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Fischer & Schickendantz

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Law Firm Overview

Fisher & Schickendantz provides businesses and entrepreneurs the world over with the experience and quality counsel necessary for working and investing in Uruguay, serving all comers with the labors of a dedicated team of legal, accounting, and tax specialists.
The firm's reputation as a one-stop shop for advice and representation has earned it an impressive body of local and international clients, and its work and cooperation with firms throughout Europe and the Americas guarantees each client the global perspective and complementary expertise necessary for success in the country's profitable markets.

Fisher & Schickendantz's team consists of several lawyers and committed associates with overlapping specialties in, among others, foreign investment, Uruguayan law, and banking, comprising a network of expertise that has admirably served the international business community for years. The firm's office in Montevideo has hosted all manner of household names in manufacturing, clothing, automobiles, and many others, clients that, on account of its commitment to rapid and professional service, have remained with the firm long after their initial business was completed. Fisher & Schickendantz has long sought the advisers and support staff necessary for providing businesses with every conceivable need, offering counsel from trusted MBAs, accounting services, and notaries public to each client, habits that have earned the firm the loyalty and gratitude of its notable and growing clientele.

Investing in foreign lands requires the help of dedicated advocates if business owners are to reap the innumerable benefits buried in the country's economy. Fisher & Schickendantz has proudly given the international business community the dedicated counsel and skill of a proven team of legal specialists, providing to clients across the globe the power and resources to protect and secure their growth in Uruguay.

Languages: Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, English

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Debt-Equity Swaps; Share Purchase Agreements; Due Diligence; Commercial Ventures; Breach of Contract; Unfair Business Practices; Relocation Law; Permanent Resident Status; Consumer Protection.

Areas of Law Description

Our practice includes:

- Corporate / Banking

Our corporate and banking unit is made up of attorneys, MBAs and tax accountants, with wide experience in banking, financing structures and mergers and acquisitions. Our practice spans the acquisition of local companies by multinationals, the setup of local companies to develop real-estate and infrastructure projects and the structuring of local trusts to channel investments and deliver financing. We advise in corporate governing matters, in the setup of multi-class stock corporations, and in strategic alliances and joint ventures among local or foreign-owned companies.

- Real Estate: Property Purchase

We have Uruguay’s leading real estate acquisition advisory team. Our bilingual real estate lawyers, known in Uruguay as escribanos, assist hundreds of foreign nationals every year in properly structuring a property purchase and ensuring they obtain a clean title. Our professionals will not only perform the due diligence on a property’s deed, but will also walk you through the ownership options and will help you understand Uruguay’s estate laws. We structure and advise in the acquisition of dwelling and commercial real estate throughout all of Uruguay, from condominium units in cities such as Montevideo, Punta del Este and Colonia, to undeveloped beachfront in Rocha and farmland in the north of the country.

- Real Estate Developments

Fischer & Schickendantz is a leading advisor to real estate developers, both local and international. Our Real Estate unit’s partners have experience in the development of major commercial ventures such as Uruguay’s main shopping malls, as well as in setting up investment structures to build residential projects in Uruguay’s main cities.

Currently, Uruguay is undergoing an increasing growth in the development of closed communities with amenities. Fischer & Schickendantz is the advisor to many pioneering projects of this kind in the Punta del Este area, Rocha, and in Colonia. Our firm is also a leading advisor to developers in Montevideo, including foreign companies that are recycling the city’s colonial downtown district, among them, the largest project in the historic district, Apart 356.

- Commercial

Fischer & Schickendantz offers clients deep knowledge of commercial structures and contracts. We help set up franchise and distribution agreements. We advise multinationals on anti-trust regulations and help them adapt local operations to Uruguay’s consumer protection laws, in areas spanning from the auto industry to insurance. Our Commercial Law unit and Litigation partners work closely, to assure clients smooth and swift advice when facing breaches of contracts, wrongful terminations or unfair business practices.

