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Law Firm Overview

After qualifying as a lawyer in his native Egypt within the fields of Criminal and Public Law, Mr. Mohsen Elhais has been practicing as a Legal Consultant in Dubai since 2005.

Working exclusively with Al Rowaad Advocates & Legal Consultancy, Hassan is an effective leader of the company, the spokesperson and driving force. Hassan has a strong ethical stance with regards to the place of the law firm and its work on behalf of the client, from clarity on the legal process through to the fee system.

Specializing in the drafting of all statement of claim, memos and consultation with regards to all kind of litigations, Hassan has worked his way through the ranks of Al Rowaad Advocates from joining as Legal Advisor to his current role as a leader of Al Rowaad Advocates & Legal Consultancy.

He has drafted and supervised drafting many cases in all areas of law for the last eleven years. Mr Elhais has won awards and accolades naming him the Legal Consultant of the Year 2016 by Professional Sector Network.

Mr. Elhais has also been an invited speaker at various international conferences in France, Germany, the Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Italy and London, among others, to talk on legal issues involved in real estate, business administration and other professional issues.

Mr. Elhais attended the International lawyers training programme tackling about how to successfully run a law firm as a business hosted by the Law Society of England and Wales on DIFC.

He also has completed training with the England Bar Association.

Mr. Elhais obtained a diploma in private law, which covered training in shariah law, philosophy of laws, litigation law, commercial law and civil law.

In 2015, Mr. Elhais obtained a Master’s Degree in Law with flying colours.

Year this Office was Established: 2003

Areas of Law

Intellectual Property (continue)

Additional Areas of Law: Company Incorporation; Financial Crimes; Violent Crimes; Alcohol Consumption; Consensual Sex; Cyber Crimes; Defamation and Insult.


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 The Law on Drugs in the UAE

The UAE is a Muslim country and illicit drugs are strictly forbidden. Drug offences are severely punished including by imprisonment and deportation after the jail term has been served. Here are five points to consider in relation to drugs laws in the country, in order to ensure you stay on the right side of the law:

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 Personal Injury Claims from Road Accidents in UAE

If you have the misfortune of being involved in a road accident you may suffer from any number of injury or harm, which encompasses physical or emotional. Injuries that occur to both drivers and passengers may open up the door to personal injury claims for compensation. Road accidents that cause road injury fall under tortious liability in the country, which means any cases taken are through civil action.

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 Five Crucial Points About Breach of Trust in UAE

Breach of trust laws generally relate to cases where people are in business relationships with one another, such as shareholders. Here are some important things to note:

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 Explaining the Law around Fraud in the UAE

In 1987, the UAE government passed Penal Code Article No. 399 which governs the crime of fraud in the country. Below we outline the law and then identify the elements of the crime and explain, in layman’s terms, what constitutes a crime of fraud.

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 Duties of Loan Repayment to Banks in UAE

Bank loans can be the stepping stone to a new life for many people, especially when it comes to home loans. However, the contract for such a financial loan comes with responsibilities and duties to stick to a repayment schedule, with stiff penalties for those who default.

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 Search Warrants in Drug Offences in UAE: A Recent Case

Recently, an important legal case [involved] the need for police to have a search warrant when they charge people with possession and use of drugs based on evidence inside private homes.

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 Abduction of Children by Parents in the UAE

Abduction of children by one parent in an estranged marriage is becoming increasingly common in the UAE. More cases of international marriage unions are cropping up, while the UAE is home to a substantial number of expatriate workers.

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 Five Crucial Traffic Offences Every UAE Resident Should Know

Most expatriates who spend any significant time in the country will probably think about driving at some point. But before you head out on the roads there are some important traffic laws you should probably consider – and know the times when you could potentially be in violation of the country’s traffic code.

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 Five Important Aspects of Cheque Law in the UAE

1.) A bounced cheque crime can be committed in four different ways: through insufficient funds; if the drawer commits any deliberate act that makes the cheque invalid; if the drawer closes the bank account once the cheque is issued but before it is drawn; or if the drawer issued an order to his or her bank to withdraw the cheque or not pay it without any legal justification for doing so.

