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Law Firm Overview

Gulf Consulting House (GCH) is a consultancy office based in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the City of Al Khobar (Eastern Province), in Riyadh (Capital City) and another office in the city of Manama In Kingdom of Bahrain.

Aside from the numerous professional services GCH provides, we have comprehensive experience in foreign investment registration with more than 800 international companies already registered by us.

In addition to the foreign investment registration service that we offer we have other services such as: legal consulting, economic consulting, managerial consulting, corporate finance and executive search & advisory services.

GCH is also a consultancy office recognized and dealing with 41 Embassies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Year this Office was Established: 2000

Languages: Arabic, English, Turkish, Spanish, Russian, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Business Due Diligence; Organizational Restructuring; Economic Consulting; Foreign Investment Licensing; Legal Consulting; Managerial Consulting; Corporate Finance; Executive Search.

Areas of Law Description

Gulf Consulting House provides the following services:

1- Corporate Finance
The following representing the professional services of Corporate Finance division in Gulf Consulting House:

* Mergers and Acquisitions
* Private Placements
* Business Due Diligence
* Sales & Divestitures
* Restructuring
* Initial Public Offering
* Strategic Financial Consulting
* Valuation & Fairness Options

2- Economic Consulting

The following represents the professional services of Economic Consulting Division in Gulf Consulting House
Feasibility Study
Business Plan
Marketing Strategy
Market Studies and Field Investigations
Trademark Registration
Development of Industrial and Services Projects and Joint Venture Agreement.

Feasibility Study
A feasibility study is an evaluation or analysis of the potential impact of a proposed project or business to ascertain the likelihood of the project's success. It provides a complete analysis of possible alternative solutions to a problem and a recommendation on the best alternative. Successful (new/ exiting) businesses require an extensive knowledge about the main areas in the market, technical or financial sides, which you can find in our feasibility study. GCH provides you with customers requirements, competition advantages, marketing strategies technical requirements and financial indicators to ensure the success and sustainability of the operations.

GCH offers its services in conducting feasibility studies which includes:

1- Market Analysis
It studies number of elements such as Product, Demand and Supply, Competitors, Clients, Market Segmentations and Trend, Marketing Strategies, SWOT Analysis…..etc.
2- Technical Analysis
This part studies Products Design and Features, Raw Materials, Operations Flow, Facility Layouts, Location, Machines, Human Resources…..etc.
3- Financial Analysis
This part covers Total Project Costs, Financial Projections, Financial Indicators…..etc.

Business Plan

Whether you are planning a new business venture or reviewing your business direction or securing funding from investors, you need to develop a business plan. GCH helps you in preparing a business plan through direct your thinking about your business. We assist you in recognizing the market direction and determining the probable opportunities and risk internally and externally of your organization.

GCH helps you in developing organizational strategies for the following years in order to determine your necessary actions that could reach you to more competitive position in the market by comparing your business against the competitors and evaluating the real customers’ needs. We provide you with a comprehensive actions plan which can guide your work though few steps you need to develop in order to achieve your target.
Marketing Strategy

GCH provides a comprehensive Marketing Strategy which assists the organizations to find the best competitive position in the market through a genuine scan and by using the diversified approaches. Marketing is crucial for the success of companies spread which means the more realistic the marketing plan is the greater will be the success probabilities in the implementation of this function, which is essential to the management process.

The main elements of our service of developing market strategy are:
Vision and Mission Development
Market Segmentation and Targeting
Advertising Strategy and Media Optimization
Customer Service Strategy
Sales and Channel Strategy Development
Price Positioning.

3- Foreign Investment Licensing

Our Services:

Saudi Investment Regulations
Registering and Qualifying Local and Foreign Companies with Government and Semi Government Agencies
Developing Partnerships and Joint Venture Agreements.
Sourcing agents and business partners
Fields of Investments opened for foreign investment in Saudi Arabia
Industrial Projects.
Commercial projects.
Service Projects.
Agricultural Projects.
Real Estate.

The Supreme Economic council (SEC) approved the list of economic sectors from which foreign investors will be excluded under the new Foreign Investment Law. However this list continues to shrink as Saudi Arabia attempts to liberalize trade as well as meeting commitments made to the WTO.

The economic activities that are not yet open to foreign investors are (please note the exceptions therein):

1- Manufacturing Sector:
Oil exploration, drilling and production, except the services related to mining sector listed at (5115+883) in International Industrial classification codes.
Manufacturing of military equipment, devices and uniforms.
Manufacturing of civilian explosives.

