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Law Firm Overview

Geoffrey G. Nathan Law Offices is a Boston, Massachusetts criminal defense law firm that represents clients in the surrounding areas. Attorney Nathan has successfully protected the rights of many clients faced with many different charges throughout the past 25 years.
Skilled in defending against drug crimes, white collar crimes, sex crimes and violent crimes, Mr. Nathan is prepared to handle your legal obstacles with precision and confidence. Known throughout the region for a high level of competency in the courtroom, he values the opportunity to represent those who have been accused of crimes and who are at risk of facing significant consequences to their lives

Attorney Nathan believes in personally speaking with every client for as long as it takes to achieve a high level of mutual understanding and trust. He will explain any pretrial possibilities and what to expect in every regard. His ability to craft a compelling defense has saved countless clients from harsh penalties that could have severely impacted their futures. While constantly demonstrating a commitment to communication with his clients, Attorney Geoffrey G. Nathan consistently provides effective legal representation to those in the greater Boston area.

Year this Office was Established: 1989

Languages: English

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Federal Crimes; Insider Trading; Larceny; Tax Fraud & Evasion; Conspiracy; Motion to Seal Record; Kidnapping; Possession; Counterfeiting; Internet Child Pornography; Mail Fraud; Drug Trafficking; Sex Crimes Against Minors; DNA Evidence And Appealing A Sex Crime; Juvenile Sex Offenses; False Allegations Of Child Sex Abuse; Child Exploitation; Sexual Assault; Date Rape; Aggravated Sexual Assault; Indecent Exposure; Statutory Rape; Sex Offender Registration; Solicitation; Kidnapping for Sex Crime; Internet Sex Crimes/Chat Room; Internet Fraud; Computer Fraud; Cyber Stalking; Financial Fraud; Larceny; Mortgage Fraud; Public Corruption; Healthcare Fraud; Forgery.

Areas of Law Description

Geoffrey G. Nathan Law Offices represents clients in the following areas of practice:

- Federal Crimes Defense

Federal crimes are serious violations of the law and must be taken very seriously. Federal crimes will get you serious and lasting penalties that can ruin your future, including long prison sentences and heavy fines. If you are being investigated for a federal crime, you should obtain the services of a top flight criminal defense lawyer.

- Military Criminal Defense

Geoffrey G. Nathan was co-counsel in some of the most difficult war crimes cases arising out of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan which cases were prosecuted by the United States of America against United States soldiers for unlawful killing/execution of civilians and combat enemy detainees.


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