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Industrial Property Rights, Copyright, Media, & Information Technology Law Firm in Germany

Goldberg Rechtsanwälte

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Law Firm Overview

Goldberg Rechtsanwälte is a law firm specializing in general civil law with offices in Wuppertal and Solingen. Our firm has also been made up of family members for generations.

In addition to offering our clients comprehensive advisory and legal services, we especially deal with the following: Information technology law, including telecommunications law; Industrial property law, especially competition law, antitrust law, copyright law, law concerning patented designs, patent law, national and international trademark law, particularly the registration and defense of trademarks; Construction law, including the law governing architects; General terms and conditions of business; Drafting contracts; Tenancy law; Real estate legislation; Commercial and company law, including the law governing commercial agents; Labor law; Inheritance law; Family law; General civil law, including collection; and, Traffic accident law.

We serve our clients nationally and internationally. All the partners in our firm represent our clients before all local, regional and higher regional courts throughout Germany. Furthermore, for decades we have built up our own network of locally certified lawyers who act as agents, in order to represent our clients nationwide in all legal proceedings at all instances at a fair price.

Year this Office was Established: 1958

Languages: German; French; Swedish; English.

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Building Law and the Law Governing Architects; Tenancy Law and German Condominium Act.

Areas of Law Description

Our areas of practice include:

- Industrial Property Rights, Copyright and Media Law

Intellectual property rights is an all-encompassing generic term for the Law on the Prevention of Unfair Trading practices (competition law) and the Act Against Restraints of Competition, the so-called Antitrust Law. The competition law is intended to regulate competition between market participants and promote free competition for tender. We advise and represent you nationally and internationally in all cases relating to industrial property rights, copyright and media law.

- Information Technology Law (IT Law)

You cannot divide Information Law or Information Technology Law into the traditional fields of “Civil Law, Public Law and Criminal Law“. Information Law/Information Technology Law is a classic subject that covers the full legal spectrum and therefore requires the ability to combine knowledge from different fields of law, detect similar structures and pick up on new legal developments. As certified IT lawyers we advise and represent our clients nationally and internationally in all cases relating to Information Technology Law (IT Law).

- Building Law and the Law Governing Architects

We advise and represent our clients in all cases relating to building law and the law governing architects nationally and internationally. It’s a fact that one can never rule out the possibility of disputes arising during construction projects, but legal conflicts are time-consuming and expensive for all parties. Our main objective is to avoid conflicts between parties as far as possible.

- Tenancy Law and German Condominium Act

This field of law has been one of our core competences for many years. We have long advised and represented: commercial and private landlords; renting and leasing companies; management companies; homeowners’ associations and their administrators; and, private and commercial tenants and lessees of all types of properties. Our daily tasks include drafting contracts, including the finalization and negotiation of property sale and purchase agreements, as well as a large number of cases dealing with the legal assertion of claims resulting from tenancies, leases and proprietorships, especially the collection of rental and incidental claims, including the planning and enforcement of rent increases and housing benefit.

- Commercial and Company Law

We advise and represent you on all commercial and company law matters. One of our specialties is providing comprehensive advice for start-up companies, the formation of company mergers and trade cooperations as well as company succession planning. In this area, we cooperate in a network of experts specializing in tax law and the procurement of grants as well as notary publics.

- Labor Law

We give comprehensive legal advice to both employers and employees on all matters regarding labor law and represent them. Our daily routine includes the following:

• Drafting and checking employment contracts (for a fixed term and unlimited duration)
• Data protection in companies
• Formulating data protection guidelines and directives for handling media at the workplace
• Warning letters to employees
• Giving notice of termination and terminating employment contracts including negotiating termination and winding-up agreements and negotiating and claiming compensation
• Drafting and checking references
• Advice regarding questions relating to occupational pensions
• Advice and representation regarding employment promotion law and social security legislation
• Advice and support with regard to the transfer of ownership of companies including the transformation and reorganization of enterprises
• Judicial enforcement of labor law claims

- Inheritance Law

In the field of inheritance law we especially advise and represent you with regard to the following legal issues: Transfer by way of gift/anticipated inheritance; Succession, appointment of an heir; Layout of wills and contracts of inheritance, including issue, interpretation and contesting of wills and legacies; Right to a compulsory portion: claim, calculation, procedure, including enforcement in and out of court; Communities of heirs; Management and distribution of the estate, including administration of the estate, estate insolvency and curatorship of the estate; Execution of a will; Renunciation of an inheritance; Company law and company succession; Liability of the heir for the debts of the estate; and, International inheritance law, including remuneration according to European law.

- Family Law

In the field of family law we especially advise and represent you with regard to the following legal issues: General effects of marriage; Issue and checking of marriage contracts and agreements relating to the consequences of divorce; Divorce law, including division of the contents of the matrimonial home, pension rights adjustment, joint proceedings, matrimonial property law and apportionment of assets and liabilities; Remuneration from separation and divorce according to the law of succession; Extra-marital cohabitation and civil union; Maintenance right, including determination of taxable income, child maintenance, parents’ maintenance, maintenance for spouse; Law of parents and child; Matters relating to custodies of persons, curatorship and guardianship; and, International family law, including remuneration according to European Law.

- Medical Law

With the help of our cooperation partner Rechtsanwalt Dirk Möller we offer you professional counseling and legal representation in the following areas of medical law:

• laws on medical-treatment
• laws on private and statutory health insurance
• professional law governing the healthcare professions
• contract law and partnership law of the healthcare professions, including contract drafting
• takeover of medical practices and legal succession
• law of compensation regarding the healthcare professions
• hospital law including requirement planning, financing and head-physician contract law
• pharmaceutical law and medical-devices law
• pharmacy law

- General Civil Law

In addition to our other specialties, general civil law is one of our core activities. Aside from our consulting work, it also includes the judicial assertion or dismissal of claims, especially in the following fields: collection; traffic accident law, including the settlement of accident damage; compensation for pain and suffering and entitlement to damages, including liability for animals; drafting contracts; checking contracts; and, insurance law. Where the specialized field of health care law is concerned, we are able to establish contacts with lawyers specializing in health care law if desired.

- Public Law

In the case of public law, we are especially active in the following areas: public building law; building planning law; building regulations; trade licenses and refusal; disqualification from driving; examination and admissions law with regard to universities, polytechnics and schools; advising schools, universities and polytechnics in the field of data protection and access to new media; police law and regulative law; telecommunications law and law governing telecommunications lines; and, law concerning market access control.

- Criminal Law

In the case of criminal law, our activities are limited to the following areas: criminal law relating to information technology; law regarding fiscal offenses; road traffic law; and, administrative penal legislation.

- Sports Law

Sports in all its kinds is a multi-dimensional phenomenon with a very high impact onto our whole society. Just like in all the other specialty areas of law that we have expertise in we do also strive for excellent integrated and complete counseling in the field of sports law, based on experience and know-how that has developed in several decades. All our partners and employees are active athletes – some of them even high-performance athletes – with great personal experience in the active participation in associations, federations, youth athletics and sponsor relations.


Walther Goldberg
Information Technology, Intellectual Property

Alexander Goldberg
Information Technology, Intellectual Property

Gudrun Goldberg-Hohlwein
Information Technology, Intellectual Property


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