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Law Firm Overview

Hebets & McCallin, PC is a criminal defense law firm practicing in Denver, Colorado and serving residents throughout the region who have been accused with a broad range of crimes. Specializing in DUI defense, the firm also provides defense for theft, sex crimes, homicide, drug crimes and more.
The skilled attorneys are closely familiar with and highly knowledgeable of trial procedures, case precedents and criminal law as a whole. They understand that those accused of crimes need a dedicated legal professional's representation in order to stand a fair chance in most cases.

The firm's team invests its resources and energy into the perfection of each defense. All of the attorneys' work is subject to their own rigorous standards which have led to compelling defenses on behalf of a wide variety of clients with various criminal charges. The attorneys' particular experience in DUI defense renders them exceptionally capable of helping clients with that particular obstacle. The legal team effectively anticipates and responds to the strategy of the prosecution at all times, and the attorneys continue to garner acclaim as they provide outstanding legal services to Denver residents and those of the surrounding areas.

Languages: English

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Driving While Ability Impaired; Driving Under the Influence of Drugs; Underage Drunk Driving; Boating Under the Influence; Protective Order/Restraining Order; False Imprisonment; Third Degree Assault; Careless Driving; Driving Under Suspension or Revocation; Hit and Run; Vehicular Crimes; Drug Possession; Drug Possession with Intent to Sell; Medical Marijuana; Marijuana Possession; Marijuana Cultivation; Prescription Fraud; Drug Cultivation or Manufacturing; Criminal Mischief; Indecent Exposure; Internet Luring; Narcotic sales; Drug Trafficking; Drug and Marijuana Distribution; Domestic or Physical Assault; Emotional Abuse Charges; Battery; Stalking; Gun Possession; Breaking and Entering; Grand Theft Auto; Bankruptcy Fraud; Insider Trading; Medical Crime; Mail Fraud; Public Corruption; Pension Fund Crime; Securities Fraud; Financial Fraud; Forgery; Attempted Murder; First or Second Degree Murder; Justifiable Homicide; Involuntary Manslaughter; Vehicular Manslaughter; Kidnapping.

Areas of Law Description

Hebets & McCallin, PC represents clients in the following areas of practice:


Meeting our client's needs and objectives is our number one priority. We have dedicated our DUI practice to maintaining a small case-load so that each and every one of our clients gets the personalized attention that they deserve.

- Drug Crime

We have successfully defended numerous clients with drug related charges in Denver and across Colorado. Our attorneys are experienced in criminal law and are dedicated to protecting the rights of our clients.

- Juvenile Crimes

We are experienced juvenile criminal attorneys that are very familiar with these cases. We handle them routinely with great success.

- Domestic Violence

Our practice focuses on criminal law and protecting the rights of the accused. With the help of our team of attorneys, we investigate your case and create a strong defense to present in court on your behalf.

- Traffic Offenses

We have experience with a wide variety of traffic law cases, covering everything from minor infractions to major felonies.

- Sex Crime

When facing these charges, you need a Denver criminal attorney that cares about your future -one who wants to assure you receive fair treatment and the privacy you deserve.

- Theft Crime

We are committed to defending individuals accused or charged with theft related crimes.

- Violent Crimes

We focus are practice in criminal defense, and have successfully represented people accused of violent crimes.

- White Collar Crime

We focus in protecting and defending the rights of individuals charged with state and federal white collar offenses.


Russell Hebets Mr. Russell Hebets
Assault, Criminal Defense, Criminal Law, Domestic Violence, DUI



  • Arapahoe Bar Association
  • Colorado Criminal Defense Bar
  • National College of DUI Defense

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Articles Published by Hebets & McCallin

 Sex Offender Registration In Colorado

Sex offender registration is required in cases where a defendant is convicted of a sex offense. It is a very important component to the many penalties that convicted sex offenders face in the Colorado criminal justice system. Registration can obviously have a substantial impact on a persons ability to find and maintain employment and housing, and may substantially affect other areas of the sex offenders life.

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 Unlawful Sexual Contact Offenses in Colorado

Unlawful sexual contact is a sexual offense in the state of Colorado which encompasses a very wide range of conduct. While it is a lesser offense than Sexual Assault, it is still considered a sex crime, and still requires sex offender probation and registration if convicted. It also is considered an extraordinary risk crime which requires higher sentencing requirements than other crimes in the same class.

