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 Income Loss from a Motorcycle Accident

A person who is injured in a motorcycle accident may lose a small amount of income; on the other hand, his or her ability to earn a living may be seriously impaired for life

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 What Type of Injury Claim Should I File?

The success of filing an injury claim depends on several factors: what type of accident you have experienced, who was at fault in the accident and the extent and type of damages sustained. An injury claim can take several forms, and each will be handled slightly differently.

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 Stay Cool & Safe in the Pool: Safety Tips for Swimming Pool Owners and Guests

Every year, thousands of people are injured or die in swimming pool accidents. According to the Centers for Disease Control, about 3,500 people per year drown in accidents unrelated to boating.

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 5 Tips for Bicycle Accident Victims

As a cyclist and bicycle accident victim advocate, the author has learned several lessons over the 20 plus years he has been riding and practicing personal injury law. On this article, you will find some of the tips he would like to offer to victims of bike accidents.

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 Motorcycle Hit-and-Run Accidents: The Devastating Impacts on Victims and Their Families

Hit-and-run has become epidemic in our country and especially in California. According to a recent article, California has the highest hit-and-run accident rate of any state in the Union, and many of those are motorcycle accidents. Motorcycle crash attorneys represent the victims of these accidents and help them recover damages for their injuries, pain and suffering.

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 Carnival Cruise Safety Issues

The author discusses the recent Carnival Cruise Line disaster and its implications for those who travel on cruise lines.

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 If You Are a Bicyclist Hit by a Car What Are Your Rights?

What rights do I have if I am injured in a bicycle accident? This question, or some form of it, is probably the most commonly-asked question that bicycle accident attorneys hear. Those who have suffered damage or injury on a bike want to know if they can collect damages to pay for their medical bills and possibly lost wages, as well as give them some type of compensation for their pain and suffering.

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 Filing a Wrongful Death Suit Has Strict Guidelines

Although you may have lost your favorite niece or nephew in a car crash or other accident in California, you can't file even file an amicus brief in a wrongful-death suit because you are a second-level relative, unless you can prove that you were the primary caregiver of the victim. The way the the system works in California. Not only is the time limit short in filing wrongful-death actions, but the degree of relationship to the deceased is the key.

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 Property Damage Liability in California

Property damage liability provides coverage for amounts you become legally responsible for paying another person as a result of damage to that person’s vehicle or other property in an accident that was all or partially your fault. You will be covered only up to the amount of coverage, or “policy limit,” that you purchase. Again, the higher the coverage, the higher the premiums.

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 Car Accidents - 3. Causation

Just because an insurance company agrees that its insured is responsible for causing an accident does not automatically mean that it will agree to pay all of the damages that you claim were caused by the collision. A common method for insurance companies to avoid paying a claim is to take the position that although their insured was responsible for causing the accident, the accident did not cause your claimed injuries or damages.

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 Avoiding Soccer’s Worst Injuries

Americans experience 3.5 million sports-related concussions every year. During 2009, Soccer alone was blamed for approximately 24,184 head injuries requiring emergency room treatment. Although soccer appears to be a low-contact sport, players and coaches know that looks can be deceiving. Head injuries abound, although many go unrecognized. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Americans experience 3.5 million sports-related concussions every year.

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 Accident Investigation and Evidence

When an accident occurs, the most common source of information is a “Traffic Collision Report” prepared by the California Highway Patrol or a local police agency. If you are incapacitated by injuries at the scene of a collision, this report may later be the only way to identify and locate the other parties involved, any witnesses, and insurance information.

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 Motor Vehicle Recalls: What the Statistics Tell Us

Although human error and inattention play a major role in many accidents, defective vehicles are also frequently to blame. Fortunately, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) regularly issues vehicle recalls when it discovers that specific autos have serious safety defects. Consumers must pay close attention to these recalls so they can avoid driving cars that can cause serious injuries or even death.

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 A Safer Way of Healing Some Brain Aneurysms

According to the Brain Aneurysm Foundation, close to six million Americans have brain aneurysms that may one day rupture and either cause severe brain damage or cost them their lives. Stated differently, about one out of every 50 Americans is currently living with a brain aneurysm. While some of these may never expand to the point that they become critical, no one really knows which ones are the most dangerous. Simply defined, and aneurysm involves a blood vessel with a bulge in it

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 Older Patients: Make Sure Your Doctor Tests You for Colon Cancer

Like many other forms of cancer, you can definitely survive for many years if you catch and treat colon cancer at an early stage. Although many Americans are aware that they should have a first colonoscopy (the test used to view the interior walls of a person’s colon) near age 50, it’s a precaution that a number of others keep postponing.

