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Law Firm Overview

Jarrett Maillett J.D., P.C. is a criminal defense law firm based in Savannah, Georgia providing legal representation to clients facing criminal charges throughout surrounding areas of Georgia. Founding attorney Jarrett Maillett has extensive experience in criminal law, including work as a prosecutor prior to becoming a defense attorney. This experience as a former prosecutor is especially valuable as a defense attorney because it gives him a unique level of insight into how prosecutors put together a case, and anticipate those strategies to provide the most comprehensive defense to your case.

The team at Jarrett Maillett P.C. has successfully defended countless clients against all manner of criminal charges from relatively routine offenses such as DUI/DWI all the way to serious crimes like violent crimes, drug charges, and federal weapons violations. The firm can provide strong, aggressive representation at the state and federal level and help make sure that the consequences to you are minimal.

Regardless of how severe your offense may or may not be, facing criminal charges is a highly unpleasant process. It is important to remember, however, that you are still guaranteed certain rights and the right to an attorney is crucial. An experienced attorney, such as those at Jarrett Maillett, P.C., can help you avoid potential mistakes during your testimony that may damage your position, and in some cases can even have your charges lessened or even dismissed outright.

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Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Bond Hearings; Probation Violations; Violent Crimes; Aggravated Battery and Assault; Domestic Assault; Drug Manufacturing; Drug Possession; Drug Sales & Trafficking; Federal Drug Charges; Marijuana Offenses; Synthetic Drug Crimes; Administrative License Hearings; DUI: Drugs; Felony DUI; License Suspensions; Vehicular Homicide.

Areas of Law Description

Our practice areas include:

- DUI Defense

At the law office of Jarrett Maillet we represent clients throughout the Savannah area in DUI and drunk driving defense. As a pure criminal defense firm, our experience is built entirely on handling cases like yours, and we put proven techniques, extensive knowledge and years of experience behind your defense.

- Theft

At the law office of Jarrett Maillet our Savannah theft lawyer works exclusively in misdemeanor and felony criminal defense for people throughout the region. With a lead attorney whose career has been focused on criminal law, including experience as both a prosecutor and defense lawyer, we provide the knowledge, experience and strategies to develop a powerful defense for our clients.

- Violent Crimes

A misdemeanor or felony violent crime charge can carry significant and lasting penalties that affect all areas of your life. Even if you've never been caught in the criminal justice system before, a single accusation of a violent offense can lead to jail time, probation, a permanent criminal record, court ordered treatment and expensive fines.

- Domestic Assault

It's important to realize that just because an arrest was made, that doesn't necessarily mean that a crime was committed, and often police make an arrest more to be on the safe side than because there is clear evidence of a violent crime. If you have been arrested on domestic violence charges, you need a lawyer on your side who understands and can communicate this to prosecutors and judges.

- Drug Possession

At the law office of Jarrett Maillet our Savannah possession lawyer works exclusively in the area of misdemeanor and felony drug offenses. We put our proven experience and a deep knowledge of the law to work for individuals charged with possession of illegal substances and unlawful prescription drugs, with a focus on helping them protect their freedom, their rights and their future.

- Drug Trafficking

At the law office of Jarrett Maillet in Savannah, Georgia, we work exclusively in criminal defense. We believe that by focusing on one specific area of law, and developing our ability and skills in that area, we can provide dependable and effective service for clients facing serious criminal charges.


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  • National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

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