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 Indecent Exposure Offenses in Colorado

Indecent Exposure is typically a misdemeanor offense in Colorado, unless the offender has a prior history of similar offenses, in which case it can be charged as a felony.

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 Are Traffic Camera Tickets Valid in Colorado?

Traffic camera tickets are increasingly common and leave many wondering what to do about them. They are primarily issued for running red lights and for speeding. Most people pay them but many claim they are illegitimate and shouldn’t be paid. So what is the best approach to handling a citation by mail?

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 Apple vs. The FBI

Last month a federal magistrate judge in California ordered Apple to bypass the security protocols on an iPhone 5 that belonged to one of the San Bernardino shooters. This public order ushered in what has become a national spectacle, pitting the FBI and many Americans against Apple and Privacy proponents.

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 Colorado Felony DUI

In August of 2015 the Colorado's felony DUI law went into effect. Colorado joined 45 other states in the United States in enacting a law which makes certain classes of DUI's a felony offense.

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 Are There Any Alternatives to Jail When You Are Charged with a Crime?

You may have seen people with ankle monitors, or heard of those who get home detention as a sentence, but who actually qualifies for alternative sentencing and how does it work?

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 Colorado Ignition Interlock Devices

If you get a DUI in Colorado, there is a good chance you will have to deal with an ignition interlock device. An interlock is the common name for car breathalyzer, a device that is required to be placed in vehicles for a period of time owned by those who have been accused of driving with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08 or higher, refusing to submit to a chemical test, or drivers convicted of DUI.

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 DUIs and Deportation

Many issues come up when someone is faced with a DUI but when you are not a permanent citizen, one of the biggest fears is deportation.

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 If It’s Legal Is It Still a Nuisance?

As the landscape of marijuana legalization changes, the many related laws evolve accordingly. An Oregon court recently ruled that the smell of marijuana smoke cannot be considered inherently offensive.

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 Can Your Wife or Husband Dime You Out?

We’ve watched the scene unfold on television before, a couple discusses their pending legal doom, things are bleak, then somehow they realize they can’t be forced to testify against one another, and suddenly, there is hope these troubles can be averted.

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 Police Investigations

Exercise Your Right To Remain Silent. Generally when the police contact an individual who is suspected of a crime, whether or not the subject of that investigation has committed a crime or not, the best advice for that subject is to remain silent.

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 Colorado Passes Felony DUI Bill

The Colorado state legislature recently passed a bill that is sitting on the governor’s desk waiting his signature.

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 Why You Should Always Refuse Roadside Sobriety Tests

Virtually any time you are stopped and investigated for suspicion of DUI, the officer is going to ask you if you would be willing to perform Standard Field Sobriety Tests, otherwise known as Roadside Maneuvers.

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 Medical Marijuana Allowed While on Probation

On May 8th, Governor Hickenlooper signed House Bill 1267 into law, which concerns the use of medical marijuana while an individual is on probation.

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 Employee Fired for Medical Marijuana Use

Yesterday, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled that employees can be fired for using medical marijuana when they are off the clock.

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 Crime and Punishment and Facebook

Not long ago the Internet blew up over the killing of Cecil the lion, a 13-year-old lion living in a Zimbabwean preserve, by an American dentist named Walter Palmer.

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 Obama Commutes Demaryius Thomas’ Mom’s Sentence

“I believe at its heart, America is a nation of second chances, and I believe these folks deserve their second chance.” - President Obama

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 Jury Nullification

Jury nullification is making headlines in Denver and in particular in front of the Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse, where activists have been distributing fliers about nullification and fighting charges against other activists who have done the same, since July of this summer.

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 Are We Able to Smoke Pot in Public in Colorado Yet?

The short answer at this point is no. While an initiative was introduced earlier this year to permit public smoking in certain areas, activists just announced they are pulling the initiative from the ballot and seeking a more collaborative effort between themselves and local businesses in Denver.

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 Smoking the Peace Pipe in South Dakota

A new pot resort in South Dakota will be opening up soon on tribal land, despite the fact that pot is not yet legal in South Dakota.

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 Denver Releases Police Body Worn Camera Proposal

The city of Denver has completed a six month study concerning the use of body cameras on police and they have created and released a draft policy to the public.

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 Statutes of Limitations and Sexual Assault

The sexual assault allegations against Bill Cosby have focused attention on statutes of limitations for cases involving rape, and whether or not they should exist at all.

