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Law Firm Overview

Generations is an estate and tax planning law firm based in Sacramento, California providing clients throughout the surrounding areas in Northern California with a comprehensive set of legal services pertaining to matters of probate, estate law, and tax planning. Founding attorney Trudy A.
Nearn established the firm in 1995, and has earned multiple professional distinctions and accolades in the time since.

The team of expert attorneys at Generations of this of the experience and knowledge to assist clients with even the most complex estate law matters, and having handled cases involving all areas of estate planning, and can even handle the administration of special-needs trusts. Many trust administration attorneys handle these matters only as a supplement to their existing practice and may not be aware of all the latest laws and cutting-edge strategies pertaining to such matters. The firmís attorneys are also experts at handling matters of probate, which is notorious for being a lengthy an exhausting process.

Losing a loved one can be hard enough, and if their state is not in perfect order, the stress can compound due to potentially hundreds if not thousands of hours spent trying to sort through their affairs and go through the process of probate. The attorneys at Generations understand and appreciate the stress of the situation, and are dedicated to providing intelligent, efficient service to every one of their clients through every step of the process. The firmís name, Generations, reflects of their devotion to helping families and businesses plan for the future Ė from one generation to the next.

Year this Office was Established: 1995

Languages: English

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Probate Administration; Trust Administration; Gift Tax; Business Succession Planning; Charitable Giving; Special Needs Trusts; Medi-Cal Issues; Conservatorship Administration.

Areas of Law Description

The Generations team of premier estate and tax planning attorneys provides representation and counsel in the following areas:

* Estate Planning

An estate plan is not just your trust or your will. It is a complete set of tools used to control what will happen to you and your assets when you are no longer able to make those decisions for yourself. A well-designed and maintained set of tools will make the implementation of your wishes much simpler. There are different types of tools available: revocable trusts, powers of attorney, wills, advanced health care directives, etc. There are additional tools that go further to reduce the estate tax due at your death, such as irrevocable trusts and charitable trusts.

* Wills

California is a wonderful but complicated place to live and die. Some of the laws that govern our lives in California allow us the quality of life that we all want for our families. Ironically, some of our laws can also make dying in California a very public, long and expensive process unless you prepare properly. Getting your Will done by a qualified estate planning attorney licensed to practice law in California is the bare minimum you need to do to avoid an unnecessary and costly process. However, a trust-based estate plan is generally much more effective for most people.

* Probate

When a will or trust lists multiple beneficiaries and administrators to oversee the distribution of property and assets, disagreement on how the estate is being divided can arise. This escalation is made all the more complicated if the will is out of date or there is no will at all. These disagreements can result in the need for legal professionals to step in and help resolve the matter through litigation.

* Trust Administration

Sacramento residents who become a surviving trustor or successor trustee of a trust-based estate plan generally will greatly benefit from hiring a qualified attorney to help them with the administration of that trust agreement.

* Elder Law

As you advance in age, planning for the future becomes much more important. The decisions you make about your finances, estate planning and your own health and well-being affect you as well as the people you care about. However, a mental or physical illness can render you unable to make those decisions and helpless to convey your wishes for your loved oneís futures.

* Charitable Giving

There is only one constant regarding state and federal tax laws: they are always changing. And changes in these laws can have a tremendous impact on your tax deductions, especially if you have philanthropic inclinations. Laws regarding the deductibility of charitable donations, for example, can have a tremendous impact on the bottom line of someone who regularly donates to charitable organizations.

* Gift Tax

Gift taxes are exactly what their name implies: taxes levied by the government on gifts you make to others while you are still alive. You can minimize or sometimes completely avoid such taxes by following the advice of a qualified estate planning attorney or you can unwittingly run up your tax bill through acts of generosity.


Trudy Nearn Ms. Trudy A. Nearn
Founding Attorney
Estate Planning



  • Sacramento Estate Planning Council
  • Jewish Community Foundation of the West
  • Sutter Medical Center Foundation
  • Women Lawyers of Sacramento

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