallas Texas

GRAPHIC: [CRAIN * LEWIS, LLP. Attorneys and Counselors. 214-552-9404.]

CHRIS LEWIS, PARTNER: People are arrested all the times of the day and night. No one ever really plans on being arrested. I think it's important, and something that we do is we make ourselves available twenty-four hours a day. People can call our office at any time of the day or night and they're going to have a live person that answers the telephone, that takes down their information and that gets word to one of the attorneys as soon as possible.

I realize that whenever people come and they talk to me that they're in a position they didn't expect to be in and they're scared, and they want their life just to be back to normal, and I care about that. I don't care about a case just being brought to a conclusion. I really want the best outcome for my clients.

Prior to becoming a criminal defense lawyer and right out of law school, I prosecuted for several years. What being a prosecutor allowed me to do was it exposed me to a wide variety of cases. It also had me in the courtroom every single day trying cases. I know how prosecutors are going to think. I know how they're going to approach a case. I know what they're going to do in trial, and knowing those things helps me better represent my clients.

GRAPHIC: [CRAIN * LEWIS, LLP. Attorneys and Counselors. 214-552-9404. 3400 Carlisle Street, Suite 200, Dallas, TX 75204.]

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