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Law Firm Overview

Valmas & Associates - Athens Law Office is an international Greek law firm providing services in a broad range of practice areas. We represent Greek and foreign clients, from corporations and foreign government bodies to private businesses and individuals in transnational transactions and legal matters.

Our practice areas include real estate and construction law, business law, contracts (whether it being the drafting of an agreement or negotiating hand-in-hand with our clients), criminal law, inheritance law, negligence and claims, and the registration of trademarks.

Valmas & Associates have been successful as international advisors on bi-national matters due to our intercultural background and studies with countries of the Common Law legal systems in particular.

In all areas, we maintain the highest standards of professionalism and personal commitment. We will work hard to discern the best path forward for your situation, ensuring your rights are protected and your goals are reached.

We aim to solve all conflicts through peaceful negotiation and mediation when possible, but - as trial attorneys - we will also confidently take your case to court, had this been necessary.

We firmly adhere to the principles that a law firm's utmost task is to value its clients and create value to them. We proudly deliver and our clients are living testimony.

Languages: Greek, English

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Official Translations from English to Greek; Immigration Law, Residence Permits, Recognition/Enforcement of Foreign Court Decisions; Succession Law; Sales; Claims; Company Law; Acquisition of Real Property; Sale of Real Property; Leasing/Renting Your Property; Process for the Sale of Property in Greece; Foreigners Acquiring Property in Greece; Property Management; Aviation & Shipping Law, Power of Attorney; Company Limited by Shares; Limited Liability Company; Partnerships; General Partnerships; Limited Partnership; Silent Partnership; Single Traders; Branch Offices; Foreign Companies.

Areas of Law Description

We provide legal advice and representation in a broad range of areas, with a main focus on: all aspects of real estate, property law and construction law; commercial & company-corporate law; international trade law; criminal law; and torts, negligence, litigation-claims.

Our law firm specializes in all aspects of:

- Land Law, Real Estate, Property Management

At Valmas & Associates, we provide professional assistance with any issue related to the acquisition, construction, financing and transfer of property in Greece. Our professional services include tracing property titles in Greece and investigating and providing reports on the legal and actual status of the property in question, that is whether it is clear for transfer, whether ownership of property is disputed etc.

- Succession (Inheritance) Law - Estate Planning

At Valmas & Associates, we provide professional assistance with drafting wills and we deal with any issue related to Succession (Inheritance) Law. Our professional services include providing professional assistance to individuals who live abroad and need to claim their inheritance within the territory of Greece.

- International Sales & Contracts

At Valmas & Associates, we provide professional assistance with any issue related to the laws governing international sales and agreements as well as litigation that may arise out of these agreements. Our professional services include advice with regards to a contract of sale, the drafting of a contract of sale, term negotiations and court representation had litigation arisen out of the contractual relationship.

- Corporate and Company Law

At Valmas & Associates, we provide professional assistance with any issue related to Corporate and Company Law. Our services include the drafting of the agreement for the formation of a company in Greece, including taking all the steps required by law, such as the registration of the company with the relevant public authorities.

- Negligence and Claims

At Valmas & Associates, we provide professional assistance and court representation with regards to claims that may arise from cases of personal injuries and serious injuries such as car accidents, construction accidents, medical malpractice, and damage to property etc.


Ioannis Valmas Mr. Ioannis G. Valmas
Managing Partner
Aerospace Law, Aviation Accidents, Aviation Law, Bankruptcy, Business Law



  • Athens Bar Association
  • International Bar Association
  • International Technology Law Association

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