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Law Firm Overview

Hatch, Little & Bunn was formed in the mid 1950s, by a former Superior Court Judge, a former Clerk of Court, and a Wake Forest University Trustee. The firm's mission was providing unmatched legal services to individuals and small businesses in a friendly environment where every client receives the utmost in personal attention. In 1964, the firm purchased and renovated the Henry Hicks Home on Hillsborough Street. This former private residence was built in 1912 and was the first house in Raleigh to have its own elevator.

The Raleigh area and North Carolina have been transformed by dynamic change in the past five decades. Our firm has thrived by changing along with them expanding the breadth and sophistication of services to meet new client and community needs.

Hatch, Little & Bunn, LLP remains at 327 Hillsborough Street. Fifty years later, the elevator is still working and Hatch Little & Bunn, LLP is still striving to uphold the mission of our founding fathers. We are a few blocks from the Wake County Courthouse, the State Supreme Court and Court of Appeals, the Federal Courthouse, the Legislative Building and the Raleigh Municipal Building. Contact us for your personal and business legal needs. You will receive quality legal representation and individual attention from the attorneys at Hatch Little & Bunn, LLP, while our staff provides a friendly, respectful environment. At Hatch Little & Bunn, LLP you are important to us, for you is our greatest asset.

Languages: English

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Criminal Trial Procedures; Gun Possession; Traffic Violations; License Suspension; Possession & Distribution of Cocaine; Possession & Distribution of Heroin; Possession & Distribution of Marijuana; Domestic Law; Parenting Time; Spousal Support; Visitation Rights; Division of Property; Loan Workouts; Consumer Bankruptcy; Chapter 7 Bankruptcy; Chapter 13 Bankruptcy; Business Bankruptcy.

Areas of Law Description

- Traffic offenses

Most of the annual traffic tickets are “misdemeanors,” the legal category for less severe instances of wrong-doing. However, while traffic violations, particularly speeding, may seem a minor, these charges can result in significant fines, higher long-term insurance premiums, and even the loss of your driver's license.


In North Carolina, driving while intoxicated (DWI) and driving under the influence (DUI) are serious offenses. Law enforcement officials will try to determine if you are driving while impaired. Numerous issues can arise regarding your rights when stopped, and your rights in what is likely to happen next.

- Drug offenses

Whether you have broken the law by using illegal drugs, dealing them or behaving improperly while under their influence, the charges against you can be life altering. Representation by experienced criminal lawyers can make a difference in the outcome of your case.

- Assaults

If the police have been called because of your alleged physical violence against another person, you already have major legal problems and need an attorney. Let a Hatch, Little & Bunn experienced criminal lawyer be at your side as your representative.

- Family & Domestic Law

There are few things in life as stressful as dramatic changes in family relationships. If you are in the process of making a legal change in your personal life, or are contemplating one, please contact an attorney with Hatch, Little & Bunn, LLP's family and domestic law practice.

- Divorce

We understand that you may have many questions regarding divorce in North Carolina. While different factors come into play in every divorce, most divorces follow the same general procedures. A knowledgeable attorney can provide a general overview of North Carolina divorce law and the legal process of what comes next after you file.

- Custody and Parenting Time

As a North Carolina child custody law office, we find that many of you may have questions regarding how child custody cases and parenting time (also called "visitation") matters are determined in North Carolina. We can help you navigate through the legal process of a North Carolina child custody case.

- Child Support

North Carolina child support law is based on an income shares model of both parents' monthly income. The North Carolina child support guidelines are calculated by using the North Carolina Child Support Formula Manual.

- Alimony & Spousal Support

In North Carolina support payments for the spouse, if any, are referred to as Post-separation Support and Alimony. Post-separation support is considered temporary and is designed to provide for the dependent spouse's support until a final order of alimony is entered.

- Landlord/Tenant

Hatch, Little & Bunn, LLP's landlord–oriented landlord-tenant practice represents: Individual owners, Apartment communities and Management associations. Our attorneys handle residential and commercial evictions and post-eviction claims for money owed. They also advise on the proper handling and use of security deposits.


James Little Mr. James P. Little
Assault, Criminal Defense, Domestic Violence, Drug Crime, DWI



  • North Carolina State Bar
  • Wake County Bar Association
  • North Carolina Bar Association
  • North Carolina Academy of Trial Attorneys

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