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Ferrer Shane is a multi-faceted law firm based in Miami, Florida providing a range of legal services to clients throughout the surrounding areas of Florida. The firmís attorneys have over 25 years of combined legal experience in a variety of practice areas.

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 Florida Drivers Get Hundreds of Thousands of Speeding Tickets

A two-year average of more than 300,000 tickets just for speeding makes one wonder whether Florida drivers simply have more of a need for speed than drivers in other states. Is there something about Florida that the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) issued 317,936 speeding citations in 2010? According to FHP statistics, that number was a little less than the number in 2009 (which was 321,777).

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 Safety or Profit? Red-Light Cameras in Florida

Increasing the length of a yellow light, along with an "all stop" cycle, would do more to increase safety at intersections than red light cameras do. In March 2012, Pascoe County Judge Anne Wansboro ruled in favor of Thomas Filippone, who, after having travelled through an intersection that was equipped with a red-light camera, received a $158 traffic ticket in the mail.

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 Stand Your Ground: Not Guilty to the Charge of Murder in the Second Degree

Ferrer Shane Attorney Diana Gonzalez Wins Homicide Acquittal for Client - You may think that the police will take you at your word if you kill someone in self-defense. Unfortunately, that rarely happens. The police will investigate. Charges against you might be filed. Whether or not that happens will depend on the facts of the case.

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 Never Pay That Miami Traffic Ticket

Good news for anyone ever caught by the red-light camera trap in Florida intersections.

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