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 The Crime of Bounced Cheques in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates law against bounced cheques is one that often surprises expatriates in the country as it criminalises the act of having a cheque bounce.

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 How Husbands Protect Themselves Against Financial Claims in a Divorce Case under Shariah Law

This being one of the most important questions asked by many who face the dilemma of divorce proceedings. Based on experience, law firms have identified a few of the commonly used ploys used by husbands against their wives, while the firms have represented the wives.

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 Custody in the United Arab Emirates

Custody is the single most important and argued term in the event of a divorce. The principles of custody in Shariah are different and surprisingly more favorable to the mother as compared to other forms of jurisdictions.

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 Why Setup a Freezone Company in the UAE

Dubai is a well-respected pathway to the East, and since it became a financial hub, companies that engage in all types of business activities are now looking to establish a presence here.

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 Family Court Process in UAE

1. Statement of Claim The statement of Claim is drafted by the Claimant or the lawyer. The statement of claim has to be in writing and in the Arabic language. The statement of claim should include the names of the parties, the location, and addresses of the parties along with their phone numbers, the legal grounds for the claim and the request and demand of the claimant. The statement of claim is a summary of the facts and leads the way further into the process.

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 The Legal Do's and Don'ts of Property Purchase in UAE

The conventional wisdom about the UAE is that it was built on oil first and property second. The country's most populous city Dubai is a living shrine to the role property has played in building society from the ground up; hardly a week goes by when a gleaming new skyscraper isn't added to the pack, which combined gives Dubai the tittle of the world's tallest city.

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 Business Laws & Regulations in Dubai, UAE

With its stellar growth, Dubai has been known for alluring every business opportunists due its efficient licensing rules, infrastructure, and ease of work. In a survey "the World Bank's Ease of Doing Business Survey for 2014," the Emirate has been indicated as the easiest places to do business. If you're an expat and looking to begin a new business, you need to be informed about the business law and regulations.

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 Application of Home Country Inheritance Law in UAE

The Personal Status Law provides in Art. 1(2) the general rule that" the provisions of this law shall apply to non-UAE nationals" and the exception that "unless the foreigner elects to apply his or her personal status law".

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 Heirs According to Shariah Principles of Succession in UAE

Shariah lays down the relations that qualify as heirs following the death of an individual. The deceased's estate can only be transferred to persons who qualify as heirs under Shariah Law principles. Anyone who does not qualify as an heir gets nothing from the estate.

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 Rules of Succession in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

What law governs The main source of law in the UAE is Sharia in which all laws are formulated and based on. It is considered a public order.

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 Criminal Law about Finance in the UAE

Banks and financial institutions are a part of everyone’s life. The financial relationship between a person and his bank is government by documents and agreements.

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 UAE Freezones - Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates

Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone (RAK FTZ) is a free zone based in RAK and was established in 2001. The free zone has over 5,000 companies as its members cover various fields and economic activities.

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 Jumeirah Lake Towers Freezone in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLTFZ) is a 200-hectare, mixed-use waterfront development which offers commercial, residential and retail property for sale and lease. The Freezone was established in 2002 and now has over 3,800 registered members including both commodities and other businesses.

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 Dubai Airport Freezone Authority

Dubai Airport Freezone (DAFZA) is one of the region’s fastest growing Freezones. Established in 1996, DAFZA is home to over 1,450 companies, covering a range of key industry sectors, including aviation, freight & logistics, IT & telecommunications, pharmaceuticals and so forth.

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 UAE: Should an Arbitrator Sign on All Pages of the Arbitration Award?

Under normal circumstances the general rule is that an arbitration award shall be valid only if signed on all pages by the arbitrator. However the exception to this rule is that the arbitrator's signature on the last page alone of the award shall suffice provided the last page contains a part of the reasoning of the award.

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 Judgment in UAE Maritime Arbitration Matter

Even if a Bill of Lading does not expressly contain an arbitration clause it might refer disputes to arbitration through the charter-party which may include an arbitration clause. The reference to arbitration shall be clear and unambiguous.

