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Law Firm Overview

Kassouni Law was established to preserve liberty bestowed by the founding fathers. Thus, the law firm defends clients against government and private abuse on property rights. It also is a law firm dedicated to helping clients through the appellate process.

Based in California, the law firm provides superior representation and a commitment to getting justice for its clients. It creates personalized strategies for each client while protecting private enterprise. It has the experience to get results and defend constitutionally protected rights and liberties.

Unlike other firms, Kassouni Law does not represent government in cases. The attorneys have litigated cases against building departments, planning departments, the California Coastal Commission, cities and counties, and other states. They represent private individuals and businesses that are harmed by government processes.

Year this Office was Established: 2009

Languages: English

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Development Law; Inverse Condemnation Law; Growth Control; CEQA Law; Water Law; Environmental Protection Agency Issues; Coastal Commission Issues; Contract Disputes; Easement Law; Trespass Law; Quiet Title; Building Permit Issues; Writs & Injunctions.

Areas of Law Description

Kassouni Law Firm serves clients in the following areas of practice:

- Appeals

The Sacramento and Los Angeles appeals attorneys at Kassouni Law understand how frustrating it can be when the desired result is not obtained at the trial court level. However, your case does not end in the trial court. In many cases, erroneous trial court judgments can be reversed on appeal. The attorneys at Kassouni Law have a reputation in the industry for honesty.

- Constitutional Law

The California Constitutional attorneys at Kassouni Law believe that Constitutional rights and personal freedom are intertwined, it is our mission to rigorously defend your rights against government and private abuse. Headquartered in Sacramento, with offices in Los Angeles, our attorneys have litigated cases against all manner of private and governmental entities throughout California.

- Civil Rights

Kassouni Law represents clients on a wide variety of civil rights and Constitutional matters. The firm represents clients who have had their civil rights violated. The United States rightly prides itself on the Constitutional and statutory protection of basic civil liberties.

- Land Use Law

Land use law aims to control what you can do on your property. The Los Angeles and Sacramento land use lawyers at Kassouni Law share an unwavering commitment to defend our clientsí Constitutional right to reasonably use and enjoy property as they wish.

- Environmental Law

The Environmental Law Practice at Kassouni law exclusively represents commercial business and private clients who have experienced an infringement on their property rights due to environmental and government over-regulation.

- Business Law

The lawyers at the Sacramento and Los Angeles offices of Kassouni Law offer a wide array of legal business services from advice to litigation. By listening to clients, we are able to tailor strategies and cost-effective legal solutions appropriate to any business matter.

- Real Estate Law

Trust the Sacramento real estate lawyers at Kassouni Law to understand that real estate is often one of the largest investments a business or individual can make. It is with this knowledge that the attorneys at Kassouni Law handle both commercial and residential real estate cases.

- Construction Law

The construction defect lawyers at Kassouni Law understand that a home or commercial property is often oneís greatest and most personal asset. It is with that knowledge that the attorneys at the Sacramento and Los Angeles satellite offices of Kassouni Law proceed in handling construction defect cases for clients throughout the state of California.


Timothy Kassouni Mr. Timothy V. Kassouni
Managing Attorney
Agricultural Law, Appellate Practice, Business and Industry, Business Law, Business Litigation

Angela Thompson Mrs. Angela C. Thompson
Appellate Practice, Civil Rights, Constitutional Law, Environmental and Natural Resources, Government


  • Federalist Society
  • California State Bar Association
  • Asian American Bar Association
  • Sacramento County Bar Association

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Articles Published by Kassouni Law

 California's Loss of Tesla's $6 Billion Battery Factory

A question of free market vs. government over-regulation to address the issue of environmental sustainability.

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 Dust Up Between Surfers and Kholsa Could Spell the End of Private Beach Access in California

Should a property owner have to get a coastal development permit before he can close the gate to his private property? The Surfrider Foundation thinks so, and if it wins its current lawsuit against Vinod Khosla that could soon be the law of the land in California.

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 Kassouni Law Land Use Lawyers File Opening Brief Challenging Plan Bay Areaís Sustainable Communities Strategy

An unconstitutional land use plan foisted upon Bay Area residents seeks to force population migration into high density parcels and gut environmental protections provided by the California Environmental Protection Act. Besides these sweeping policy changes, the plan requires revisions to California's Prop 13 and tax code.

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 The Supreme Courtís Decision in Susan B Anthony List v Driehaus -a Victory for Civil Rights Plaintiffs

Say that you need a permit to pursue your chosen occupation, but you believe that the costly administrative procedure to acquire said permit is unconstitutional. You have been ticketed for operating without a permit, and have every reason to believe that you will be ticketed again, but you have yet to be arrested and thrown in jail. Can you bring a suit alleging the law to be unconstitutional, or do you first have to be arrested or submit to the costly permit procedure before you can sue?

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 Judge Strikes Down Teacher Tenure in California

California education employment codes found unconstitutional. Tenure struck down.

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 The Situation with Clive Bundy in Nevada Shows the True Cost of Government Regulations

To say that the situation in Nevada between federal officials and cattle rancher Clive Bundy has gotten out of hand would be an understatement.

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 Supreme Court Upholds Michigan Ban on Affirmative Action

A common law system (one where previous court opinions define the meaning of the law) can be very useful. It can also result in some rather bizarre arguments being taken seriously, and even garnering the support of some members of the Supreme Court. Case in point: the plaintiffs position in Schuette v BAMN which the Supreme Court decided this week.

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 How Arbitrary and Nasty the Power of Eminent Domain Can Be

Seizure of the Barries' Colorado dream cabin shows how arbitrary and nasty the power of eminent domain can be.

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 The Coastal Commissionís support for AB 976 Shows Due Process Apathy

Every monthly meeting the California Coastal Commission releases a list of bills in the current legislative session that it is supporting. It can be a time consuming effort to review all these bills, but sometimes you find a gem that sheds light on the nature of the Commissionís long-term goals, and the read becomes worth it. Last week, the Commissionís monthly report was well worth the read.

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 The California Coastal Commission Reviews Fracking Along the California Coast

Whether the California Coastal Commission Eventually Regulates Fracking On the Outer Continental Shelf Will Have More to Do with Federalism than Science

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 Kassouni Law Appeals Decision Undermining Proposition 3

The appellate lawyers at Kassouni Law assess a current appeal on the matter of eminent domain and the implications of proposition 3 tax law.

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 Taxpayer Standing Can Provide a Bulwark Against Government Overreach in California

In California any taxpayer can bring a lawsuit to stop the implementation of a law that she believes is unconstitutional provided that she is a resident taxpayer of the area affected and public funds will be spent to implement the challenged law.

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 Shelby County v. Holder and the Constitutionality of Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act

Appeals Lawyers Analyze Shelby County v. Holder and the Constitutionality of Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act.

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 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to Decide a Major Occupational Licensing Case

Appeals lawyers assess Underwood v. Mackay - whether occupational licensing applicants must submit to all licensing procedures and be denied a license before they can challenge the constitutionality of those procedures in court.

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 The Unfortunate Rise of Civil Asset Forfeiture

The rise of civil asset forfeiture as a means of increasing government revenues.

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 California Cities Canít Avoid Constitutional Liability for A Taking by Dissolving their Redevelopment Agencies

For years local redevelopment agencies were the bane of private property rights in California. Until recently these agencies were clothed with the power to seize private homes through eminent domain and then give that property to private developers like Costco or Wal-Mart, all in the name of community development.

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 California Cities May Soon Snub the Constitution by Seizing Underwater Mortgages

Eminent domain lawyers analyze California cities seizing underwater mortgages through eminent domain.

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