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At Hinkle, Jachimowicz, Pointer & Emanuel, the lawyers are responsive and committed to the needs of individuals facing DUI charges. Whether you are facing your first offense or you have a previous record, we will explore all of your options and aggressively protect your rights to minimize the consequences of a DUI arrest. At Hinkle, Jachimowicz, Pointer & Emanuel, our attorneys have over 20 years of experience dedicated to DUI law and drinking and driving defense.

Our attorneys offer aggressive and dedicated criminal defense services. We understand the multiple issues faced by our clients, including chemical dependency, licensing, job loss and the family problems that may affect an individual charged with a DUI. You can trust that we will focus on minimizing the consequences of a DUI arrest.

When you hire our firm, we will: Fully investigate the charges against you by examining police reports, witness statements and all other evidence used in your case; Challenge field sobriety or blood alcohol tests and the validity of the usage of those tests in your case; Integrate the facts and law to present a compelling defense on your behalf; Seek to protect your license and keep you out of jail.

We take an aggressive but professional approach to every case. From the initiation of your case through its final resolution, our DUI attorneys can be trusted as steadfast advocates for your cause. While we seek to defeat the charges, we will also work to minimize the consequences of any DUI conviction. With our experience and record of results, we are a legal team that will always strive for your best interests.

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