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Law Firm Overview

Jurdem, LLC is a Boulder, Colorado based criminal defense and personal injury law firm providing legal representation to clients throughout the surrounding areas of Colorado. Founding attorney Scott Jurdem has over 30 years of experience in the fields of criminal defense and personal injury.
He has an impressive track record that includes several multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements. The firmís attorneys have earned a reputation for their professionalism, as well as several professional awards and distinctions.

The attorneys at Jurdem are devoted to fighting for underdogs, and have helped clients with wide a range of criminal defense matters such as DUI/DWI, sex offenses, student crimes, and drug crimes. The firm is also a proud advocate for injury victims and has settled cases involving injuries ranging from slip-and-fall injuries to serious injuries involving permanent damage/disfigurement. The firm takes great pride in helping clients through an extremely difficult time in their life, providing quality counsel and service in a timely and effective manner.

Whether you are facing criminal charges or you or a loved one has suffered an injury, the services of an experienced attorney are invaluable. These types of cases can involve some complex legal maneuvering. The team at Jurdem has the knowledge and the experience to protect your rights and produce results in even the most complex cases. They will fight to ensure that justice is done and your case is resolved as positively as possible.

Areas of Law

Areas of Law Description

- Drug Offenses

At Jurdem, LLC, our Boulder drug paraphernalia possession lawyers have extensive experience defending against drug charges, from possession on up to distribution. Our decades of combined experience and knowledge of the laws that pertain to drug charges allow us to mount the most effective legal defense possible and to minimize the impact that drug offenses can have on our clients' futures.

- Sex Crimes

At Jurdem, LLC, we are prepared to deal with the difficult legal issues and factual scenarios involved in every sex offense cases. We are especially adept at locating, securing, and persuasively presenting the exculpatory evidence necessary to defend against these allegations.

- Domestic Violence

Domestic violence refers to any crime committed against anyone that you have been involved with in an intimate relationship, including a property crime as simple as breaking a small glass. Increased enforcement by police and increased penalties in Court make it more important now than ever to ensure that you retain an experience, skilled, and hard working defense team if you are accused of crime involving domestic violence.

- DUI Defense

At Jurdem, LLC, our Boulder DUI lawyers bring together decades of criminal defense experience that can help you to minimize the consequences of your charge. We are dedicated to providing our clients with an exceptional defense against DUI, DWAI and DUID charges.

- Traffic Violations

Our firm offers decades of criminal defense experience to our clients who are facing traffic violations. Our firm also offers our exceptional representation to teenage drivers who have secured a high points violation.

- Appellate Practice

At Jurdem, LLC, our Boulder criminal conviction appeals lawyers have extensive experience in assisting people who have fought their charges and lost. We are dedicated to creating the best possible resolutions for our clients, and we will use the full resources and experience of our firm to work toward overturning your conviction.

- Personal Injury

At Jurdem, LLC, our Boulder serious personal injury attorneys have a reputation for successfully securing the maximum compensation from the responsible parties. Our reputation for securing substantial verdicts and the excellent quality of our trial work has helped our firm become the firm that other attorneys refer cases to when success is a must and complicating factors abound.

- Motor Vehicle Accidents

At Jurdem, LLC, our Boulder auto accident lawyers are highly skilled trial attorneys with decades of combined experience that can help you secure the maximum compensation for your losses. We are dedicated to pursuing the resources that each of our client needs to move forward again after an accident. Our firm offers its representation to the victims of: auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, pedestrian accidents and bicycle accidents. Our firm's experience includes representation of a wide range of injuries from minor injuries up to and including wrongful death.

- Business Disputes / Commercial Litigation

At Jurdem, LLC, our Boulder business and contract dispute lawyers bring extensive experience to help guide our business clients successfully through whatever form of business dispute they may be currently involved in. We offer highly skilled business counsel on a number of issues that may face small- to medium-sized businesses.

- Professional Malpractice

If you have suffered damages or injury as the result of negligent work by a professional, lawyer, doctor, nurse, hospital, engineer or other licensed professional, you need a lawyer with experience going up against the experts involved in these difficult cases. Any business that is negligent in the work performed can be liable for the harm caused as a result.


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