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Law Firm Overview

Giambrone is an award-winning full service law firm operating through a network of offices in Barcelona, Berlin, London, Milan, New York, Rome, Tunis and Palermo with plans to expand further over the coming years.

Giambrone has undergone radical changes over the last eight years.
Operational processes have been extensively overhauled and substantial investments made in technology. The pursuit of continuous improvement and development culminated in Giambrone being named ‘Best Law Firm of the Year – Italy’ by Acquisition International in 2012 and 2013 and receiving of a host of other awards and accolades. We combine a classic approach to client services with a modern attitude to business and technology.

Giambrone provides businesses, corporations and individuals with a full spectrum of legal services, including banking and finance, corporate and commercial, litigation and dispute resolution.

Year this Office was Established: 2008

Languages: English, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Debt Collection; Italian Property Purchases; Private Wealth Management; Acquisition Financing; Asset-Backed Lending; Leveraged Lease Financing; Private Placements; Securitization; Structured Finance; Syndicated bank Loans; Company Start-ups; Creation of Italian Limited Companies; Provision of Nominee Directors for Italian Companies; Corporate Secretarial Services; Commercial Contracts; Property Acquisitions and Management; Charity; Debt Collection; Restructuring Companies; Competition, Commercial Contracts; Residential Real Estate; Asset Management & Project Management; Private & Public Procurement; Commercial Real Estate Development; Inheritance Disputes & Contested Probates; Tax Investigations; Debt Collection in Italy; Insurance Disputes; Italian Succession; Cross-Border Probate; Matrimonial; Trusts Disputes; Forex Litigation.

Areas of Law Description

Our areas of practice include:

- Banking & Finance

Giambrone's Banking and Finance Department act for financial institutions, corporations and investors from all over the globe with help in arranging funding for most corporate lending transactions.

- Corporate & Commercial

Our fast expanding Italian Corporate Department has expertise in a wide range of corporate and commercial law areas. We recognize that our clients require specifically tailored solutions to meet every aspect of their business needs and strive to ensure that our advice successfully meets their aims and objectives.

- Real Estate & Tax

Giambrone's Italian Real Estate division applies its expertise to a wide spectrum of property transactions, in the areas of residential and commercial property law, Italian property acquisitions, tax and cross-border issues of Italian law.

- Litigation & Dispute Resolution

We have the experience to provide specialist Italian legal advice in all types of civil and commercial litigation and are able to handle a variety of work, from the most complex disputes to smaller matters that arise on a more frequent basis.

- Private Client

Giambrone's ever-expanding Italian Private Client practice advises individuals, entrepreneurs and investors on how best to structure their business and personal affairs, mainly in the areas of Italian tax planning, family issues, wills, trusts and probate, as well as residential real estate matters.

- International Department

Giambrone is a full service law firm with offices throughout the globe including, Milan, Rome, Palermo, London, New York, Sao Paolo and Casablanca. With the expansion of our International Practice; Giambrone has successfully opened a new French Department offering legal assistance to individuals and companies in French matters of law.


Massimiliano Fabrini Mr. Massimiliano Fabrini
Senior Partner
Asset Protection, Banking and Finance, Banking Law, Bankruptcy, Capital Markets


Ida Parisi Ida Parisi



  • International Bar Association
  • Liquidazione Coatta Amministrativa
  • National Committee of Italian Federvolley
  • Congress of Fellows of Center for International Legal Studies

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Articles Published by Giambrone Law

 BREXIT and the Impact on British and European Companies

The result of the British referendum has shocked the whole world. However it must be remembered that an official withdrawal from the EU has not taken place yet, changes in laws, regulations, taxes and other legal conditions are difficult to estimate at the moment. In any case it can be assumed that these changes would lead to additional costs and work efforts for both sides, the UK and the European Union.

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 Giambrone Expands Intellectual Property Practice in Germany

International law firm Giambrone (SLG) today announces the appointment of former Hammonds lawyer Barbara Niemann Fadani as Partner of their German office and head of Intellectual Property Group in Munich.

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 Amendment of section 151 in Seychelles Law Decriminalizes Homosexuality

The Seychelles may become a popular holiday destination for the LGBT community, as its Parliament passes Penal Code (Amendment) Bill, 2016. decriminalizing homosexuality.

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 How to Buy a Property in Italy

Popular questions concerning buying a property in Italy.

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 International Debt Collection in Italy

Regulations in Italy stipulate that International business-to-business transactions must be paid within 30 days from the invoice date, and any extension beyond the period gives the creditor the right to claim interest without a dunning letter, as per the rate agreed upon on the agreement contract. If there is no agreement in place, then the European Central Bank interest rate, which is reviewed in January and July, increased by at least 8% points, is applied.

