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Johnson Sauer Legal Group, LLC, is a Colorado family law firm dedicated to helping you settle family law disputes, including divorce, custody and child support issues. If its important to you, its important to us. Our Colorado divorce attorneys and Denver divorce lawyers deliver excellent results every day. Were sensitive to the needs of our family law clients going through a Colorado divorce and are dedicated to delivering professional excellence.

Any person faced with an ending marriage wants to field a litigation team led by seasoned divorce attorneys and financial advisors, including forensic experts and health care professionals. The divorce attorneys at Johnson Sauer Legal Group, LLC are skilled negotiators and litigators who can bring this team of seasoned professionals to your side.

People contemplating divorce, responding to child support issues, or with general family law concerns need answers. They need answers from experienced family law lawyers experts with real courtroom experience. Peace of mind comes from solid answers from a team of experience trial attorneys. Reliable answers to hard questions. The Denver divorce lawyers at Johnson Sauer Legal Group can give you those answers and help you develop a strong trial strategy for success.

So why pick one of our Denver divorce lawyers as your lawyer? While we were voted, twice, the "Most Aggressive" lawyers, we believe each case is so different and requires the appropriate level of assertiveness. Sometimes, you have to be ready to launch a "D-Day" like attack (see "Positioning"). Other times, in other cases, gentle guidance is all thats needed (see "Processing") to get what the client wants.

Our holistic approach, the temperament of our lawyers, our experience, our relative low cost - these are more valid measures of why divorce clients should - and do - chose us over the other Colorado family law firms popping up in your search engine.

Call us - see for yourself.

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