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 Arbitration: Annulment Covers Everything in UAE

In case of annulment of contract containing an arbitration clause the annulment shall extend to all clauses of the contract including the arbitration clause.

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 UAE Arbitration: The Right To Waive

The waiver of a right to refer a dispute to arbitration could be express or implied. However such a waiver has to be clear and unambiguous so as to avoid doubts about the intent of the party to wave the right.

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 UAE - Which Assets Can Be Taken Through Arrest?

Except in specific circumstances, an arrest may be made of not only the vessel to which the claim relates but any other vessel owned by the defendant at the time the claim occurs. However, if the dispute relates to ownership, mortgage, possession or profits resulting from use of the vessel the no further arrest of vessels can be made.

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 The Law of Arrest in UAE Shipping Matters

Home to one of the biggest ports in the world, the UAE is an integral shipping hub in the global trading ecosystem. While shipping law can be a complicated area of the legal framework given competing jurisdictions involved in the international arena, the UAE has its own laws with respect of sorting out maritime disputes.

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 Arbitration: A Challenging Issue in the UAE

By force of law an Arbitrator(s) has to suspend the arbitration proceedings with immediate effect if a party to an arbitration process challenges the arbitrator while or during the arbitration processes are going on, until a resolution has been made on the challenge which was has been raised by such party by an authority or court of law which has the right to rule on such a point.

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 Arbitration - Does Signed Mean Sealed in UAE

Article 215 and 217 of the Civil Procedures Law of the UAE states that a person does not have the right to enter into an arbitration agreement if the signatory does not have the authority to bind the person it is representing through a private power of attorney to sign such a contract to arbitrate.

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 Dubai Arbitration Procedures

Under normal circumstances it is presumed that Arbitration procedures have been complied with by all concerned parties. The burden of proof to prove the contrary shall fall on the party claiming so. Adjudication on this issue shall be solely based the contents of the arbitration award and its details.

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 Annulment of Award Possible if Procedures in Arbitration Contract or Terms of Reference Are Not Followed in UAE

A party to an arbitration contract has the right to request an annulment of an arbitration award if the arbitrator did not follow the procedures contained in the Arbitration Contract or the agreed Terms of Reference.

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 Annulment of Award Possible of an Arbitration Agreement in Dubai

It is possible to request annulment of arbitration award if it was based on invalid terms of reference or an agreement which has expired by time prescription as per article 216/A of the civil procedure law.

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 What Women Need When They Decide to Get a Divorce in Dubai

Most women seeking divorce have 3 priorities: Divorce Certificate, Custody of the children and Maximum Financial support and settlement.

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 What is HEBA in the UAE?

In general, Heba is an unconditional transfer of property made immediately and without exchange or consideration by one person to another and accepted by or on behalf of the latter.

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 Inheritance Rules for Non-Muslims in the UAE

Although Article 17/1 of the Civil Code of the UAE provides that it is the law of the deceased that shall govern the inheritance at the time of his death, Article 17(5) of the same law provided that UAE law shall apply to wills made by aliens disposing of their real property located in the State. Moreover, Article 1/2 of the UAE Personal Status Law states that "the provisions of the law shall apply to non-UAE nationals unless the foreigner elects to apply his or her personal status law".

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 Proving Your Claim in Family Court in Dubai - Witnesses

Ninety percent of the cases will involve witnesses and they can have the biggest impact on the outcome of the case. Witnesses are also accepted by the court as valid contributors of evidence. The witnesses testify to the reasons of the conflict between the parties. The witnesses can give as much of a detailed account of the relationship between the husband and wife as possible.

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 Proving Your Claim in Family Court in United Arab Emirates

We will explain the kind of correspondences that the court accepts, and the role of the mediators in the processes of the family courts, whose purpose is to communicate between the parties to settle an amicable solution to the family dispute.