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 What is the Process Italian Debt Recovery Companies Use to Collect Debts?

In Italy, a debtor should pay an invoice within 30 days which is actually shorter than other EU countries (60 days). However companies in Italy do not usually follow this rule with the public sector taking up to a year to pay. As a result, collecting debts in Italy are more difficult than for example the UK or USA.

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 Giambrone Expands Corporate and IP Practice into Arab world

International law firm Giambrone (SLG) has today announced the expansion of its Corporate and IP Practice to the Arab countries with the signing of a new strategic partnership with Jordanian law firm Abu-Setta & Partners, one of the largest IP firms in the Middle East, with head office at Amman.

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 Legal Services to Payment Service Providers in Europe

Prior to Directive 2007/64/EC of The European Parliament and of the Council of 13 November 2007, the framework of the payment services markets of the Member States was fragmented into 27 national legal systems.

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 Giambrone Assists Norman Atlantic Passengers to Launch Legal Action Against Vessel's Italian Owners

Giambrone, the Italian law firm whose Maritime insurance lawyers have assisted the victims of the Costa Concordia disaster and successfully recovered several thousand euros in damages and compensation from the Italian cruise ship operator, has today announced that they will be launching a similar class action on behalf of the passengers on board the Italian-owned Norman Atlantic vessel against the Italian owner of the boat, Visemar Di Navigazione.

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 Skiing and Snowboarding Accident Claims in Italy

Skiing and snowboarding accident claims: An important Judgment of the Italian Supreme Court [N. 28616 of 20.12.2013] excludes strict liability for the Ski Resort Operator if an accident on the slopes has been caused by excessive speed.

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 The Advantages of Making an Italian Will Under Italian Inheritance Rules

It is generally recommended that foreign citizens owning assets in Italy draft an Italian will. This will prevent significant difficulties that heirs might experience when transferring the ownership of Italian properties or other movable assets such as funds held in postal bonds or bank accounts in Italy originally registered in the name of the testator.

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 Giambrone Law wins award for ‘Best Marine Law Firm 2013 – Italy’ in Acquisition International M&A Awards

Giambrone Law is pleased to announce its recent win at Acquisition Internationa’s M&A awards. Giambrone was recognised for its work in Maritime Law in Italy and its involvement in acting for several victims of the Costa Concordia disaster, recovering significant financial compensation on behalf of the firm’s injured clients from Costa Crociere Spa

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 Giambrone Law Expands Its Presence in Spain

Giambrone, the European Law firm, has today announced an expansion of its Spanish operations with the launch of a dedicated Spanish Law Department and the opening of a new office in Barcelona in January 2014. "Spain has always been a core market for our business - says Brendan Dine, Practice Director of the Giambrone Group of European companies - since 2010, we have invested in the Spanish market by recruiting talented Spanish lawyers to help us expand our firm in Spain"

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 Italian Parliament Approves ‘Google Tax’ in 2014 Budget but the European Union Thinks It Is Illegal

Italy’s Parliament approved a controversial law on Friday forcing tech giants like Google to sell advertising online only through Italian intermediaries, provoking anger from digital economy experts.

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 Giambrone Law voted Best Italian Law Firm in London for 2013

For the second consecutive year, Giambrone Law has been lauded with ‘Best Italian Law Firm 2013” recognition in a readers’ poll conducted by Acquisition International for “innovation and performance across the business, legal, financial and investment communities.”.

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 How to Quantify Damages after a Car Accident in Italy

If you have been involved in a car accident in Italy and have suffered damages, there are a few important things you need to note. As any Italian personal injury lawyer will tell you, according to Italian Law, the person who caused the damage has the duty to restore the victim back to the position they would have been in if the damage had not occurred - as set out in articles 2043 and 2054 of the Italian Civil Code.

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 The Migration of Non Resident Trusts to Italy

Trusts are still alien to the Italian legal system as they are essentially based on concepts in contrast with the Italian general principles on ownership. As the Italian legal system does not have a definition of trust, the Hague Convention has provided one, together with rules to be applied by Italian judges in the presence of conflicts in case of assets in trust located in Italy.

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 Giambrone Law Instructed by British family after Italian Authorities Seize their Holiday Home in Dolcedo

Giambrone Law has been instructed to act on behalf of a group of foreign property owners - including a British family from Surrey - in the defence of a recovery action by the Italian authorities.

