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Law Firm Overview

Kabbe Law Group LLC in Naperville, IN, provides legal advice in estate planning and elder law. The firm represents clients who want to secure their assets for future generations or fear problems as they age. The firm provides the foundation that allows clients and their families to get to their destination in the future.

Lawyers at the firm understand the problems that can happen when people don't plan for the future or for the elderly. They work to help clients prevent these problems by laying out options and giving clients information. They help clients make sound decisions about their futures by imparting knowledge.

Attorneys at Kabbe Law Group LLC have the experience and skills to communicate effectively with clients. They explain the law and fight to protect their assets in court and outside court. They know dealing with these issues can be confusing. They work to eliminate that confusion so clients have smooth sailing in their future.

Languages: Russian, English

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Special Needs Trusts; Charitable Planning; Medicaid Planning; Veterans Benefits; Guardianship; Trust Administration; Trust and Estate Litigation; Estate and Incapacity Planning; High Net Worth Planning; Business Succession Planning.

Areas of Law Description

Kabbe Law Group, LLC provides legal representation and services in the following areas of practice:

- Estate Planning

Our law firm offers a variety of estate plans to help you reach your goals for your family. The right planning gives you the confidence that you will be able to deal with whatever happens along the way. And there are several legal documents that everyone should take with them on their life journey.

- Wills and Trusts

The first thing that often comes to mind when discussing estate planning is deciding what happens to your assets when you pass away. Two of the most common ways to do this are by preparing a will or revocable living trust.

- Living Wills

A living will is like a cheat sheet for your health care decision maker. When you make a living will, your family will know your intentions on the use of life sustaining treatment.

- Asset Protection

Asset protection makes particular sense for business owners and those at high risk of frivolous lawsuits, such as doctors and dentists. But anyone who is concerned about lawsuits or creditors can benefit. One important note: asset protection isn't something you put in place when a lawsuit is imminent. So plan ahead.

- Estate Tax Planning

Uncle Sam is the number one beneficiary of many estates followed closely by the motley band down in Springfield. With plenty of foresight, you can disinherit the IRS and leave your estate to the people or charities you choose.

- Business Succession

Estate planning for a business can seem so easy. Your attorney asks you to list everything you own on an Assets questionnaire. In the box at the bottom labeled “Other” you write “closely held business” and fill in the value.

- Elder Law

Hardly anyone wakes up in the morning and decides “I became a senior citizen today, so it’s time to make some changes.” But the reality is that by the time someone realizes they need help or, usually, their family realizes, it’s often too late to fix any problems easily. The challenges come with the territory from being older: living on a fixed income; increasing medical bills; assisted living or nursing home care; and loss of capacity.

- Elder Disability Planning

The sad reality is that many families do not look into disability planning until after an incident has stripped the capacity from an aging loved one. Failure to plan can result in an unnecessary and expensive guardianship, the loss of the ability to qualify for veterans benefits, and fewer options for long-term care planning.

- Veterans Pension

For those facing declining health and strained resources, the VA Pension can be a difference maker. The difference between hiring the caregivers that are desperately needed or relying on a spouse who may be declining also. The difference between staying in your own home or being forced into a nursing home on Medicaid.

- Medicaid Planning

Nursing home expenses can be like the stream that carves the deep canyon. Each bill isn’t catastrophic. But two or three years later you look back and wonder where all the money went. There are four basic ways that people pay for in-home care, assisted living, or nursing home care: Private Pay; Long Term Care Insurance; Medicare; Government Benefits Programs. We never know if we will run into bad weather on our life journey.

- Veterans Aid and Attendance Pension

Millions have served our county in the armed forces. But most don’t know that they may qualify for a veteran’s pension from the Department of Veterans Affairs that could pay them up to $1,949 each month. For those facing declining health and strained resources, the VA Pension can be a difference maker.

- Guardianship

A guardian is someone with legal authority to make decisions for another person (who is called the ward). A person may need a guardian due to being a minor, having an illness or disability, or incapacity. The guardianship process is a judicial one. A guardian is initially appointed by the court.

- Probate and Estate Administration

When a loved one passes away, their estate needs to be administered. That means transferring their assets according to their estate plan, as well as wrapping up some of the loose ends of their life. How the estate will be handled is determined by the type of asset and the estate planning steps your loved one took during their lifetime.


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