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Law Firm Overview

Global Jurix, established in 2002, is a full service law firm in India. Global Jurix is dedicated to providing best quality services to each and every individual, organization, companies and government bodies. Global Jurix contains a blend of youth and experience which makes it unique and different as compared to other law firms in India. The firm provides services to the clients at the lowest possible rates and believes in maintaining long life professional relationship.

Customer satisfaction is the main aim and object of Global Jurix. The firm comprises of company secretaries, advocates, intellectual property experts, former judges of India, legal advisors, corporate lawyers and other learned persons from the field of legal fraternity. The firm offers a wide range of services. However, it basically deals with four major sectors of the legal field: litigation, corporate, intellectual property rights and finance.

Year this Office was Established: 2002

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Public - Private Partnership; Foreign Direct Investment.

Areas of Law Description

At Global Jurix, we intend to provide all legal services under one roof. Our main focus is to keep the client in ease and comfort. We offer a wide range of services which are supervised and governed by experts and professionals from respective field. Some of the services that we offer are as follows:

- Intellectual Property

One of the eminent and popular legal organizations of India with worldwide reach and reputation, Global Jurix law firm India also provides a wide range of intellectual property services to Indian and International companies, institutions, and organizations of diverse sectors, and as per their varying requirements. Matters and things relating to intellectual property (IP), are of vital and great importance for the autonomous and reputed standing, survival and stability, and continuous progress and desired profits, in the world of ever-growing competition, fraud, and sophistication. These are the things which enable you exclusively in carving your unique and impressive identity and niche in the field of your business or work.

- Corporate and Commercial Law

The corporate and commercial laws in India are the need of the corporate and other business forms today. We are one of the leading corporate and commercial law firms in India providing the complete legal solutions to our national and international clients. We have a good team of corporate law practitioners including advocates and company secretaries who are abreast with the corporate and commercial law practices. We provide corporate legal advisory, legal execution, legal drafting, legal business structuring. We are committed to provide the best top corporate and commercial law firm services to our existing and potential clients.

- Company Law

Global Jurix, a globally famous and popular legal organization with worldwide liaison and network, is well-equipped to serve the commercial and corporate sectors of all over the world, quite easily, punctiliously, and gratifyingly. We have a pool of well-learned and experienced company law attorneys, corporate lawyers and barristers, company law solicitors, chartered accountants, tax advisors, and senior professionals of diverse technical and non-technical fields, to support our clients, and cater to their specific and varying requirements fully and impressively. So far, we have helped a large number of entrepreneurs, businessmen, companies, industries, corporations, and organizations of diverse sectors, in building their sound footing and safest future through our well-rounded company law services.

- Capital Market

Global Jurix is a leading law firm having hands on experience to assist the companies to in IPO and Public issues. We are a single window service provider who can take care of legal as well as financial aspects of the issue. We have the best team consists of capital markets experts who can guide and assist the company in successful listing of the company like Company Secretaries, Chartered Accountants and Advocates.

- Copyrights

A Copyright application applied in India guarantees protection within the territorial limits of Indian only. An international application shall not be valid in India as India is not a member of the same. The government fees for filing a copyright application is the minimum as compared to other aspects coming within the scope of Intellectual Property Rights. Copyright office is located only in New Delhi in India.

- Taxation

Taxation is the most important part of business structuring in India. We practice in the Direct as well as Indirect Taxation matter. We advise clients in structuring their business transactions with a tax planning model, advising them on income tax as well as other tax implications and applicability's. We also provide legal solutions to the clients on international taxation, transfer pricing, custom tax, excise tax, professional tax etc.

- Merger & Acquisitions

We, Global Jurix has an enviable Corporate and Mergers and Acquisitions Practice providing high value solutions to the clients in a complex and highly skilled M & A advisory matters. Our professional team is abreast with the all areas of Mergers, Acquisitions, Amalgamations, Takeover, Business buyouts, Assets transfers, Joint Ventures, Cross Border Mergers. The Firm establishes its eminent position in the market handling Merger and acquisitions in almost every sector e.g., real estate, information technology, Pharma, Health, Insurance, Finance, Textiles, Hotels, Steels, Production houses, Power, Energy etc. The firm advised eminent corporate houses in M&A strategy and on their legal structure.

- Administrative Law

Administrative law is defined the serious of law which help to solve the government action within the bound of law. Global Jurix Firm can help to our client and resolved the issues. We have a team of highly qualified administrative lawyers with many years of experience in this field. Our team handle and advising government and private clients about right to challenge government decision. We Provide advice and representation on a variety of matters where the statutory framework determine rights and obligations.

- Banking

Global Jurix is specialized in the banking affairs. Through their experience in working in large banks and financial institutions they have been accredited to best results for all the clients. We counsel clients on what they shall do on legal matters, mergers & acquisitions, liability issues that may arise out of operations.

- Public - Private Partnership

The firm advises both domestic and international players on the development and implementation of infrastructure projects. The firm has assisted clients in various projects including financial institutions, public regulators etc. When a PPP policy is established a legal review should be carried out as part of an overall assessment of the enabling environment for PPP'S. This involves assessment and legal requirement which are provided by us.

- Dispute Resolution

Dispute resolution is the legal term which defined the settlement of dispute between two or more than two parties. Global Jurix is one of the leading legal firms in India to provide the legal solution to our client in India and outside India.

- Immigration

Global Jurix, one of the leading Legal Organizations of India and the world, also offers reliable, prompt, economical, and excellent services in the immigration law field to individuals, families, and companies of the world over in India or any desired country, with diverse migration purposes. Global Jurix has its offices in most of the major cities in all across the world, and it is one of the eminent and popular immigration law firms in India, by dint of its perfect and gratifying immigration law services to clients with varying requirements.