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 Heart Patients: Improved Healing May Come from Use of Stem Cells from Fat by Elizabeth Smith

At least three promising studies during the past decade indicate that heart patients may one day enjoy improved health after their hearts are treated with stem cells taken from some of their own fat cells. Several of these studies have been run by Dr. James Willerson of the Texas Heart Institute. During recent interviews, Dr. Willerson has said that he believes one of his most successful studies was the one he presented in 2011.

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 Warning: Avoid Using These Recalled TVs and Wall Mounts

Although technological innovations continue to march forward, there will always be certain glitches that require consumers to stay on their guard. Fortunately, most of us are rather pleased with the quality of the televisions and wall mounts we've purchased in recent years. The TV screens’ beautiful colors and lack of distortion are wonderful, along with the excellent audio quality.

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 Traumatic Brain Injuries: Helpful Resources from Recent Conferences

Every person who suffers a traumatic brain injury (TBI) usually has a medical status different than that of other TBI patients. The newly injured person may have diabetes, dementia or one of many other chronic medical conditions. These special circumstances often require treating physicians to explore some of the newest treatment and research information available in order to fully help all of their patients.

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 Probable Decrease in Auto Accidents with New Street and Traffic Signs

Careless, drunk and distracted drivers clearly cause a large percentage of America’s accidents. However, poorly marked street and road signs may cause many other collisions. To address this situation, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is giving American communities until 2015 to upgrade their local street and traffic signs.

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 Warning: Stay Away from Recalled Skiing as Well as Snow Boarding Equipment

With all the fall and winter sport seasons now upon us, everyone who enjoys skiing and snowboarding ought to check their gear to make sure they’re not employing anything that is been recalled during the last few years.

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 Important Safety Advice for California Bus Passengers

This holds true whether you’re traveling to work on a city bus, heading to class on a school bus or taking a pleasure trip aboard a tour bus. Although the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reports that annual bus passenger injuries and deaths have fallen in recent years, thousands of us keep dying or sustaining permanent injuries and disabilities on buses each year. We have to continue looking for new ways to protect ourselves from these tragedies.

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 Keeping Kids Safe in the Bathroom

Loving parents spend time every day helping their young children develop good hygiene habits in the bathroom. We teach them how to bathe, brush their teeth, comb or brush their hair and otherwise maintain healthy bodies while making themselves presentable to the world

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 Summer’s Best Friends: A/C Units and Fans

Each year, most Americans must cope with at least a few hot summer months. During those trying times, we can usually remain both comfortable and productive if we surround ourselves with high quality air conditioners and fans.

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 Tips for Keeping Your Kids Safe This Summer

Don’t feel you’re alone if you start feeling overwhelmed by all of your added supervisory duties. Instead, just read up on all of the ways you can help keep your kids safe as they pursue their summer dreams.

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 Be Careful When Fixing that Morning “Cup of Joe”

Although thousands of cups of coffee are brewed safely every day, many people still suffer injuries when their machines malfunction. To minimize your chances of being hurt, keep all surface parts of your coffee maker clean, avoid using any extension cords when plugging it into the wall socket and stop using it if the cord ever becomes torn or frayed. Finally, be sure to tell your children and teens that they are never allowed to use the family coffeemaker.

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 Protecting Children from TV, Appliance and Furniture Tip-Over Injuries

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is still promoting its public awareness campaign about tip-over accidents.

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 Kitchen Safety: Avoid Using Recalled Cooking Products

Even though we’re well into the 21st century, manufacturers continue marketing far too many defective kitchen appliances and cookware. Faulty skillets, cookers, deep fryers and other products keep seriously injuring innocent consumers every year.

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 Scaffolding Safety Tips for Construction Sites

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) does all it can to keep American workers safe on the job. The agency regularly issues new guidelines to encourage employers to maintain safe working conditions.

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 Tips for Keeping Your Kids Safe This Summer

Most children and teens are determined to have as much fun as they can during the summer, even if some of them have to hold down jobs.

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 Burlington Basket Company Recalling Bassinets

All of the bassinet models being recalled were manufactured prior to June of 2010. Consumers can readily recognize them by their folding legs “attached to the baskets with white plastic pens.” However, similar bassinets with non-folding legs attached to the baskets with metal pins are not subject to this recall.

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 Spinal Cord Injuries and Virtual Reality Therapy

At present, many spinal cord injury (SCI) patients become frustrated when they reach rehabilitation therapy “plateaus” that convince them that they can’t keep learning new skills as quickly as they did in the past. Fortunately, different researchers are currently addressing this problem.