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 How The Government Can Take Your Property

A new bill has been introduced to end forfeiture funding of the DEA’s Marijuana Suppression programs. The bill is a bipartisan effort to modify was has become a widely abused system of asset forfeiture from innocent citizens, who in many cases have not even been charged with any crimes.

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 Was the Shooting of Jessica Hernandez Justified?

Over the recent past both police departments nationally as well as the Denver police department have been increasingly in the public eye for what many would characterize as a disproportionate use of force.

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 Drug Crimes in Colorado

Colorado law widely regulates the use of medicinal drugs and outright bans the use of most harmful non-medicinal drugs.

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 How Are Crimes Charged?

In order to get charged with a criminal offense in Colorado, the police are going to be involved in some way. This means any law enforcement agency.

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 Domestic Violence in Colorado

Each year in Colorado, more than 14,000 people are charged with misdemeanor “domestic violence” (DV) crimes. Contrary to what you might think, to be arrested for DV, the arrestee and the “victim” need not be married or in a domestic partnership and the arrestee need not have acted violently or caused the victim injury.

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 Why is Michael Phelps Going to Trial?

For those of you who have not been following this story, let me catch you up. Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympic athlete in modern history, was charged with his second DUI on September 20th, 2014.

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 Is Texting While Driving Worse Than DUI?

In today’s world Driving Under the Influence or Driving While Impaired is the poster child of the campaign against bad actors behind the wheel, and with good reason.

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 Can I Get into Canada with a DUI?

This question comes up more and more often as the United States continues to increase enforcement and lower Blood Alcohol limits. The short answer is No, you can’t get into Canada with a DUI, a DWI, or any state’s equivalent charge. At least not without jumping through a series of hoops set up by the Canadian government.

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 How To Post Bond

Posting a bond can be an intimidating procedure, especially if a loved one is sitting in jail and you’ve never had any experience with the criminal legal system before. While the details can get confusing, there are essentially two ways to post a bond. An individual can post a bond for a family member, friend, or loved one, or a professional bondsman can post a bond for a criminal defendant.

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 5 Simple Tips to Avoid a Traffic Stop

You’re driving along, minding your own business, when suddenly you see flashing lights in your rear-view mirror. Your stomach sinks and your heart beats faster as you tick through the possible reasons for the stop. No matter the situation, it is never good news. Wouldn’t it be nice to minimize the chances of being stopped in the first place? Here are 5 easy tips to dramatically decrease the chances of being stopped by the police.

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 DUI Fatality - Why First Degree Murder is Appropriate

We have recently blogged about the tragic DUI fatality case in which Ever Olivos-Gutierrez has been accused of driving drunk and killing Juan Carlos Dominguez-Palomino, a 17 year old boy. Olivos-Gutierrez is an illegal immigrant with several prior DUI and Driving Under Suspension convictions. His blood alcohol content was 4 times above the legal limit, and he attempted to flee the scene after the collision.

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 Can DUI Turn into First Degree Murder?

Around midnight on March 24th, tragedy struck. According to the charging document, Ever Olivos-Gutierrez, an undocumented illegal alien, was driving a Ford Exposition near the intersection of Dayton Street and Colfax Avenue in Aurora just east of Denver. He did not have a valid license. Police say he had been drinking and ran a red light. His vehicle collided with a Chevrolet Camero driven by 17 year old Juan Carlos Dominguez-Palomino. The young man was killed.

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Driving Under the Influence in Douglas County

How To Post Bond

I often get questions
about bond or bail what is it
how does that work so the short version is this
if you're arrested for an offence ok
police can give you a summons which allows you to just walk away with a
but if it's more serious they're gonna make you post bail
or bond bond is a promise to return to court
so you pundits of a schedule and you pay
that money in order for the jail to release you
as a promise for you to come back when you're next court date is
now you can post it all yourself in if you do that at the end the case whether
you win or lose or take a deal
you get that money back now of its a higher bond
or you don't have a lot of money you can use a professional bondsmen
and what you do with them is you pay than 10 to 15 percent generally
and they pay the whole amount for your you still have to show up every time
and if you don't they're going to be coming after you but
at the end of the case they get their money back
and for the benefit of having them posted for your
you don't get back your 10 to 15 percent
if you were loved one has been charged with crime that has a bond
give us a call we can set you up with the reputable bondsmen
and we can help you with the underlying criminal case

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