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Law Firm Overview

International Legal Counseling, Attorneys at Law provides a full spectrum of legal expertise and quality counsel to businesses and individuals in Mexico and all throughout Central America. The firm's dedication to ethical client service and professional skill, evident since its founding a half century ago, is today continued in the admirable work each partner, associate, and son and daughter provide in what still remains a family firm, dedicated to the varied needs of local and international clients living, working, and investing in and around Mexico.

The team at International Legal Counseling consists of experts in international law, customs, taxes, import and export, and commercial dispute resolution, in addition to the many varied specialties required of local businesses and individuals in need. The firm's dedication to honest and ethical representation has found a great deal of success in the longevity of both its relationships with clients and in client business ventures throughout Central America, a factor that has not infrequently sent new clients to the firm's offices in Mexico City. International Legal Counseling maintains working relationships with offices and peers around the world, taking care to maintain the necessary links to give its clients the support and assistance that has provided the firm with its outstanding 50 years of success, and with which it continues to provide for client needs.

Working and investing in areas with competing laws and jurisdictions is no easy task, and success requires honest advocates with a genuine eye for business and the many varied details that are unique to each new client. International Legal Counseling has proudly given its half century of expertise to the service of all businesses and individuals working in and around Mexico, continuing daily to admirably earn the trust of the local and international clients that frequent its office.

Languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese, French

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Federal and Local Permits; Commercial Contracts and Litigation; Labor Contingencies and Training; International Contracts; Entrepreneurs.

Areas of Law Description

International Legal Counseling provides services in the following areas of law:

- Corporate Law

The advice on this area starts with the respective legal auditing to legal entities in order to determine the adequate legal scheme of Mexican identities as well as the respective legal proposal which includes the correct form of which any legal entities should be operating within the Mexican and Latin America Laws and Provisions. Our specialty in this area of practice focuses on:

• Board of director meetings
• Minutes of articles
• Power of attorneys
• Due diligence and acquisitions
• Corporate legal auditing of each legal entity
• The firm also studies the appropriate strategy for mergers and acquisitions

We are expert corporate and international business lawyers licensed to practice in Mexico and capable of implementing the management of your legal requirements in Latin America and the Caribbean.

- Civil Law

Our practice focuses on:

• Civil agreements and contracts
• Civil litigation
• Lawsuits for damages

- Intellectual and Industrial Property

We implement the protection of copyright before the respective authorities and we follow up the legal proceedings and we duly conduct a detailed report to the client for each particular case. Services include:

• Reserved rights
• License of use registration
• Computer program protection
• Copyright litigation

Industrial property focuses on trademark search, registration and renewals, patents, commercial names and utility models. A precise control is conducted in order to guarantee trademark and patent maintenance in Mexico and the entire region of Latam and the Caribbean.

- Federal and Local Licenses / Permits

The process for obtaining the necessary licenses, authorizations and permits for legal entities, enterprises or individuals for their legal operations according to the Federal and Local operations consists of:

• Notifications of commercial establishing opening
• Zone landing permit certification
• Security and operations approval
• Environment impact authorization
• Federal water permits, residual water waste
• Electricity, services contracts with municipal and local authorities
• Civil protection programs

- Immigration Law

Our service in this area provides legal advice on all aspects related to immigration of executives, business people and entrepreneurs who demand fast reaction to acquire the necessary immigration status according to Mexican provisions. We elaborate a precise process and a preventive report to make sure that all permits are duly renewed within the specific periods stated by law. We also make arrangements to obtain US, Australian and Latin America visas.

We conduct and control the entire process to expatriate personnel and employees of our clients to have legal access to the Mexican territory or to any part of the world. We provide legal services for:

• Immigration status modifications
• Immigration characteristic modifications
• Visitor non-immigrant visa
• Authentification
• Extension documents
• New permanent extension documents
• Tourist extension document
• Activity modification or extension
• Entrance or exit permits
• Enterprise modifications
• Enterprise inactive modifications
• Definitive exit permit
• Immigration document cancellation
• Marriage with a Mexican citizen in a foreign country permit
• Entrance to the country permit

- Criminal Law

Different legal actions which imply the start of initial criminal proceedings of possible felonies against individuals or companies. The adequate advice is provided to avoid contingencies and risks within this field. Our services include:

• Initial criminal proceedings
• Property recognitions in criminal proceedings
• Criminal actions
• Lawsuits
• Federal protection appeal (Habeas corpus)

- Export, Import and Customs

The needs of importing and exporting within enterprises today, require the correct fulfillment of laws and provisions that govern the adequate merchandise, products and services exchange in Mexico and abroad. Our firm has the experience and respective skills to provide support in the areas of international commerce and customs making the operations of our clients continue without any administrative-legal obstacles and guarantees high profitability.

- Regulatory Law

We advise and implement the necessary steps before the sanitary authorities to obtain sanitary registrations, authorizations and permits for controlled products by the Mexican authorities. We assist in:

• Sanitary registrations
• Origen certificates
• Good practice certificates
• Free selling certifications
• Plant premises regulations
• Pharmacovigilance and legal provisions
• Fulfillment of government health provisions
• Legal auditing on sanitary requirements Cofepris and Profeco.

- Commercial Contracts and Litigation

Implement the commercial contracts in Mexico or internationally as well as the respective revision of all legal documents which imply commercial relations among different parties form Mexico and a vast variety of countries. We therefore provide assistance in:

• Commercial contracts
• International and local contract negotiations
• Mercantile litigation

- Real Estate

We implement the respective process to acquire the necessary activities (real estate and premises) for the appropriate operation of your business, through purchasing or the different forms of leasing regulated in Mexico. We also provide legal advice to protect all the acquired activities according to the real estate and fiscal Mexican Laws. Consequently we implement the necessary administration of your premises and properties. To do so we offer advice on:

• Legal revision process of possible property purchases
• Property legal status
• Advice on the different forms of property acquisitions in Mexico
• Property administration and constant legal advice of enterprises or individuals

- Arbitration and Dispute Resolution

Arbitration and mediation are the alternative options to settle any dispute and controversy in contractual agreements. In Mexico, we are now ensuring that these alternative options are considered in international contracts due to the effectiveness and speed, obtaining safety legal resolutions for the counterparties.

- Labor Contingencies Counseling

We are experts in providing effective training to key managers and to subsequently make informed decisions. Confidence is increased as the impact is lower within the provisions of labor law between the workers and managers in Mexico. We draft and implement labor contracts and documents.


Mr. Antonio Medrano
Adoption, Advertising, Business Law, Business Litigation, Civil Litigation


Ms. Pamela Diaz
Alternative Dispute Resolution, Business Law

Ms. Maria Guadalupe Jacobo
Business Law


  • International Trademark Association (INTA)
  • Canadian Chamber of Commerce
  • International Lawyers Association

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