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 Family Law Settlement Agreements in United Arab Emirates

Following a No Objection Certificate from the Family Guidance committee, the parties can file their family case in the Dubai Courts. In the second part of the of the guide through family court proceedings, we shall be outlining some of the common mistakes made by parties while entering into settlement agreements due to the absence of a competent attorney and sound legal advice.

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 Family Law - Witnesses in Family Court

After the witnesses have made their statements in the Family Court, there is usually one more hearing after that in order to allow both the parties to comment on the statements of the witnesses. The number of hearings following the witness statements depends on the Family Court. It is not restricted to one hearing, it can call for multiple hearing following the statements of the witnesses.

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 Intellectual Property in Dubai

Dubai's court of cassation defines intellectual property as, "it is every invented property whether it was literature, vocal, or as regardless to its nature, purpose or importance". From this definition we can analyze that, intellectual property can be in the form of a book or a painting or a song or any new invention.

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 Divorce for UAE Resident under UAE Family Law and Hindu Marriage Act 1995

In a recent Supreme Court case decision, according to Article 13 of the personal status law, court of cassation applied foreign law in a divorce matter. As per Article 13, either party has a right to request to the court to apply foreign law (ie place where marriage was contracted) in their divorce matter.

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 Power of Attorney in the UAE

A Power of Attorney is a notarised letter of authority given by a person or a company to another person or a company, which allows them to act for and on behalf of the original person in various government departments and for contractual purposes. The attorney and the person giving it must be over 21 years of age and must be of sound mind.

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 Possession and Using of Drugs in Dubai

A recent case at Dubai court of Cassation was overturned based on the procedural error by public prosecutor and police. Al Rowaad Advocates and Legal Consultancy is representing a client from an African country who was accused and detained for possession and usage of narcotic drugs such as Hashish and Marijuana. Our client, along with six other individuals, was accused of illegal possession of hashish and marijuana in December 2013.

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 Fraud in the UAE

Fraud is defined as taking or gaining from another, property, money, vouchers or anything of value by deception or lying or trickery which is supported by verbal means or written documents, causing the victim to rely on the same to willingly handover or something of value from himself to the person committing the fraud.

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 End of Service Benefits: Comparison of Gratuity under the UAE Labor Law and DIFC Laws

Employees are eligible for Gratuity at the end of completing a full years of service. This gratuity is calculated as 21 days of salary. Salary in this case excludes any allowances for housing or car etc and considers the basic salary of the employee.

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 An Introduction to Personal Guarantee in the UAE

The economic boom in UAE has resulted in huge developments and a considerable increase in trade. This in turn has led to a rise in transactions which require a fast debt recovery mechanism.

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 An Introduction to Corporate Guarantee in the UAE

Strong relationships with customers remain the key to successful contractual lending and borrowing arrangements in the UAE. However, lending on the strength of relationship (or name) alone is not economically viable or justified.

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 Breach of Trust in the UAE

Five points you should know about breach of trust before you accuse somebody

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 Is it Worth it to Pursue my Case?

In both evaluations – winning and execution evaluations- there must be a good channel of coordination between the plaintiff, which is the client, and his lawyer.

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 Road Traffic Injury in the UAE

Being involved in a road traffic accident can leave you with anything from whiplash and bruising to serious head and spinal injuries. If you are uncomfortable enough to be involved in a horrific road accident, which was not your fault, then you may be entitled for a personal injury compensation claim.

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 UAE Extradition - Guidelines

Where the proposal has already been sent by the requesting party, Interpol will arrest the suspect and produce him to the Public Prosecution within 48 hours of his arrest. After the arrest, investigations are begun, the suspect’s accusation is heard, and a normal trial procedure is started.

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 UAE Extradition - Procedures

Procedures of the UAE to deliver a suspect of Extradition.

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 UAE Extradition Conditional Requirements

Terms and conditions to be applied when delivering a suspect are set out in Article 7 of Law No. 39 these state that:

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 UAE Extradition - Interpol Notices Defined

The head Interpol officer is elected by a two/third majority of the delegate. Each country has their own delegates in its country, the head Interpol officer is based in Lyon, France, he can remain in office for a period of 4 years, and can also be re-elected.

