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Icaza, Gonzalez-Ruiz & Aleman, founded in the year 1920 under the name Lombardi e Icaza, grows with the center of international services in Panama.

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Articles Published by Icaza, Gonzalez-Ruiz & Aleman

 Contributions of the Panama Canal – Republic of Panama

A New Panama Canal Administrator is Appointed - The Panama Canal Authority contributed to the Panamanian Government, during the last fiscal year that ended September 30th, 2011, the sum of 1,043 million dollars. This amount breaks down to $366.9 million for fees for net ton, $1.9 million public service duty and $674.2 million for surplus.

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 New Special System for the Operation of Free Zones in Panama

In the Official Gazette N°26,757-B of April 5th, 2011 was published the Law N°32 of the same date whereby a special, comprehensive and simplified system for the establishment and operation of free zones is established and provides other provisions. For your convenience, we have prepared the following summary of this law.

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 Panama and the USA Sign an Agreement for Tax Cooperation and the Exchange of Information Relating to Taxes

On the 30th day of November of 2010, the governments of the Republic of Panama and of the United States of America (“USA”) signed an “Agreement for Tax Cooperation and the Exchange of Information relating to Taxes” (“the Agreement”).

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 IGRA Provides Consultancy for the Protection and Defense of Industrial Property in Panama

It has been entrusted to ICAZA, GONZALEZ-RUIZ & ALEMAN the rendering of legal consultancy and assistance to the “Containers Control Program (CCP)”, under the supervision and the coordination of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).

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 Innovations or Inventions Developed and Obtained by Workers - Panama

To whom does the property of an invention, whose creation is a direct consequence of a labor relationship, belong to? During 2009, multiple inquiries and queries related to the feasibility to limit or to restrict the property right on the ideas, the technical innovations or invents developed and obtained by the workers were received.

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 New Law Regulates the Rights of Credit Cards and Other Cards Users - Panama

Law 81 of December 31st, 2009, published in Official Gazette No. 26438-B of the same date, is aimed to regulate the business of credit cards and other financing cards, as well as its use, in order to guarantee and protect the rights of the cardholders and regulate the relationships among the latter and the issuers of cards and the affiliated commerce.

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 Possessory Rights and Titling in Coastal Zones and Insular Territory - Panama

In the Official Gazette N°26438-B was published the Law N°80 of December 31st, 2009, that recognizes the possessory rights and regulates titling in the coastal zones and the insular territory in order to ensure its optimum use and also enacts other provisions.

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