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 Hypothermic Treatment for Spinal Cord Injuries

Recently, while preparing to try out for a Las Vegas Cirque du Soleil production, 20-year-old Jorge Valdez suffered an extremely serious spinal cord injury (SCI). The young man was about to complete a double flip at a South Miami-Dade gym when he landed “squarely on his head.”

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 Ways to Avoid Becoming a Slip-and-Fall-Statistic

It’s far too easy to become a slip-and-fall statistic in this country. Each year, more than one million Americans suffer this fate. Most of us have seen fluid spills covering grocery store floors and know that our neighborhood sidewalks can prove treacherous if we fail to carefully watch our footsteps.

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 Space Heater Safety Tips

Since it can be very expensive to rely exclusively on central heating units to warm our homes during the winter months, many of us are purchasing small space heaters to try and lower our utility bills.

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 Traumatic Brain Injuries: Helpful Resources from Recent Conferences

Although most people suffer traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) during somewhat predictable events, each individual’s recovery experience may vary widely. At the time someone suffers a TBI, that individual may be a little girl, a young man with one or more chronic medical conditions, a female college athlete, an elderly person coping with dementia or another person with a completely unique set of circumstances.

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 Avoiding the Most Dangerous Dogs

There will always be a group of people who love nearly every dog breed. Furthermore, when specially trained, some rather large dogs help America’s disabled handle critical daily living tasks. Yet some rather aggressive dogs still need to be watched closely. They should never be given as pets to small children and those who exhibit a poor sense of balance when walking.

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 Things You Should Know about Botox

Looking good is often associated with looking young. As such, many people fear growing old because it will make them look ‘uglier’ and not as eye-catching. Now, if you are used to having people admire your looks, than having this kind of attention decrease can be hard to adjust to.

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 Distracted Driving- It’s Not Just Phones You Have to Worry about

New data from the California Highway Patrol shows that cell phones are not the leading cause of injury causing or fatal accidents in the Sacramento area. In fact it is fiddling with the radio that could get you killed. The Sacramento Bee reported these surprising findings on October 5, 2010. These statistics were determined by data acquired over the last two years, even before the hands free law was put into practice.

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 Your Smoke Alarm Can Save Your Life

Fires can break out without warning. They can be caused by faulty wiring in your homes, sparks from fireplaces, matches, and a million other everyday household items. Even computer batteries have been known to overheat and set fire to the surroundings. That is why having smoke alarms in your home is so important.

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 2009 Motorcycle Fatality Statistics are In: It’s Good News

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is a counsel under the U.S. Department of Transportation. It is their job to carry out safety programs and create reports on safety issues. Every year they analyze data reported to them about traffic accidents, injuries, deaths, and more. After evaluating the 2009 numbers, they have reported that fatalities in motorcycle accidents are down a significant sixteen percent!

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 Red Stop, Green Go - Pedestrian Safety for Little Kids on the Way

Wouldn’t it be great if there were no fast cars or motorcycles on the road? It’s a dream that, unfortunately, will never come true. So, parents of young children between the ages of 1 to 4 have a massive task ahead in teaching them road and pedestrian safety.

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 Who’s to Blame? Motorcycle Safety and Sharing The Road

We’ve seen them driving at full throttle with seemingly no worries in the world. This is what is so attractive about motorcycle driving - the feeling of freedom and power. This is a lethal combination because it can distract a motorcycle driver from motorcycle safety rules.

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Legal Minute: Who is responsible if I get hit and injured by a truck?

Every accident is different, but you may possibly have a claim against any of the following parties:

• The driver of the truck and the drivers of other vehicles who may have contributed to the accident.
• The owners of the trucking company-- if they failed to abide by federal regulations
• Truck and parts manufacturers--if a defective product caused the accident.
• The truck maintenance firms --if shoddy work contributed to the accident.
• The agencies responsible for building and maintaining the roads--if defective design or lack of maintenance contributed to the accident.

An experienced PI attorney can help determine who the responsible parties in your particular case may be. For more information you can visit or cal 916-444-0100.

Legal Minute - I was injured in a car accident as a passenger. Whom can I file a claim against?

This is the Legal Minute- with Attorney and personal injury expert John Demas, from the Demas Law Group. Passengers who are involved in car accidents are entitled to full compensation for their injuries by whoever is determined to be at fault in the accident. If the driver of the other car is at fault, then a claim is filed against that person, and their insurance company is responsible for paying the damages. If the driver with whom you were traveling is at fault, then the claim is filed against that person, and his or her insurance company is responsible for paying the damages. Occasionally, both drivers may be found to be partially at fault, and in that case, a claim can be filed against both drivers and their respective insurance companies. For more information please click here or call 916-444-0100.