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 Responsibilities of the Limited Liability Company’s Manager

In a limited liability company, the manger can be appointed in the company’s memorandum of association or in a separate agreement. His appointment can be for a limited period or an unlimited period.

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 Five Points You Should Know About the Cheques (Checks) in the UAE

The payment of the cheque (check in American English) should not be conditional. Whereas, if the payment of the cheque was related to some conditions, and those conditions were not fulfilled, the cheque will still remain due on its date

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 Cheques (Checks) in the UAE

Cheque (Check in American English) is a replacement for money. It is one of the most common methods to execute payments especially in commercial transactions. Since a cheque is meant to replace money, people must have trust in it. Therefore the UAE penal law levied a punishment against anyone issuing insufficient funds its due date. Such a crime is known as the bounce cheque crime.

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 Top 5 Scenarios of Theft in Dubai

Theft occurs when immovable property is involuntarily handed over to another person and he, knowingly retains it. As for all crimes, it needs the presence of mens rea and actus rea.

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 Top 5 Requirements When Requesting Extradition in the UAE

Extradition can be requested by anyone residing in the UAE who has a criminal case against a suspect and the crime was committed in the UAE. Such suspects can be extradited from another country, back to the legal jurisdiction of the UAE.

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 UAE Limiting Trademarks Infringements (Part 3)

The United Arab Emirates is regarded as a commercial hub of Middle East, which facilitates in the practice of commercial activities in a lucrative and tax free environment. The legal system endeavors to protect producers and consumers from Trademarks infringement.

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 UAE Trademarks: Ownership (Part 2)

There is a misconception between people that registering a trademark grants the party a right of ownership. Technically this may be true but it is not the registration that grants an ownership over a trademark, but the use of the trademark.

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 Introduction to Trademarks in the UAE (Part 1)

Trademark has a major value for any business, and one of the primary concerns of any well established or successful business man. Therefore at the beginning we must clarify what a Trademark is, its importance, and how the law protects its owner, and the legal procedures to register a trademark.

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 Theft in the UAE: Part 2. Punishments

Theft carries a punishment of imprisonment from 6 months up to 3 years or a fine. Attempted theft, which is also a crime, carries the punishment from 3 months up to 18 months or a fine.

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 Theft in the UAE: Part 1. Introduction

Theft under the UAE laws is a crime and is regulated by Federal Law No. 3 for the year 1987 on passing Penal code.

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 Family Dispute Resolution – Mediation, Collaborative Law and Arbitration - UAE

In relation to Family law, the only use of mediation is through the Family Guidance Committee, the commencement of most family cases must be referred here. The committee is made up of a number of counselors with mediation/ counseling training.

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 International Abduction - Family Law - UAE

Post divorce, if the custodian of the child is other than the child’s mother, he or she must obtain the written agreement from the guardian before taking the child out of the UAE. If such permission is withheld by the guardian, the custodian may obtain permission for the child’s travel from a judge (Article 149 Personal Status Law).

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 Children - Family Law - UAE

Parents do not share equal parental responsibility for the child. Following a divorce, the mother will become the ‘custodian’ of young children, and the father the ‘guardian’. The custodian is obligated to care for the child, meet the child’s day to day needs and have the child live within their home.

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 Reciprocal Enforcement of Financial Orders - Family Law - UAE

Under s.235 of the Civil Code, foreign orders may be enforced in the UAE by applying the laws of the foreign country within the local courts.

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 Finance / Capital, Property - UAE

Under UAE laws, it is never possible for a husband to make income claims from a wife, even if he holds custody of the children.

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 Divorce in the UAE

The purpose of the Family Guidance Committee is to try and reconcile the parties before separating them under Article 98 of the Personal Status Law. The family guidance counselors are not legally trained, but have experience in mediation and counseling.

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 Divorce, Nullity and Judicial Separation in the UAE

In certain circumstances even a validly attested marriage certificate would not be sufficient to allow a marriage to be recognized in the UAE.

