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Law Firm Overview

Dr. Jur. Salah Hmoud Law Firm proudly serves clients worldwide with representation and counsel for the protection of their work and investment in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The firm's expertise in Jordanian, German, Austrian, and international law has made it an indispensable resource for entrepreneurs and investors looking to begin and thrive in Jordan, and its able handling of all stages of business growth and able maneuvering of hidden pitfalls has kept client assets safe, secure, and protected.

Dr. Jur. Salah Hmoud Law Firm has helped all manner of business and investment grow strong in Jordan, from registration to solving disputes related to local law, an expertise born of the firm's general practice in family law, inheritance, and guardianship, among others. The firm's Amman office serves clients in Arabic, English, and German, and partners with several firms in Europe and the Mideast to provide better services to international clients; Jur. Salah Hmoud's relationships with firms in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria in particular have borne fruit for many international companies. The firm's lawyers take great pride in developing the trust and cooperation necessary to deliver outstanding results, taking care to stay proficient in the laws of all countries with whom they work, and taking the time and energy to develop a client relationship based on trust, a habit that has created many lifelong business relationships among the firm's emerging clientele.

Investing is serious business, one made all the more complicated when beginning in a foreign nation. Dr. Jur. Salah Hmoud Law Firm has devoted its considerable resources and its passion for earning and rewarding client trust to the service of both Jordan and local and international investors, giving it an admirable and justified reputation for efficiency, affordability, and honesty upon which the firm continues to build.

Languages: Arabic, German, English

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Companies Law; Law of the Lands/Real Estate Acquisition for the Non Jordanians; Nationality; Sharia Laws/Civil Status/the Islamic Law; General Sales Tax.

Areas of Law Description

The conditions of the economic globalization imposed upon many international companies and even regional companies to pass over their regional borders and enter the international markets in the foreign countries in a way agrees with the international variables and conditions. This will make these companies able to offer and market their products in those countries in a better way. Dealing with the international standards and regulations for the staff of our law firm became a daily matter.

The expansion and deepening of cooperation network between our law firm and other law firms, which are specialized and able to protect the interests of our clients in the neighboring countries and other Arab countries, a necessity that we can't pass over. Among the specializations that our law firm provides for are as follows:

• The Civil Law
• The Criminal Law
• The Companies Law
• The Law of Foreign Investments
• The Intellectual Property Law
• The Commercial Law
• The Labor Law
• The Law of the Lands/Real Estates/Real Estate Acquisition for the non-Jordanians
• The Administrative Law
• The Nationality & Immigration Law
• The Sharia Laws/Civil Status/the Islamic Law/the Family Law
• The General Sales Tax


Wafa’a Ali Hamdan Mustafa Ms. Wafa’a Ali Hamdan Mustafa
Family Law, Sharia Laws



  • Jordanian Bar Association

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