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At Access Legal, our attorneys are ready to fight to get you out of trouble if you've been arrested for a crime. We're ready to do what it takes to defend you against criminal charges. We don't compromise and we don't take prisoners.

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Articles Published by Flint, Grimes & Hullinger

 The Shortfalls of Utah's Indigent Defense System

Under the Sixth Amendment to the US Constitution, every defendant charged with a crime is guaranteed the right to effective assistance of legal counsel. This means that not only is every defendant entitled to a lawyer to defend him or her, but to a lawyer who is competent to provide that representation.

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 The Role of Jury Trial

The Jury is the Great Equalizer. The common man centuries ago and the criminal defendant today are protected by the Jury trial requirements of American Constitutional and English Common Law.

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 Suppression Hearings and Melendez-Diaz V. Massachusetts

A recent US Supreme Court decision has greatly strengthened the ability of criminal defense attorneys to defend their clients against criminal charges and suppress the evidence against them.

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