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Felahy Employment Lawyers treats every one of its clients as family, and has a well-earned reputation of bringing the fight to the other side; turning the tables for clients who have been wrongfully terminated, harassed, and abused. As a skilled trial attorney, Mr. Felahy makes his profession his passion— he thrives both in the trenches with his clients and in front of a jury.

The decision to retain an attorney is a big one, particularly for clients who come to us during very difficult times. It's our goal to make whatever it is you're going through as easy as possible, and we find that one way to feel better about your situation is to learn as much as possible.

We want you to learn about the law, learn about past cases, and learn about the legal options you have in your present situation; what we want to not only provide you with information about our firm, but we want to be your resource for legal issues at work.

Once you have the knowledge, you'll start to feel like you have control of your life gain, and we can take care of the rest.

Felahy Employment Lawyers’ average trial and arbitration award is over $500,000.00, and their clients’ average settlements are over $100,000.00, with several results in the seven figures.

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Articles Published by Felahy Employment Lawyers

 A Huge Change to Overtime Rules is on the Way

On May 17, 2016 whitehouse.gov announced sweeping changes to Department of Labor policy when it comes to worker eligibility for overtime pay, or rather, one major change is being made that will have a sweeping effect across the country for the coming decade.

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 Right to Die Law Raises Questions of Disability Discrimination in California

California's so-called right to die law went into effect  June 9th, and its potential ramifications have been hotly debated between proponents of physician assisted death and disability advocates. Notably, the Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund, a group that seeks to ensure legal help for disabled people, has released an in-depth statement expressing vehement opposition to the new law .

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