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Jack B. Swerling, Attorney at Law is dedicated almost exclusively to representing the accused in criminal cases: criminal investigations, criminal trials, and criminal appeals in State and Federal Courts. The firm also handles a select group of civil cases. Mr. Jack Swerling has handled thousands of criminal cases in his more than 35 year legal career and he is a veteran of many memorable courtroom battles.

Mr. Swerling is a Columbia criminal attorney defends clients from all walks of life, his cases have involved crimes of every sort from drug trafficking, theft, robbery, weapons charges, murder and other violent crimes to white collar crimes, including: blackmail, bribery, public corruption, forgery, perjury, computer crime, extortion, money laundering and every type of fraud including bank, mail, wire, securities, tax, insurance, and credit card fraud.

His practice also includes state and federal criminal investigations, and state and federal grand jury proceedings. Mr. Jack Swerling as your Columbia SC trial lawyer he will combine a wealth of experience in criminal law to build a strong defense on your behalf and pursue every option available to you.

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