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Global Jurix, established in 2002, is a full service law firm in India. Global Jurix is dedicated to provide best quality services to each and every individual, organization, companies and government bodies.

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 Corporate Social Responsibility- Now a Mandated Responsibility in India

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), a term widely use for defining the responsibilities of Corporate world towards the society & environment. Although the term is not new in this Corporate world but its scope & meaning has undergone major changes from treating it as a mere charity in comparison with the responsibilities/duties of the Corporate towards the outer world.

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 Supremacy of Shareholders & Their Democracy in Line with New Act, 2013

Shareholders are always being as an integral part of the company where they have played a vital role in accelerating the brand of the company in the corporate world. It is not only interesting and but also thrusting the mind how best New Corporate Act 2013 will get match with Shareholders in respect of their roles and responsibilities towards the company.

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 Protection of Well Known Trademarks in India

Protection of well known trademarks by the New Act is in recognition of the more modern concepts of trademark protection. Though the Indian Courts were actively protecting well known Trademarks, Statutory protection is a step in the right direction.

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 Procedure for Registration of Copyrights in India

It is not necessary to register a copyright for claiming the copyright. The acquisition of copyright is automatic and it does not require any formality. However, certificate of registration of copyright and the entries made therein serve as prima-facie evidence in a court of law with reference to dispute relating to ownership of copyright.

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