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 Validity of Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements - UAE

Muslim couples (Emirati and expatriate) enter into a marriage contract (Nikah’) if they conduct an Islamic marriage in a Muslim jurisdiction or elsewhere.

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 Jurisdiction - Family Law in the UAE

Domicile is defined as a place where an individual resides and see’s their long term home to be. Residence can be more temporary than domicile. In practice, a party would be seen to be domiciled or resident in the UAE for jurisdiction purposes, if they hold a residence visa (or similar) for the UAE.

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 Jurisdiction and Conflict of Law in the UAE

Dubai is one ‘Emirate’ within the ‘United Arab Emirates’. Seven Emirates make up the UAE being: Dubai; Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Fujeira, Ras Al Khaimah, Um al Quwaim and Ajman. Each Emirate is governed individually.

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 Challenging an Arbitration - UAE

It is common for the unsuccessful party to argue against the enforcement of an arbitration award on the ground that the arbitration was invalid, because the person who signed the contract was not authorized to agree an arbitration clause.

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 Enforcing Arbitration Awards - UAE

Therefore, parties wanting to enforce an award under the New York Convention must satisfy the requirements of the UAE Civil Code. In practice, enforcing arbitration awards can be a lengthy and unpredictable process.

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 Terms of References - UAE

As per the arbitration rules and as per the civil rules in the UAE, the arbitration rules shall be governed by the Terms of Reference. Terms of Reference is a document used within international arbitration law.

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 Appointing Arbitrators - UAE

An arbitrator can be appointed; directly by name (this is not the common method used), through the Court or through the Arbitration center. If you agree for the Court or Arbitration center to appoint an Arbitrator you need to make an application.

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 Rise of Arbitration - UAE

The UAE has rapidly emerged as a leading financial center, attracting large global investors and businesses, and as international developers and contractors continue to invest in construction projects, there has been an increasing trend in the use of arbitration in Dubai.

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 Business Strategy Series: VIII. Liquidation in the UAE

The provisions of the Company Law concerning liquidation are to be applied unless the company’s Memorandum or Articles of Association provide a specific procedure for its liquidation, upon resolving the company’s dissolution an agreement is reached between the partners as to its liquidation-n procedure.

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 Business Strategy Series: VII. Transformation in the UAE

Companies incorporated under provisions of Company law in a specific form may be changed to another type, after satisfying the legal requirements under Company Law. (Company Law, Part Nine, Chapters 1 & 2, Arts. 273-280, Part Ten, Chapters 1 & 2, Arts. 281-312)

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 Business Strategy Series: VI. Amalgamation in the UAE

The decision to amalgamate the companies should be made in accordance with the provisions adopted for the amendment of the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the company, and will only be valid subject to the approval of the Competent Authority specified in the Company Law for that type of company.

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 Business Strategy Series: V. Dissolution

The dissolution of a company can result in its termination.

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 Business Strategy Series: IV. Branch/Representative Offices or Foreign Companies in the UAE

The Commercial Companies Law covers the formation and regulation of Branches and Representative Offices of foreign companies in the UAE, and stipulates that they may be 100% foreign owned provided that a local service agent is appointed.

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 Business Strategy Series: III. Offshore Companies in the UAE

Whether there is a need to restructure a business, to protect assets or simply develop an international presence for a business, one of the ways of doing so, is by opening an Offshore company.

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 Business Strategy Series: II. Providing Brokerage Services in Commodities in the UAE

Futures and Derivatives Trading To perform as a trader (broker) of commodities in the UAE the company (a legal entity incorporated according to the UAE law or foreign company incorporated outside the UAE) needs to carry out the necessary procedures to obtain a membership from DGCX (Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange).

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 Business Strategy Series: I. Conducting Business in Dubai

The growth of international businesses in Dubai has made it a major commercial hub for global institutions and companies. The articles below provide an insight into the different types of business organizations in Dubai, and the processes involved in the dissolution, amalgamation, transformation and liquidation of businesses.

