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 FIDIC Contracting Conditions are Mandatory for Works Contracted with Romanian Authorities

In the present article we will briefly present the legal provisions in force in Romania which make the use of the FIDIC Conditions of Contract mandatory when Romanian authorities are either beneficiaries or employers.

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 Setting up a Nongovernmental and Nonprofit Organization in Romania

In the following we will briefly present the characteristics of Romanian nongovernmental and nonprofit organizations.

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 Can Foreign Investors Purchase Land in Romania?

Before the accession of Romania in the European Union there existed strict rules that prevented foreign investors, either legal or natural persons, to purchase land in Romania. After January 1st, 2007 when Romania joined the European Union these rules have been changed and as such presently foreign investors are allowed to purchase land in Romania under certain conditions.

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 Inheritance in Romania

The Romanian law provides for two types of inheritance: the legal inheritance and the inheritance established through a last will or testament.

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 How can a Foreign Investor Hold Shares in a Romanian Limited Liability Company?

Foreign natural or legal persons are admitted by the Romanian law to hold shares in Romanian limited liability companies. There is no limitation as to the share capital with a foreign investor, either legal or natural person, can hold in a Romanian limited liability company. As such, a foreign investor can hold the total share capital of a Romanian limited liability company, it thus being the sole shareholder.

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 Setting up a Limited Liability Company in Romania

In the following we would like to generally refer to the conditions, costs, steps and time frame for setting up a limited liability company in Romania.

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