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Law Firm Overview

F&S Consultores is a widely experienced law firm which offers a full range of practice areas to Spanish and foreign companies in all fields, advising on taxation, accountancy, economic and financial strategies, incorporating Spanish and off-shore companies, instituting lawsuits and court procedures with the collaboration of other law firms in Spain and abroad. The professional staff is constituted mainly by lawyers, economists, and charters auditors and experts in financial and accountancy areas, being each one them specialized in his/her own professional field.

F&S Consultores is an independent organization with more than 30 years of experience in enterprise consultancy which includes several companies with their own offices. Partnered with other law firms, F&S Consultores has international presence at the main financial centers.

F&S Consultores is specialized in the incorporation, management and administration of Spanish and international companies and assets, trusts and foundations, amongst others, as well as international fiscal and corporate planning.

We collaborate with different groups, financial entities and financial intermediaries in order to obtain all kinds of financing support for small and medium-sized enterprises.

The consultancy resources to professional teams and clients are actively supported by professional associations and corporations, hence providing a wide range of services coupled with a high-level of professionalism, with guarantee of absolute confidentiality.

The main aim of the group is to provide advisory services to companies involving juridical, commercial, labor, fiscal, financial and accountancy aspects, the implementation of fiscal, financial and market strategies, as well as a full compliance of legal, regulatory and fiscal obligations in the country of residence, thus tackling an entire range of operations necessary for companies to fulfill their goals.

F&S Consultores currently provides business services to a significant number of national and international clients. Ever since its foundation, it has acquired an ever more important role in advising on client activities, and has introduced business structures which currently generate a considerable volume of business and investment.

The increasing number of clients using the services of F&S Consultores law firm is a clear indication of its prestigious reputation, based on the fact that its professional advisors always aim to fiscal and financial optimization in the planning and implementation of business strategies.

F&S Consultores law firm is a member of the Barcelona Bar Association, the Barcelona Economists Association, the Tax Advisors Registry and the Spanish Institute of Financial Analysts.

Year this Office was Established: 1981

Languages: Spanish, English, and French.

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Debt Recovery and Claim for Payment; Mercantile Law.

Areas of Law Description

F & S Consultores provides legal representation and services in the following areas of practice:

- International Services

Our international practice areas include: companies incorporation, management and administration; fiscal and commercial services, trusts and foundations, financial and banking as well as administrative advice.

- Business Financing

We advise on bank loans for individuals and SMEs; mortgage and collateral securities; purchase financing; applications for subsidies and support grants; investment funds; purchase and sale of domestic and foreign companies; leasing, renting and factoring; management and support in negotiations with financial entities; asset management and real estate investments.

- Fiscal and Accountant Consultancy

Ongoing, up-to-date fiscal advice for companies and individuals related to: tax on economic activities; tax status declarations; value-added tax; income tax for workers, professionals and companies; annual income tax returns; capital tax declarations; company tax; declarations for operations with third parties; tax on capital transfers and documented juridical acts; tax on inheritances and donations; domestic taxes of any kind; complete analysis of quarterly, half-yearly or annual balances; ongoing accountancy planning during visits to your company; legalization and binding of official accountancy books; drawing up of financial statements; updating of accountancy records; regularization of balances and assets; monthly accountancy mechanization in keeping with the accountancy records provided by the company to obtain obligatory accountancy registers and books; quarterly monitoring of the progression of the accountancy and/or fiscal results in order to offer any appropriate tax-related advice.

- Labor Advice

Up-to-date and on-going advice on, amongst others, assistance and representation before the Work Inspection services; processing of registrations, withdrawals and modifications of companies in the Social Security system, and in work accident insurance policies; processing of registrations, withdrawals and modifications of workers in the Social Security system, the Special Regime for Self Employed Persons, and in the other different special regimes (domestic workers, commerce representatives, agrarian sector, etc...); obtaining the obligatory Labor Hazard Prevention certificate for all work centers; disciplinary processes; acts of conciliation before the Mediation, Arbitration and Conciliation Service and those regarding extrajudicial proceedings for labor conflicts; matters of dispute, such as assistance and advice in claims for outstanding amounts, objections to services, claims following disciplinary or objective dismissals, and other individual or collective contractual disputes.

- Commercial Law

Services offered include incorporation of companies; contracts; law on concessions; minutes and certificates of Shareholders' Meetings; winding-up and liquidation of companies; merges, splits and takeovers; recovery of payments due; stocks and securities brokerage.

- Civil Law

We focus on divorces and legal separations; damages; traffic accidents; civil and contractual liabilities; debt claims; payments due claims; wills and testaments; inheritances; mortgages; contractual agreements; purchase and sale agreements; constructions defects; joint ownership regime; urban and rustic leases intellectual property; industrial property;
custodianship, guardianship and personal relations; processing of deeds.

- Criminal Law

We focus on monetary offenses; offenses against the person and reputation, property, social values, the social and economic order, tax authorities and social security, the Public and Justice Administrations; offenses involving traffic accident injuries; offenses against workers' rights; sanction able insolvencies; fraud; misappropriation; concealment of assets; misrepresentations.


Luis Sampere Giménez Dr. Luis Sampere Giménez
Chief Executive Officer
Banking Law, Commercial Law, European Community Law, Finance, Financial Services Law


Roberto Biete Mr. Roberto Biete
Head of Office
Asset Protection, Corporate Law, Corporate Taxation, Finance, Legal Economics


Magda Lopez Mrs. Magda Lopez
Senior Attorney
Appellate Practice, Arbitration, Business Litigation, Corporate Litigation, Employees Rights

Mrs. Cristina Pascual
Senior Attorney
Bankruptcy, Business Litigation, Commercial Litigation, Corporate Law, Corporate Litigation


  • The Bolsa de Barcelona
  • Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Barcelona
  • Asociación de Asesores de Inversión, Financiación y Peritos Judiciales
  • Asociación Profesional de Expertos Contables y Tributarios de España

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