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 Custodial Rights of Children in the UAE

When child custody disputes arise between parents non-UAE nationals resident in the UAE, whether married to a UAE or non-UAE citizen, may file custody cases in the UAE.

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 Family Law in the UAE: Husband and Wife Rights under Shariah Law

Family article on husband and wife rights under Shariah Law. There are specific rights designated to Husband and Wife under Shariah Law. Overall, the rights cover the following categories: a) Exchange of rights between husband and wife; b) Husband’s rights on wife; and c) Wife right’s on husband.

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 Adoption in the UAE

Sadly a great number of children are abandoned in the United Arab Emirates each year. Most likely this is as a result of young mothers being fearful of the repercussions of bearing a child outside wedlock. It is a criminal offence in the United Arab Emirates to have a sexual relationship outside marriage.

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 Family Law in the UAE: Special Conditions in the Marriage Contract

Marriage contracts usually take a standard format, however special conditions may be added into marriage contracts. Such special conditions can provide different rights to either of the parties, but we have seen a prevalence of conditions which focus on giving the wife additional rights.

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 Family Law Case Study in the UAE

Custody laws in the United Arab Emirates are mainly transcribed in Federal Law No. 28 of the year 2005 (UAE Personal Affairs Law), and I will refer to these articles in covering the Court’s discretion in family law issues. A recent custody case at our firm shows some of the reasons behind a final decision proffered by the Court of Cassation. A married couple living agreed to a mutual divorce in 2004, and filed accordingly in the Family Court.

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 Child’s Best Interests in the UAE

Many family law cases in the United Arab Emirates follow Federal Law No. 28 of the year 2005 (UAE Personal Affairs Law), to which I will be referring to in this blog, to determine which parent is awarded custody. In this particular area of law, the Court is awarded a great deal of discretion, but it is important that their decisions remain consistent. Normally in child custody cases, the Court’s consistently award custodianship to the parent that will best serve the child’s needs.

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 Child Protection Laws in the UAE

The Community Development Authority (CDA) of Dubai has recently drafted a new child protection policy, which protects children, investigates abuses against their rights, and provides government services to families and children believed to be in danger.

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 Child Custody Laws in the UAE

The vast deserts, the bustling cities, and the enormous skyscrapers of the United Arab Emirates eclipse the comprehensive legal system that accounts for the everyday workings of daily life. For those living in the country and those that understand the ins and outs of the system, it is a magnificent organism that details the protection of its inhabitants.

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 Parental Child Abduction Article - United Arab Emirates

In this day and age, with easy access to travel, parental child abduction has become increasingly widespread. Parents forum shop for the perfect place in order to the keep their child. The United Arab Emirates happens to be one of those places.

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 Why Set Up a Freezone Company in the UAE?

Dubai is a well-respected pathway to the East, and since it became a financial hub, companies that engage in all types of business activities are now looking to establish a presence here. Dubai has over ten freezones, which provide international investors with the opportunity to expand into the Middle-East and beyond.

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 Why Set Up a Local Company in Dubai?

Dubai is a well-respected pathway to the East, and since it became a financial hub, companies that engage in all types of business activities are now looking to establish a presence here. Setting up a Local Company is an excellent way to enable you to have a presence in Dubai as well as operate within the local jurisdiction.

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 Marriage Dissolution

The dissolution of a marriage is a legal act that may not coincide with the emotional tearing asunder. Divorce is typically a painful process for all concerned. While it can take adults time to regain psychological equilibrium, there is also a threat to be involved in a court proceeding claiming for compensation for children’s maintenance and support. However different jurisdictions have different solutions to the issue. In this article we will describe the question under Dubai and UAE Law.

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 Know your Labor Rights

Some Employees do not know their rights upon the termination of their employment contracts, so the issue has to be carefully considered. Introduction - This article shall elaborate on the duties employer’s regarding registration of employees and the rights of employees after the termination of their labor contracts in the UAE.

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 Drugs and the Law in Dubai

Know your Rights: 5 laws that expats should know

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 Traffic Offenses - United Arab Emirates

Know your rights: 5 criminal laws every Dubai expat should know.

