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Law Firm Overview

Freking & Betz is a multi-faceted law firm based in Cincinnati, Ohio providing legal services to clients throughout the surrounding areas of Ohio, as well as through their additional office located in Dayton, Ohio. The firm also has a satellite office in Denver, Colorado.
The firmís 14 staff members pride themselves in their legal expertise, as well as their excellent track record of success. They seek to provide strong advocacy and personalized attention for each and every one of their clients.

The attorneys at Freking & Betz have assisted countless clients throughout Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and Colorado with a wide range of legal matters. They are a formidable employment law firm, and have handled cases involving pre-employment concerns like contract negotiation, employment concerns like discrimination or harassment in the workplace, and post-employment concerns like severance agreements and defamation (libel or slander). The firm also takes on all types of personal injury cases, as well as assisting clients with estate planning and administration. Additionally, they also handle general civil litigation matters.

The team at Freking & Betz prides itself in providing the most comprehensive solutions to every clientís issues. They understand that not all legal matters are neatly resolved in court, and clients need long-term solutions that take future circumstances into account. They have the expertise to take on any case, regardless of complexity.

Languages: English

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Toxic Chemical Exposure; Dog Bites; Pharmaceutical Errors; Dismemberment; Helmet Laws; Drunk Driving Accidents; Dangerous Drugs and Medical Devices; Paralysis; Nerve Damage; Scarring; Disfigurement; Prescription Drug Injuries; Unpaid Compensation; Failure to Promote; Family and Medical Leave Act; Retaliation; Security Breach.

Areas of Law Description

- Car Accident

Driver distractions are the leading cause of car accidents in Cincinnati. Taking one's eyes off the road, even for a split second, can lead to a very dangerous situation. At Freking & Betz, LLC, we are a Cincinnati based personal injury and employment law firm specializing in car accident litigation. There are a number of things, which you as a driver can do to avoid distraction while driving, thus drastically decreasing the likelihood that you will be involved in a car accident.

- Motorcycle Accidents

A Motorcycle accident is usually very difficult for victims. Their injuries tend to be extremely severe or catastrophic and sometimes juries are unsympathetic when motorcycles are involved. If you or a loved one was injured in a motorcycle accident, you need the experienced representation of an attorney from Freking & Betz, LLC to represent your interests.

- Premises Liability

A premises liability accident may result from a failure to care for the property, a building code violation, or improper security. If you were on the property of another and suffered an injury, you may be entitled to compensation for the maintenance failures. At Freking & Betz, LLC, we are experienced in handling premises liability claims.

- Wrongful Death

At Freking & Betz, LLC, our wrongful death attorneys are adept at handling lawsuits related to automobile accidents, construction accidents, drunk driving accidents, medical malpractice accidents, and any fatal injuries sustained due to the negligence of another. If you have lost a loved one, do not wait to contact our wrongful death attorneys.

- Brain Injury

Brain injuries may be extremely severe even though they can take weeks or even months to diagnose. Many times, the injuries go unnoticed by the doctor. At Freking & Betz, LLC, our attorneys are experienced in assisting the victims of brain injuries and their families. Whether you were injured in an automobile accident, a construction or workplace accident, or while in surgery, our attorneys have the tools to get results.

- Defective Products

A defective product can cause serious, catastrophic, and even fatal injuries to unknowing and unsuspecting consumers. If you were injured, you deserve to recover maximum compensation for your injuries. Please contact us if you need legal assistance related to any of the following: automobile products and parts: tires, seat belts, brakes, recalls; food defects: food poisoning.

- Dog Bites

A dog or animal bite can be extremely traumatizing and cause catastrophic, permanent, even fatal injuries to a victim. If you or someone you love suffered a dog bite or was attacked, you can take legal action against the negligent dog owner or caretaker for your injuries. At Freking & Betz, LLC, we are experienced in handling cases related to severe or catastrophic injuries resulting from dog bites or other animal attacks.

- Insurance Bad Faith

You have invested in insurance. You deserve to get compensated for losses sustained under a valid insurance policy. If you were wrongly denied coverage or you believe that the denial was in bad faith, contact Freking & Betz, LLC. Our lawyers have successfully pursued actions against insurance companies for all of the following: bad faith insurance claims.

- Victims of Violence & Abuse

Many violent crimes occur because a third party was negligent in protecting them. An employer, caretaker, or security company may have had a duty to protect you. Our attorneys are dedicated to helping victims of violent crimes and abuse identify those responsible parties and recover the compensation they deserve.

- Employment Law

Our skilled employment law attorneys provide advice and aggressive representation for all types of employment disputes including wrongful termination, non-compete and other contract disputes, on-the-job harassment/discrimination, unequal pay, and salary/severance negotiations.

- Estate Planning

Our Ohio estate planning attorneys can provide you with comprehensive estate planning services including wills, living and irrevocable trusts, powers of attorney and health care directives. We will advise you on appropriate probate avoidance methods, charitable giving and estate tax minimization techniques to assure that your intentions are carried out and your assets are protected.

- Mediation

Messrs. Freaking and Betz have both been trained in mediation at the Pepperdine School of Law's Strauss Institute. Both believe in using facilitative and evaluative techniques, as appropriate, in order to achieve an acceptable resolution of a dispute. Randy and Jeff are available to serve as co-mediators or as single mediators, at the parties' discretion.


Randolph Freking Mr. Randolph H. Freking
Employment, Litigation

Mark Napier Mr. Mark W. Napier
Accident, Car Accident, Defective Products, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Motorcycle Accident


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