- Litigation

Global Jurix offers superior quality litigation support services in India and outside India. Our highly experienced experts in this field give the benefit and support to our client. Our team is always ready to help our clients and prepare a litigation strategy and tribunal related document. We are a renowned law firm and hold expertise in providing highly credible litigation services to our clients.

- Outsourcing

Global Jurix is one of the leading firms to provide professional service of outsourcing to our client. Global Jurix delivers a broad range of customer solution and they provide professional outsourcing consultancy to our nation and international clients. They can give guidance on the field of recruitment, training, office development and planning. Cost reduction and the customer satisfaction are the top most intentions of the companies which provide outsourcing services. Global Jurix provides outsourcing services to India and outsider based client which saves a lot of expenditure at the same time.

- Foreign Direct Investment

The foreign direct investment in India can be made in a variety of ways and in a rather wide range of economic sectors. Worldwide prominent Global Jurix has been helping individuals, associations, private and public companies/organizations, and institutions of diverse sectors for making their cherished FDI in India, through both the Automatic and Government Routes, for a long time.


Hemant Goyal Mr. Hemant Goyal
Business and Industry


Sidharth Goyal Mr. Sidharth Goyal
Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Education Law

Ashwin Rajan Mr. Ashwin Rajan
Copyright, Domain Names, Intellectual Property, Patents, Trade Secrets


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Articles Published by Global Jurix

 Updates on Indian Companies Act

There was a time when talks were going around that starting up a private company and its maintenance will become a tedious task with numerous compliances and strict procedures, will cause it to take a back seat. The exemptions provided to private limited company under the Indian Companies Act, 2013, come as a stroke of blissful breeze.

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 REITs to Boost Growth and Transparency in Indian Real Estate Sector

Today, the Real Estate Investment Trusts [REITs] are highly successful in more than 20 countries worldwide, including USA, UK, Australia, France, etc. Therefore, SEBI has rightly allowed trading of such REITs in India also, in August 2014, to pave the way for desired growth and transparency in the vast and fast-paced real estate sector of India. Besides bringing in the globally accepted practices, these REITs are expected to infuse a new lease of life and zing in the Indian real estate sector.

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 E-Governance in Terms of Indian Companies Act, 2013

Electronic Governance or E-Governance has now become an imperative requirement of today’s highly competitive and intense corporate world. Through proper utilization of e-governance at all levels of corporate hierarchy, corporations in all economic sectors can certainly become more efficient, transparent, and reliable. The below article describes the provisions of e-governance stipulated by the new Indian Companies Act of 2013, to make corporate governance in India rather swift and impeccable.

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 Duties of Directors Under the New Indian Companies Act, 2013

Duties and responsibilities of the Directors of a company, particularly the public limited companies, have been explicitly and lucidly stipulated in the new Indian Companies Act of 2013, which were rather obscure in the earlier CA-1956. These duties and liabilities of both the general Directors and the Independent Directors, are described in the Section 166, and the Schedule IV of the CA-2013. Discover these vital duties, for highly efficient and impeccable corporate management and governance.

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 Protection of Domain Name As A Trademark

There is an ever-growing need for obtaining well-rounded protection to the internet domain names, like the protection enjoyed by the trademarks and service marks. Today, the internet domain names have also become business identifier and promoter, as the internet has emerged out as a globally popular platform for accelerated flow of all sorts of business information related with all economic sectors. Efforts of ICANN and WIPO in this direction have also been described.

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 Registration and Protection of Trademarks in India and Abroad

All about trademarks and service marks, and registration and protection of these in India, and in countries worldwide. A special and exclusive section is provided over registration of trademarks in India, including the registration process, and the up-to-date provisions in the Trade Marks Act of 1999, and the Trade Marks Rules of 2002. International Treaties like the TRIPS Agreement, Berne Convention, Madrid Protocol, & CTM,are also described briefly.

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 India Coporate Governance - A New Outlook

Provided is very informative, useful, and securing information about the changes introduced by the Indian Companies Act of 2013 to the realm of Corporate Governance. These changes and refinements in the practices of corporate governance in India are certainly very elegant and innovative for rendering the corporate world of India at par with that in most of the major and fast progressing economies of the world.

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 Growing Needs of (LLP) Limited Liability Partnership

Ours this informative web-article presents opulent information about the limited liability partnership (LLP) firms in India. These LLPs are enormously popular in nearly all economic sectors in India and abroad. Registered and regulated under the rules and regulations given in the Indian LLP Act of 2008, these LLPs are certainly highly suitable and preferable corporate entities for combining entrepreneurial talent and expertise of one partner, and capital and resources of the other partner.

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 Corporate Social Responsibility As Per New Indian Companies Act 2013

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), a term widely use for defining the responsibilities of Corporate world towards the society & environment. Although the term is not new in this Corporate world but its scope & meaning has undergone major changes from treating it as a mere charity in comparison with the responsibilities/duties of the Corporate towards the outer world.

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 Supremacy of Shareholders & Their Democracy in Line with New Act, 2013

Shareholders are always being as an integral part of the company where they have played a vital role in accelerating the brand of the company in the corporate world. It is not only interesting and but also thrusting the mind how best New Corporate Act 2013 will get match with Shareholders in respect of their roles and responsibilities towards the company.

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 Protection of Well Known Trademarks in India

Protection of well known trademarks by the New Act is in recognition of the more modern concepts of trademark protection. Though the Indian Courts were actively protecting well known Trademarks, Statutory protection is a step in the right direction.

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 Procedure for Registration of Copyrights in India

It is not necessary to register a copyright for claiming the copyright. The acquisition of copyright is automatic and it does not require any formality. However, certificate of registration of copyright and the entries made therein serve as prima-facie evidence in a court of law with reference to dispute relating to ownership of copyright.

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