- Litigation

Fischer & Schickendantz’s Litigation’s partners have a reputation for handling large, complex business disputes. Backed by a team of professionals with experience in different areas, and with the support of academic counsel experts when necessary, the firm handles litigation, both in Uruguay and off-shore in commercial, bankruptcy, civil, anti-trust and tax matters.

- Corporations / Off-Shore Corporations

Fischer & Schickendantz’s Corporations department undertakes the incorporation of local and foreign entities alike. Depending on the client’s needs, whether a corporation is needed to purchase an asset in Uruguay, develop a business activity in the country or hold assets offshore, our Corporations team will incorporate a customized vehicle or provide a readily-formed one. Our team includes tax accountants, who assist clients in the set-up of a company, its annual maintenance, its bookkeeping, and permanent tax advice.

- Tax

Fischer & Schickendantz’s Tax department is made up of attorneys and tax accountants, who provide permanent advice and follow up in business transactions, to ensure tax efficient solutions in every field. We assist clients in tax planning before and after setting up a business, and also help clients obtain tax breaks under the promotional schemes that Uruguayan law sets for labor-intensive or export-oriented ventures. Our firm also advise clients when and how to set up in tax-friendly enclaves such as Uruguay’s free tax zones, and to incorporate Uruguayan offshore vehicles, taking advantage of Uruguay as an offshore jurisdiction that does not tax foreign assets and income.

- Labor

Fischer & Schickendantz’s Labor department advises labor-intensive clients in many fields, from standard industrial concerns to construction companies with more complex structures in remote areas of the country. Our lawyers stay up to date with the new labor regulation that has been implemented in Uruguay in recent years, and assist clients in complying with labor and social security rules, subcontracting and outsourcing, determining payroll taxes and benefits, and performing labor due diligence in company acquisitions. Our partners have also engaged in international projects, advising on and overseeing multi-country employee contracting for multinationals such as Tetra-Pak and Honeywell.

- Administrative

Our Administrative Law partners and associate handle all government-related issues. These include the preparation of bids alongside our clients in international tenders, obtaining permits for real estate developments, and securing environmental licenses to conduct industrial activities. Jointly with our Commercial Law experts, our Administrative Law professionals undertake the task of negotiating and structuring contracts with different government entities, on behalf of clients engaging in long-term relationships with the government, such as concessions and BOT arrangements.

- Residency and Immigration

Fischer & Schickendantz is Uruguay’s leading immigration and relocation law firm, thanks to its international experience, its bilingual staff, and the fact that some of the firm’s main members have lived in the United States extensively –and thus understand a foreign national’s needs in detail. Fischer & Schickendantz’s partners are regularly invited to speak at relocation conferences worldwide, and collaborate with published articles in the field on a permanent basis. Our firm handles immigration procedures for foreign nationals, assisting them in obtaining permanent resident status, citizenship, and a second passport. We also assist clients with the opening of a bank account, tax advice, starting a local business and purchasing property.

- Agriculture

Fischer & Schickendantz has a specialized farmland investment advisory unit, to address the needs of both individual and institutional farmland investors. The firm sets up dozens of farmland investment structures annually, to take advantage of Uruguay’s competitive agricultural, cattle and forestry conditions. Fischer & Schickendantz has executed the negotiation, purchase and structuring of land acquisitions for the largest foreign investment project in the country’s history (an iron-ore mine owned by Indian investor Zamin Ferrous – Minera Aratiri), a USD 3 Bn venture. The firm is the leading advisor to British-owned Breeders & Packers Uruguay – BPU, the country’s largest and most modern meat processing industry. This is a key sector in the country’s economy, as Uruguay generates 5% of global beef exports.

- Minerals

Fischer & Schickendantz has wide experience in mining law, being co-advisors to the country’s largest mineral resources investment: (Indian investor Zamin Ferrous – Minera Aratiri, an iron-ore mine. The project, at USD 3 Bn in investment, is the largest foreign investment project in the country’s history.


Juan Federico Fischer Dr. Jur. Juan Federico Fischer
Managing Lawyer
Banking and Finance, Business and Industry, Immigration, Insolvency, Real Estate



  • Uruguay Bar Association
  • International Bar Association
  • Center for International Legal Studies

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