Legal Minute with Sacramento Wrongful Death Attorney

This is the Legal Minute- with Attorney and personal injury expert John Demas, from the Demas Law Group. “John, I am not sure what a wrongful death claim is. Can you please explain?”

When a person dies due to the fault of another person or entity, the survivors may be able to bring a wrongful death lawsuit.
Immediate family members, such as spouses and children, generally have the right to bring a wrongful death claim. If no such relatives exist, then the next of kin may be able to file a wrongful death claim.
Survivors may claim damages for the loss of financial support—typically the amount of money the deceased would have earned while he continued to work--AS WELL AS for the loss of the decedent’s love, companionship, comfort, assistance and affection. However, the survivors cannot be compensated for grief.

The Legal Minute, with attorney and personal injury expert John Demas, from the Demas Law Group. For more information visit

The Legal Minute with Demas Law Group should not be taken as legal advice. If you have a legal problem, please speak directly to an attorney at 444 0100.

Demas Law Group: How Do I Deal With the Property Damage After an Accident?

Following an accident, the first question most people ask is, “Who will pay for the damage to my car?” If you were hit by another car and it was determined that the driver of that car was at fault, the other party’s insurance company is ultimately responsible for paying for all the damage to your car. If your car is repairable, they will ultimately reimburse you for any repairs necessary. If the car is totaled, they will have to pay the fair market value for your car. During the time that you don’t have access to your vehicle, you may either rent or borrow a vehicle and try to get reimbursed for that later. In either case, an experienced personal injury attorney can help you get reimbursed for the “loss of use” of your car.

Hit and run accident- why do you need uninsured & under-insured motorist coverage?

FAQ: Can you protect yourself from a hit and run accident and why do you need uninsured & under-insured motorist coverage?

There are many drivers on the road who do not have insurance. The Insurance Research Council estimates that 22% of motorists in California are uninsured. It is a good idea to have protection in your own policy in case of an accident with one of the drivers.

When you purchase an auto insurance policy that contains liability insurance, the insurance company or broker must offer you coverage up to the same limit as your liability for “uninsured motorist.”

Uninsured motorist will provide coverage for your bodily injury liability when the other driver involved in a collision with you is fully or partially at fault but does not have any liability coverage.

Uninsured motorist provides coverage up to the policy limit for all of the bodily injury damages the uninsured driver is liable to pay. Upon proof that the other driver was not insured, your insurance company will recognize an uninsured motorist claim for all of your past and future medical expenses, lost income and pain and suffering.

Although your insurance company owes you an obligation of good faith and fair dealing, an uninsured motorist claim puts your insurance company in an adversarial position of negotiating with you over money. Many companies adjust uninsured motorist claims no differently than liability claims, and make “lowball” offers to their own customers.

Once you demand arbitration, your insurance company will hire a lawyer to defend the claim and all of the discovery procedures available in a lawsuit become available to both sides. If the case is not settled in the litigation process, it is eventually submitted to an arbitrator for a final binding decision. The advantage of arbitration is that it is a much shorter hearing than a jury trial and costs much less. The disadvantage is that the case is submitted to a lawyer or judge who might evaluate a case more conservatively than a jury.

And what about under-insured motorist?
Uninsured motorist coverage serves another important function as “under-insured” coverage. When the other driver in a collision is fully or partially at fault and has liability insurance, but the limit of liability coverage is not enough to pay your damages for all past and future medical expenses, lost income and pain and suffering, you have an “under-insured motorist” claim up to the amount by which your uninsured motorist policy limit exceeds the other person’s liability coverage.

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Insurance companies are in a business to do one thing, and that is to make money. And the way they make money is by collecting as much as possible in the premiums and paying out as little as possible when they have a claim. It's simple economics, the more they collect and the less they pay out, the more money they make. Their only incentive then, when someone makes a claim, is to pay out as little as possible. And the only way to equalize the field and to level the playing field, is to have someone on your side that knows how to obtain fair and equitable compensation for you. Many times insurance companies will often play, especially close in time to the collision, the good guy. Pretend that they're on your side to get you to give them a recorded statement or to get our clients to turn over some valuable documents or evidence to them. And the reason they do this is because they know when the person is not represented they are more likely to get this information than when they are. And the only reason that they do this is to get evidence to hurt the claimant's case.

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