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Friedman, Domiano & Smith attorneys are committed to helping injured people and the surviving families of fatal accident victims recover as much as possible for their losses. To learn how our decades of experience can work for you, contact one of our personal injury attorneys in Cleveland for a free consultation.

One advantage our clients enjoy is our long record of successful verdicts and settlements. Our resulting reputation for effective client service, especially at trial, encourages our opponents to make reasonable settlement offers at early stages of the case. We investigate cases aggressively, engage top experts when necessary, and put the pressure on the defendant to compensate you fairly.

Another advantage for our clients is our practical ability to commit the necessary resources to the full development of your case. Proving highly technical points of forensic medicine, engineering, or aerodynamics is neither easy nor inexpensive, but our past success enables us to make the expenditures worthwhile to prove every aspect of your claim for both liability and damages. When we win, we will be reimbursed for our advances, but if we lose, we absorb the costs.

We accept personal injury and wrongful death cases on a contingent fee basis. We collect a fee when we win at trial or settle a case on acceptable terms, and collect no fee at all if we lose—and once in a while we do lose. There are no guarantees in personal injury litigation.

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