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If you are looking for a family law attorney to fight for your rights and safeguard your childrenís best interests, you need the assistance of an attorney who has extensive experience fighting for the rights of fathers.

My firmís focus is advocating for fathers and husbands like you.

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Articles Published by Jon R. Boyd, Attorney At Law

 Overview of Child Support in Texas

Child support in Texas can be a contentious issue at any stage of the proceedings. Whether youíre trying to locate the non-custodial parent for Texas child support payments, or you need to make modifications to your child support payments, it can be a volatile subject.

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 Texas Child Custody and Interstate Jurisdiction

With more people moving between states for jobs and other economic factors, the chances are greater that interstate jurisdiction may become an issue at some point in your Texas child custody agreement. When one parent makes the decision to move out of state, you will need to determine interstate jurisdiction in order to make modifications to your Texas child custody agreement.

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 Division of Property in a Dallas Divorce

Division of property after a divorce can be extremely contentious and you may need legal assistance to secure what is yours. The author discusses some of the frequent issues that come up during a Dallas divorce.

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 An Overview of Child Custody & Spousal Support in Texas

Understanding Texas divorce law can make the progress much less intimidating and give you a sense of control over your future.

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 Post-Divorce Modifications in Texas

The author talks about post-divorce modifications.

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