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Law Firm Overview

G&M Consulting, S.C. has given businesses and investors in Mexico and around the world the legal experience and trusted counsel of a proven team of lawyers, providing corporations and individuals with a full range of expertise in, among others, trade, commercial law, tax planning, immigration, and intellectual property. The firm's focus on corporate services has earned it an honored reputation among Mexico's business community, and its dedication to bringing rare and needed services to clients has created hundreds of long-term business relationships with entrepreneurs and investors living and working in the country.

G&M Consulting has quickly risen to prominence in Mexico since its founding in 2008, a testament to the care and diligence each lawyer brings to serve the firm's many varied clients. G&M is one of the few firms in Mexico to offer notary services, making the founding and managing of businesses and corporations far more efficient, and its work in exports has solidified the financial future for many a client involved in manufacturing and trade. The firm's office in San Pedro Garza Garcia offers all conceivable legal services with the exception of criminal defense, bringing to all a commitment to client welfare that has earned G&M Consulting many grateful friends among investors in Mexico and around the world.

Working and investing in Mexico can be rewarding and profitable if done under skilled advisement. The lawyers at G&M Consulting have made it their business to help their clients secure and grow their investment, and have quickly earned for their firm a reputation for honesty and skill that speaks to the genuine care for client welfare held by every partner.

Languages: Spanish, English

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Tax Litigation; Mercantile Notary Public; Translation Services.

Areas of Law Description

Our practice includes:

- Corporate

At G&M Consulting, the general corporate practice of is envisioned to provide counsel and assist its clientele in matters associated with incorporations, mergers and acquisitions, spin-offs, dissolution and liquidation of various types of corporate entities, joint ventures, shareholders agreements and to assist them in their financing structures.

- Domestic and International Trade

In the area of international trade and commercial transactions, G&M Consulting has helped importers and exporters from North America and Mexico to comply with the new trade framework established under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). The members are well acquainted with programs established by the Mexican government to foster exports and programs to obtain preferential duty rates such as maquiladora, pitex, altex, ecex, and prosec's.

- Real Estate

In the real estate practice, the partners of the firm have been actively engaged in real estate purchases, trusts, real estate developments for residential, tourist, condo regime and timeshare purposes (including projects in the so-called "restricted zones"), industrial parks, unilateral and multilateral mortgages, zoning and leases, among others, involving full domain and ejido (farming) property.

- Intellectual Property

The intellectual property practice of the Firm provides assistance to domestic and foreign clientele in the filing of their trademarks, service marks and protection of copyright in Mexico. In franchising transactions, attorneys of the Firm have represented both franchisors and franchisees on a wide variety of negotiations that have led to the establishment within Mexico of individual and master franchises in industries.

- Immigration and Naturalization

The Firm's immigration services are envisioned to aide Asian, European, North American and other businesspeople and their families acquire appropriate visa status to live and work in Mexico. The Firm also advises on customs procedures to facilitate their transfer.

- Environmental

With the passage and enforcement of increasingly stringent environment regulations, our attorneys have advised clients on new standards for land use, product development, and air pollution controls for their operations within Mexico.

- Tax and Tax Litigation

This practice area is engaged in almost all transactions of our firm that have a substantial tax impact. The members of the Firm have developed a tax practice to support and enhance all other areas and to assist our clientele in connection with their national and international tax issues. The litigation are of the Firm is currently devoted to the fields of administrative law and taxation. However, the Firm does get involved in other selected areas of litigation.


Mr. Moises Gonzalez-Santillan
Administrative Law, Agency and Distributorship, Arbitration, Asset Protection, Business and Industry

Ms. Maria G. Martinez-Garza
Agency and Distributorship, Asset Protection, Banking and Finance, Business and Industry, Business Formation

Mr. Bismark Ortega-Moyron
Administrative Law, Contracts, Corporate Law, Environmental Law, Estate and Trust



  • Mexican Bar Association
  • International Bar Association
  • US-Mexico Bar Association

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