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 Alcohol and Licensing in Dubai

Know your rights: 5 criminal laws every Dubai expat should know.

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Legal Consultant in Dubai Hassan Elhais - Sexual Crime - Answering Legal Questions UAE

Legal Consultant in Dubai Hassan Mohsen Elhais explains differentiation in the four categories of sexual crime including rape, sex outside of marriage, prostitution and actions which offend the shyness of another party. In this video, the role of the judge in distinguishing which acts are determined as an offence in the flexible categories is explained, along with punishments, which can reach as high as the death sentence and 25 years’ imprisonment, and the laws which govern massage parlours and massages.

Legal Consutant in Dubai Hassan Elhais - Traffic Crime - Answering Legal Questions UAE

Legal Consultant in Dubai Hassan Mohsen Elhais answers some questions relating to common legal inquiries that stem from traffic accidents. This includes legal duties at the time of the accident, a statute of limitations in both criminal and civil cases, damages available and how far insurance policies may limit financial liability.

Legal Consultant in Dubai Hassan Elhais - Cyber Crime - Answering Legal Questions UAE

Legal Consultant in Dubai Hassan Mohsen Elhais covers some of the wide range of crimes that could fall under the umbrella of cyber crime. In this video, you will learn about what counts as cyber-crime, duties of the victim in reporting the crime to authorities and insurance companies, the punishments involved, where VPNs fit into cyber-crime laws, and what to do in case your domain name or identity is stolen.

Hassan Elhais - Anti Discrimination Act

An interview with the Advocate and Legal Adviser Mr. Hassan Elhais about the anti-discrimination act which is issued last July 2015 by the President of UAE His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

Hassan Elhais - Family Law - Answering Legal Questions UAE

An exclusive interview of Mr. Hassan Elhais, answering to frequently asked questions related to Family Law here in the United Arab Emirates.

1) What are the Laws that define Physical Abuse between Husband & Wife in the UAE?
2) What is the Law in the UAE for Marriage between different Nationalities?
3) What is the Law regarding Divorce in the UAE?
4) What is the difference between Divorce & Annulment in the UAE?

Family Law:
- Physical Abuse
- Annulment
- Divorce
- Marriage

Interview with Hassan Elhais Domestic Abuse, Custody and Divorce Laws in the Middle East

The video contains essential and significant information pertaining to the Domestic Abuse, Custody and Divorce Laws and relief provided by the courts in the Middle East primarily focusing on the UAE and the variations of these laws based on the jurisdiction of the parties involved, by the expert opinion of Mr. Hassan Elhais, Senior Partner and Solicitor specializing in various Middle Eastern jurisdiction.

Hassan Elhais - General Crime - Answering Legal Questions UAE

Exclusive Interview with Mr. Hassan Mohsen Elhais answering some frequently asked questions relating to various crimes in the UAE. Here he covers the difference between when a charge would wind up in the UAE’s civil or criminal court, including the potential penalties resulting from a range of situations such as mutual violent assault, medical malpractice and animal abuse.

UAE Cyber Law with Hassan Elhais

Mr. Hassan Mohsen Elhais talks to Mr. Sibte Arif of Geo News Dubai regarding UAE cyberlaw.

This video first appeared on Youtube posted by Mr. Sibte Arif on Thursday 16 July 2015. Copyright Sibte Arif (Geo TV).

Hassan Elhais - Child Abduction - Answering Legal Questions UAE

Exclusive interview with Mr. Hassan Mohsen Elhais answering to frequently asked questions related to Child Abduction in the United Arab Emirates

Interview with Mr. Hassan Elhais: Sexual Assault, Alcohol and UAE Law - The National

Al Rowaad Advocates & Legal Consultants Senior Partner Hassan Mohsen Elhais talks to The National newspaper about the UAE law regarding sexual assault and advice for women that are victims of rape or sexual assault in the United Arab Emirates. The rape case of Marte Dalelv visiting the Emirates, gained global media attention during July 2013 after the a young Norwegian woman was sentenced in a Dubai court after a controversial court case.

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