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 Giambrone Law Wins Leading Professional Negligence Case in Italy Borgo di Colleoli

Giambrone Law - the Anglo-Italian law firm that provides legal services across a wide variety of practice areas – is pleased to announce an out-of-Court settlement in a professional negligence case against a leading Scottish law firm, now in administration, and its professional indemnity insurers.

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 Cross-border Disputes and Service of Proceedings: UBS v. Regione Calabria

Analysis and commentary of the recent UBS vs. Regione Calabria High Court Judgment in respect of the issue of service of proceedings in EU countries.

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 The advantages of making an Italian Will

How to prevent foreign inheritance laws from affecting your summer villa. Owning holiday homes abroad has become increasingly common amongst English people. The idea of purchasing a second property in places like Tuscany, the French Riviera or Spain is undeniably appealing, and also represents in many cases a good investment.

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 Thinking of Starting a Business in Italy? Beware of Italian Red Tape

Gabriele Giambrone, Managing Partner at Giambrone Law ILP, the Anglo-Italian law firm, comments on the failed venture of the British firm, British Gas and its decision to forego its business venture in Southern Italy. Setting up a business in a foreign country can be a daunting endeavor.

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 Italian Lawyers, Italian Attorneys or Avvocati? - How to Qualify to Practice Law in Italy

The Italian term “Avvocato” (from Latin “advocate”) is normally translated with similar equivalent terms in the English language, namely with the expressions “Italian lawyer” or “Italian solicitor” in England, Wales and Ireland or “Italian attorney” in the United States.

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Videos Provided by Giambrone Law

hollicay accident compensation Claim

Giambrone is the firm of choice for personal injury claims made by individuals who have had an accident in Italy or Spain that was not their fault. As well as this Giambrone advise lawyers and legal representatives of other legal jurisdictions who have clients injured whilst in Italy or Spain.

Gabriele Giambrone Provides Infomation On Sky News

Q. Do you foresee extradition proceedings to bring Amanda Knox from America, back to Italy?

A. Hi, Colin. Well, this is a difficult question because from a legal point of view we must remember that Amanda Knox is still an innocent person because in the Italian judicial system, everyone is deemed to be innocent until the three steps of the appeals procedure are completed so assuming that the Corte Cassazione, the High Court will uphold the judgement, it is questionable whether she would return to Italy but in my opinion, she would not come back to Italy.

Q. Is it right to say, Gabriele, there is only one, or are there more appeal steps left?

A. Yes, that’s right, there is one more appeal. The lawyers for Raffaele Sollecito have already announced that they are preparing an appeal. The final appeal will be to the Corte Cassazione, which is the Italian Supreme Court, which can only look at matters of law and not at issues of fact, so any possibility of appeal would only turn on whether any legal arguments could be put forward, but the findings, the facts as such, have already been established by the Court of Appeal and so no longer can be put into debate.

Q. Yeah, and who would make that final decision, Gabriele, in terms of whether…I mean, assuming that that final court upholds the conviction? Would it be a politician or would it be a judge who would make that final decision to say, “OK, we now want to send the papers to America and we are seeking the extradition of this woman” because obviously, to some degree, the story is politically loaded -- lots of media attention – whose decision would it be?

A. Ah, no, no, no. We have a very clear distinction between the political system and the judicial powers here in Italy so it would be a judicial decision. What would happen is that effectively, if Amanda Knox and Rafaelle Sollecito were found guilty at the third step of the appeal, then there would be an order for Amanda Knox to be extradited and what may happen I presume, is that her American lawyers would argue that under American law, she should not be brought back to Italy under the principle of “double jeopardy.”

Q. And in terms of extradition proceedings between America and Italy, how well used is that treaty?

A. Well, the treaty has been used and it’s fair to say there is a good cooperation between the two countries, however it is also fair to say that the American authorities are very protective and they interpreted the treaty perhaps to protect their own citizens, so whether from a factual point of view, it is my own personal view that she would return to Italy, I think the chances are very low. From an Italian legal point of view, the judgements of the Court of Appeal in Perugia – the acquittal judgement – has been annulled as though it never existed which means it doesn’t have any legal standing, therefore it is wrong to say Amanda Knox was found not guilty so there is no double jeopardy as such. There is one judgement, which is the judgement of the Court of Appeal in Florence. She has been found guilty and therefore under Italian principles, we have no doubt that she should be extradited. Whether she will come to Italy is a separate matter.

Q. Gabriele Giambrone, as Managing Partner of Giambrone Law, who are an anglo-Italian law firm, Gabriele, thanks very much indeed.
A. (nods thanks)

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