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Law Firm Overview

Ferrer Shane is a multi-faceted law firm based in Miami, Florida providing a range of legal services to clients throughout the surrounding areas of Florida. The firmís attorneys have over 25 years of combined legal experience in a variety of practice areas.
Their extensive experience with jury trials means they can confidently handle every challenge that comes their way. They strive to provide clients with the highest quality of service, and their dedication to the highest ethical standards is exemplary.

The attorneys at Ferrer Shane have handled a variety of cases involving personal injury, criminal defense, real estate law, and bankruptcy. The firm has plenty of experience handling complex cases in every one of these areas, and is committed to providing its clients with personalized attention at every step of the way. The firmís highly successful track record is a shining testament to their work ethic and their results-oriented approach to every case.

The attorneys at Ferrer Shane take great pride in helping clients through some of the most difficult times in their lives. The firmís attorneys have extensive experience with a variety of legal fields, allowing them to take a bigger picture perspective of their cases to provide a more comprehensive set of solutions to even the most perplexing legal issues. No matter what kind of issue you may be facing, the team at Ferrer Shane can help.

Languages: English, Spanish

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Sexual Assault; Date Rape; Statutory Rape; Child Sex Abuse and Molestation; Internet Sex Crimes; Sexting; Solicitation; Human Trafficking; Hate Crimes; Elder Abuse; Road Rage; Mortgage Fraud; Health Care Fraud (False Insurance Claims; Overbilling Medicare, etc.); Mail Fraud; Obstruction of Justice; Kidnapping; Armed Robbery; Federal Drug Crimes; Forgery; Misdemeanors; Violation of Probation; Bench Warrants; 10-20-Life Crimes; Animal Abuse, Pet Owner Negligence; Bond Hearings; Minor in Possession of Alcohol; Securities and Exchange Fraud, Stock Market Fraud, Investment Fraud; Tax Evasion; Government Contract Fraud, Grand Theft Auto, Home Burglary, Petty Theft, Larceny, Credit Card Theft, DUI Manslaughter, Wire and Mail Fraud, Aggravated Assault, Unlawful Discharge, Illegal Sale, Seal and Expunge

Areas of Law Description

Our practice areas are as follows:

- Traffic Offenses

Our experienced attorneys provide representation and defense for traffic tickets and criminal traffic violations, from minor infractions to misdemeanor and felony offenses. We handle traffic violations throughout the State of Florida.

- DUI Defense

Our law office has the resources and abilities to take on DUI cases of all kinds, no matter how complex. Particularly if you have been accused of a drug crime or violent crime in association with a DUI, or if another person was seriously injured in a DUI accident such as a hit-and-run or vehicular homicide case, you need strong, aggressive and experienced lawyers on your side. We understand how seriously an impaired driving arrest can affect your life. We will put every resource behind your case to help you avoid unnecessary license suspension, hefty fines or jail time in association with a DUI arrest.

- Criminal Defense

Our lawyers take an experienced and personal approach to criminal defense. We work to make sure your rights are protected and that every avenue of your defense is aggressively pursued. Our office has the resources, the experience, and the attitude to zealously defend your rights, fully review the facts and find weaknesses in the state's case against you.


Enrique Ferrer Esq. Enrique Ferrer Esq.
Founding and Managing Attorney
Medical Malpractice, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Personal Injury, Real Estate

Eric A. Shane Esq. Eric A. Shane Esq.
Bad Faith Insurance, Commercial Law, Contracts, Medical Malpractice, Motor Vehicle Accidents


  • Dade County Bar Association
  • Cuban American Bar Association
  • Miami-Dade Justice Association
  • American Association for Justice

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A two-year average of more than 300,000 tickets just for speeding makes one wonder whether Florida drivers simply have more of a need for speed than drivers in other states. Is there something about Florida that the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) issued 317,936 speeding citations in 2010? According to FHP statistics, that number was a little less than the number in 2009 (which was 321,777).

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 Safety or Profit? Red-Light Cameras in Florida

Increasing the length of a yellow light, along with an "all stop" cycle, would do more to increase safety at intersections than red light cameras do. In March 2012, Pascoe County Judge Anne Wansboro ruled in favor of Thomas Filippone, who, after having travelled through an intersection that was equipped with a red-light camera, received a $158 traffic ticket in the mail.

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 Stand Your Ground: Not Guilty to the Charge of Murder in the Second Degree

Ferrer Shane Attorney Diana Gonzalez Wins Homicide Acquittal for Client - You may think that the police will take you at your word if you kill someone in self-defense. Unfortunately, that rarely happens. The police will investigate. Charges against you might be filed. Whether or not that happens will depend on the facts of the case.

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 Never Pay That Miami Traffic Ticket

Good news for anyone ever caught by the red-light camera trap in Florida intersections.

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