2- Services Sector:
Catering to military sectors.
Security and detective services.
Real estate investment in Makah and Madina.
Tourist orientation and guidance services related to Hajj and Umrah.
Recruitment and employment services including local recruitment offices.
Real estate brokerage.
Printing and publishing, except the following activities
Pre-printing services internationally classified at 88442.
Printing Presses internationally classified at 88442.
Drawing and calligraphy internationally classified at 87501.
Photography internationally classified at 875.
Radio and Television Broadcasting Studios internationally classified at 9611.
Foreign Media Offices and Correspondents internationally classified at 962.
Promotion and Advertising internationally classified at 871.
Public Relations internationally classified at 86506.
Publication internationally classified at 88442.
Press Services internationally classified at 88442.
Production, selling and renting of computer software internationally classified at 88.
Media consultancies and studies internationally classified at 853.
Typing and Xeroxing internationally classified at (87505 + 87904.
Distribution services, wholesale and retail trade including medical retail services and private pharmacies internationally classified at (631+632+6111+6113+6121). Also commercial agencies, except franchise rights listed at (8929) by international industrial classifications.
Audiovisual and media services.
Telecommunications services, except the following activities:
Telex services internationally classified at 7523.
Telegraph services internationally classified at 7522.
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) internationally classified at 7523.
Enhanced/value-added facsimile services, including storage, forwarding, and retrieving internationally classified at 7523.
VSAT services internationally classified at 75291.
Fax services internationally classified at 7521 + 7529.
GMPCS services internationally classified at 75299.
Internet Service Provider (ISP) services internationally classified at 75299.
Electronic Mail internationally classified at 7523.
Provision of online information and database retrieval internationally classified at 7523.
Information provision and online retrieval and/or processing, including transaction processing internationally classified at 843.
Legal forms of investment in Saudi Arabia:
Individual Establishments
Joint Ventures (L.L.C)
Our services for the investor cover the following:
Obtain approvals on the trade name of the Investment in KSA from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
Prepare and submit all documents and studies required by Saudi Arabia General Investment Authority (SAGIA) from the investor.
Obtain Licenses for Investors.
Prepare documents (Agreements, Articles of Association, Shareholding agreements) and submitting it to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOC).
Obtain Commercial Registration (CR) for the Investment.
Make all required registration of the Investment in various governmental departments, such as;
Labor Office,
Recruiting Office,
Immigration and Passport Office,
Chamber of Commerce, General Organization Social Insurance (GOSI).
Department of Zakat and Income Taxation (DZIT).
Obtain visas for Investors and appointed manager(s) and process their residency upon arrival

4- Executive Search & Advisory Services:
Gulf Consulting House has an extensive database of contacts and connections with experienced professional in all areas of business; from senior managers, marketing, sales, and finance directors to engineers and human resource experts. We believe that through recruitment is a key to every company's success. GCH is committed to bring you the right person for the right job.

For years, GCH has helped many companies in recruiting executives and middle management professionals who have expertise in specific areas of business.
Our Clients:

We served a wide spectrum of business including:
•Construction Companies
•Energy Companies
•Insurance Companies
•IT firms
•Non-profit organizations

How We Do It:
We accurately identify the candidates in our talent bank who are likely to be a good fit for your role, via our proprietary talent management system.
After our initial screening ,we conduct a personal interview to verify candidates'
•Relative work experience
•Education background
•Motivation & potential
•Bearing, appearance & self-expression
•Management Skills & abilities
•Ability to blend in

Why Choosing Us:
•We consistently find and attract exceptional people. People who add real value to your business.
•We conduct reference check on all candidates and verify their credentials.
•We ensure that our candidates will perform up to your expectation. If you are not satisfied, we will find you a replacement at no cost to you.

Gulf Consulting House is a professional services firm operating in Saudi Arabia and the GCC countries. GCH is most renowned for its credentials and track record in offering custom tailored services to its clients. GCH enjoys a unique position in providing services in the fields of finance, management, economics, translation and human resource.

