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John J. Rice, Attorney & Counselor at Law

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Newport News, Virginia

John J. Rice, Attorney & Counselor at Law

707 Mobjack Place
Newport News, Virginia 23606

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Law Firm Overview

John J. Rice, Attorney and Counselor at Law is a Newport News criminal defense lawyer with experience and empathy to guide clients through tough times.

Mr. Rice has been representing people with legal problems for more than 30 years. He brings to his law practice a strong sense of fair play, enthusiasm for the work of criminal defense, tenacity in seeking the best possible outcomes for my clients, and a real appreciation for the people he serves. He represents his clients as if they were members of his own family.

Mr. Rice served in the U.S. Army as an officer in Asia and the U.S., and as Commander of Company C, First Battalion. He received the Scabbard and Blade "Distinguished Military Graduate" award from the University of Richmond. He understands the effects that even a minor scrape with the law can have on a military career and is pleased to be able to assist active duty and retired military personnel when they face legal problems.

As a criminal defense lawyer, Mr. Rice represents the residents of Newport News, Virginia, and many surrounding communities. He represents officers and enlisted personnel from all branches of the Armed Forces. He represents many college students, often facing criminal charges for drug crimes, such as possession or sale of a controlled substance. He represents family members of college students pulled over for traffic offenses or drunk driving while visiting a local campus. He represents out-of-town tourists who have a run-in with the law while visiting Virginia on vacation.

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