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Articles Published by Harper J. Dimmerman, Esquire - LLF

 Lessor Beware: Estoppel by Deed in Oil and Gas Leases Comes to Pennsylvania

This case illustrates the critical need of a grantor to know the exact extent of his or her ownership interest when conveying an ownership or leasehold interest.

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 Pennsylvania Legal Malpractice Law

Legal malpractice actions in Pennsylvania require that plaintiffs establish three (3) elements. What follows is a brief article addressing the key factors as recognized by the courts in the Commonwealth.

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 The Condemned

There is an inherent limitation regarding the power of eminent domain.

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Harper Dimmerman, Esquire is the Founder of, an #estateplanning tool permitting residents of #Pennsylvania and #NewJersey to obtain a simple #estate for as low as $199.00.

Litigation in Pennsylvania

Harper Dimmerman, Esquire, the Founder of LLF, discussed the complexity of #litigation in Pennsylvania and the import of finding an #attorney to assist with the proper cost-benefit analysis. LLF is based in #Philadelphia.

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