5- Managerial Consulting

The Management Consultancy Services that GCH covers all the following:

Internal Policies and Procedures
Facilitating New Business Services
Organizational Review and Structure Development
Organizational Structuring/ Restructuring is used to define the most suitable structure model of organizations to ensure the proper implementation of identified corporate and business strategies. It emphasizes the proper allocation of business/ support units and the clear identification of their roles and duties in a manner that ensures the adherence to main organizational principles such as unity of command, specialization, standardization, accountability and control.
Job Description
The purpose of job descriptions is to properly link individual duties and responsibilities of all head office job holders. Job description goes further into describing the following elements:
Job Summary (Title, Department/Entity, Code, Level)
Job Objectives
Roles and Responsibilities
Educational Level
Minimal Experience Requirements
Required Technical, Personal and Managerial Skills
Training Needs and Courses.
Tasks, Duties and Responsibilities.
Supervisor and Subordinates
Internal and External Communication
Salary Scale
Gulf Consulting House offers an advisory service of Designing Salary Scale for your organization, which will be customized to suit your revenues, size of work and jobs’ requirements, corresponding with the new market trends affected by the recent financial crises and credit crunch that caused many organizations to modify their internal policies. Having consolidated Salary scale supports your organization in a way that:

Balance the salary of your employees with the job requirements.
Provide you with an attracting the qualified experts and skilled employees to your company.
Help you to achieve equity in the levels of salaries adjusted to the performance of the employees’ efforts and the requirements of the job, thus decreasing the cases of dissatisfaction.
Assist you in assessing employees’ evaluation annually and applying necessary assessment so that the rule of justice on the reference and the sacrifice of a job classification and salary scale of it.
ISO 9001:2008
Gulf Consulting House assists you in obtaining the certification of ISO 9001:2008. ISO 9001 is the internationally recognized standard for the quality management. It applies to the processes that create and control the products and services an organization supplies. It recommends systematic control of activities to ensure that needs and expectations of customers are met. It is designed and intended to apply to virtually any product or service, made by any process anywhere in the world.

Benefits from (ISO-9001) as a Quality Management System
Increase customer confidence in your performance.
Improve consistent quality.
Improve employees involvement in the organization development.
Improve decision making based on facts and data.
Improve customer satisfaction and safe working area.
Reduce customer complaints, inspection efforts and quality cost .
Ensure conformance to and effectiveness of documented processes
Contractors Classification Certificate.

GCH with its experience and Knowledge in the field of regulations of the Contractors Classification can assist you to obtain this certification, upgrading your classification or extend it.

There are more than ninety thousand (90,000) Contractors in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, so under the highly competitive market, you have to obtain the certification of contractor classification which offers you more opportunities in acquiring better contracts of the biggest companies.

GCH has sufficient experience which assists you to end the procedures of contractors’ classification efficiently.

Training Needs Assessment (TNA)
Training Needs Assessment is a critical activity for the training and development function. Whether you are a Human Resource generalist or a specialist, you should be adept at performing a training needs assessment. GCH helps you in determining the gap between your current performance and your requirements so we can determine your training needs in your company.

6- Legal Consulting
Our determination combined with our advanced experience, allows us to deliver best legal solutions. Gulf Consulting House advisors think beyond the box to keep you in the business ring.

Our Major legal services includes:-

Service Level Agreement (SLA)
Franchising Services
Corporate Business Development
Family and General Business Consulting
Managing Legal Cases with Foreign Companies and Certified translation services
We are vitally aware of the issues that are paramount to our clients. GCH believes that clients deserve relevant, personalized and prompt attention, designed to address their key needs, objectives, and philosophies. Our role is ensure that our clients receive reliable and fearless advice but at all times tailored towards a balanced, practical, and total view of the overall legal matter at hand. Our aim is always to assist our clients in making considerable value judgments, in which all choices and options are explored in a particular situation.

At Gulf Consulting House we provide our clients with services in the following fields:

Agency and Distributorship
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Customs Law
Financial Litigation
Commercial Law
Government Contracts
Corporate Law
Intellectual Property
Corporate Litigation
Joint Ventures
Corporate Taxation
Licensing Law

7- Recruitment Services

It’s our pleasure in Gulf Consulting House (GCH) to activate the Recruitment Services to our business. Our Recruitment Department will support you with a suitable Saudi and foreigner candidates and from all over the world for the required job in a professional and effective way. Moreover, the short listed candidates will be available to you within a short period of time.

Our Services:
Executive Search
Professional Manpower Outsourcing
Management Training
Profiles International Isometric Evaluation Programs
How We Do It:
Our system is to get information about the required position by filling the application form , and based on our ability to serve the client we will send you our Service Agreement and fees.


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Mr. Ehab H. Salameh
Business and Industry, Communication, Government, International Law, Litigation


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