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Law Firm Overview

Galtung Dysvik, MNA serves businesses working and investing in Norway with the quality counsel, effective representation, and technological acumen necessary to profit and success in the country. The firm's expertise in tax, corporate, and IT law is notably matched by the willingness of its lawyers to serve clients in numerous advisory capacities, services designed to ease the worry and risk associated with setting up a new business in a foreign country, and one which has earned the thanks and lifelong working relationship of countless clients.

Galtung Dysvik has advised and represented local and international corporations in Norway for over 20 years, earning the deserved success of a firm focused at all times on client profits. The firm's team of proven lawyers has each several distinct and complementary areas of expertise, forming a network of advisory services that guarantees each client the most complete analysis possible of new business plans and strategies. Galtung's office in Oslo prides itself on providing the technological ability to keep clients abreast at all times on the progress of their business and able at all times to quickly seize new opportunities in the Norwegian economy, services the firm's IT law practice has ably complemented for decades.

Setting up a business in Norway doesn't have to be fraught with hidden dangers, and the right advisers can bring security and success. Galtung Dysvik has devoted over two decades to overseeing the establishment, protection, and growth of corporations within the country, habits that have earned the firm a respected name within Norway and with corporations worldwide.

Year this Office was Established: 1991

Languages: Norwegian, English

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Management For Hire; Recruiting; Licensing Formalities; Trademark Registration; Market Communication; Banking Solutions; VAT Representation; Bookkeeping.

Areas of Law Description

Our practice includes:

- Business Law

The Law firm Galtung Dysvik MNA is specializing in serving the complete needs of our corporate clients. In addition to providing general business legal services, we focus heavily on offering our clients advice with regard to business development and strategy. In all our consulting we'll put your company’s profitability as our main focus.

- Operation Management

We provide our clients with services that enable them to establish business in Norway without the usual risks associated with setting up legal entities in a country where you are not familiar with HR, tax law, contract law, real estate law, and other legal aspects. We can also protect your investments in Norway, attend shareholders meetings and be members of the Board.

- Additional Services

Galtung Dysvik MNA provides other services as a part of a comprehensive and professional business consultancy service. This may include management for hire, recruiting, licensing formalities, trademark registration, market communication, banking solutions, VAT representation, and book keeping.


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