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Joslyn Law Firm is located in Columbus, Ohio and also has offices in Cincinnati and Dayton for your personal convenience. Founded in 2011, the law firm focuses exclusively on criminal defense. The attorneys handle all misdemeanor and felony offenses from drug charges or domestic violence to probation violation. They specialize in DUI charges.

The determined attorneys offer knowledgeable explanation of your case, so you understand your legal options. You can expect passionate yet solid defense strategy with your best interest in mind. Do not stand in court alone; Josyln Law Firm will be there for you throughout the entire process.

If you or a loved one were arrested, you need to secure your future. The attorneys will fight for your rights and your freedom. Whether you are dealing with an administrative matter like a license revocation hearing or a criminal trial, you need an aggressive lawyer in your corner.

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Articles Published by Joslyn Law Firm

 Ohioís Right to a Speedy Trial

If the prosecutor violates your right to a speedy trial, then the case should be dismissed. Your right to a speedy trial means the state must bring you to trial within the time limits proscribed in the Ohio Revised Code. For a first or second degree misdemeanor charge in Ohio, the case must be tried within 90 days unless you waive your right to a speedy trial.

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 Confidential Informants and Search Warrants in Ohio

In many drug cases in Ohio, law enforcement officers use a confidential informant, also known as a CI. The confidential informant is often facing his or her own criminal charges. Law enforcement officers will negotiate with the confidential information, sometimes through the informantís criminal defense attorney, for cooperation in setting up another person.

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 House Bill 347 Aims to Reform Ohio Civil Asset Forfeiture Law

Carrying a large amount of cash is risky. The fear of theft or losing the money is palpable, but new, unlikely culprits have emerged ó culprits with a badge and a gun.

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