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Law Firm Overview

At Garcia & Rebe Law Firm, PLLC, we are committed to serving individuals, families, and businesses in the areas of immigration, personal injury, business law, and real estate.
Based in El Paso, we represent clients across Texas, while also extending our practice of immigration law into New Mexico and Colorado. Whatever your situation is, we will commit to protecting your rights and ensuring a secure future for yourself, your family, or your business.

Along with helping individuals with green cards, visas, citizenship applications, and deportation and removal proceedings, we also counsel businesses in matters such as complying with federal immigration requirements. Whether you’re looking for guidance for yourself, a loved one, or your business, we will provide the expert knowledge and dedicated support needed to navigate the complexities of immigration law.

The attorneys at Garcie & Rebe Law Firm, LLC are also skilled and experienced in advocating for personal injury victims, helping them to get the compensation and treatment they need. In addition, we counsel businesses in a full range of legal issues, and provide guidance in buying or selling commercial and residential real estate, along with a full range of other real estate matters.

Languages: English, Spanish

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: International Adoptions; Workplace Safety; Purchase or Sale of Home, Business, or Property; Real Estate Litigation; Home Warranty Defects; Builder Negligence / Misrepresentations.

Areas of Law Description

The lawyers at Garcia & Rebe Law Firm LLC believe that the only way to properly assist clients is through personalized, caring service. The firm focuses on very specific areas of practice. We employ state of the art technology in the practice of law, increasing our speed and efficiency for the benefit of our clients. This allows us to offer you skilled, knowledgeable legal counsel about issues related to:

- Immigration and Visas

Garcia & Rebe have extensive experience handling all aspects of American immigration and nationality law. Garcia & Rebe, has special expertise in work visas, family based visas, investor visas, green cards through family and employment, bonds, and cancellations.

We are known for our aggressive and creative advocacy on behalf of our clients.

Garcia & Rebe assists large and small companies nationwide in complying with the complex immigration requirements of the USCIS, DOL and DOS to retain highly skilled workers in such fields as information technology, medical research, computer software, engineering, hospitality, art, and medicine.

We provide consultations to corporations and individuals on immigration law issues. At Garcia & Rebe we are committed to providing quality and efficient service. We constantly monitor developments in immigration law and use state-of-the-art technology for research, client communications, and case management. Garcia & Rebe can handle all your immigration and visa issues including:

* Visas - visitors, temporary, students
* Permanent Residency Visas (Green Cards)
* Occupational / Work Visas
* Naturalization applications
* Deportation matters
* International adoptions
* Refugee and asylum applications
* Family and employment bonds

Immigration is regulated by federal law. This means that we are licensed to assist clients nationwide and even worldwide. The majority of immigration filings are done through the mail, thus allowing us to efficiently represent clients from the comfort of their homes.

- Personal Injury

If you or a loved one has been injured, you should speak to an attorney immediately to learn about preserving your rights. At Garcia & Rebe, we can help you understand your legal rights and advise you on what your next steps should be.

The types of personal injury we handle include:

* Automobile Accidents - injuries caused by vehicle crashes, failure to yield, drunk drivers, etc.
* Products Liability - defective or dangerous products that cause injuries
* Slip and Fall / Premises Liability - injuries occurring on property owned by another person or business
* Medical Malpractice - patient injuries caused by a health care provider
* Construction Accidents - injuries on a construction site either as a worker or passerby
* Dog Bites / Animal Attacks - injuries caused by an animal with a vicious propensity

- Business Transactions

Most aspects of running a business have some legal consequences. Garcia & Rebe are here to aid you in finding resources to help you comply with the basic laws of conducting business and to protect your interests. We handle the following types of business law for our clients:

* Employment and labor law
* Business and employment contracts
* Incorporations, trademarks and copyrights
* Workplace safety
* Mergers and acquisitions
* Commercial transactions

- Real Estate

Garcia & Rebe are here to assist you with any Real Estate transaction. We handle the following types of transactions for our clients: Purchase or Sale of Home, Business, or Property; Foreclosures; Real Estate Litigation; Home Warranty Defects; and Builder Negligence / Misrepresentations.


Enrique Garcia Mr. Enrique Garcia
Business and Industry, Immigration, Personal Injury, Real Estate

Mr. Sal Rebe
Business and Industry, Immigration, Personal Injury, Real Estate


  • State Bar Association of Texas
  • El Paso Bar Association
  • American Immigration Lawyers Association

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